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You can check the Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine official site, check latest and current menu price and compare it with our menu price cause restaurant can change their price anytime so sometime it may be little variations in price which is listed here and actual.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly October 2019

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Salads Menu and Prices 2019

Avocado Salad$6.99
House Cucumber Salad$5.99

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Indo-Chinese Rice and Noodles Menu and Prices 2019

Fried Rice$12.99 - $14.99Rice stir fried with Chinese herbs and spices.
Hakka Noodles$12.99 - $14.99Traditional stir fried noodles.
Schezwan Fried Rice$12.99 - $14.99Rice stir fried with hot chili garlic sauce. Spicy.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Non-Vegetarian Appetizers Menu and Prices 2019

Hot Fried Chicken in Sweet Chili Sauce$8.99Deep fried chicken wings. Spicy.
Chicken 65$8.99Spicy, red and deep fried chicken chunks. Spicy.
Apollo Fish Fry$9.99Fish fillets dipped in a spiced batter, deep-fried and tossed in masala. Spicy.
Jali Kabab Lamb$8.99Meat patties and jali means net.
Chili Momos$7.99Bite-size dumplings. Spicy.
Chicken Kati Roll$7.99Indian wrap filled with filling.
Chicken Lollipop$8.99Marinated chicken wings in spicy sauce. Spicy.
Trio Samosa$8.99Triangular pastry filled with potato, chicken and lamb.
Lamb Kati Roll$8.99Indian wrap filled with filling.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Soups Menu and Prices 2019

Cream of Mushroom Soup$4.99
Tomato Sherwa Soup$4.99Tangy soup made from tomatoes and cucumber milk, mildly spiced with cumin seeds and green chilies.
Mulgatawney Soup$4.99Lentil and curry flavored soup.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Veg Entrees Menu and Prices 2019

Baghara Bhaingan$14.99Deep fried eggplant and simmered in rich gravy. Coconut, sesame and peanuts.
Navratna Korma$14.99Navaratan means 9 gems; 9 of the vegetable, nuts and cottage cheese.
Kathal Aloo ki Sabji$14.99Traditional styled jack fruit, delightful harmony of flavors.
Balti Daal$12.99Mixed lentils cooked with tomatoes, bell pepper, coriander and spices.
Kararee Bhindi$14.99Crispy tangy okra, tomatoes and red onions.
Paneer Pasanda$14.99Rich stuffed cottage cheese sandwiches in a smooth onion-tomato gravy.
Channa Saag$12.99Gravy of chickpeas and spinach.
Bhaingan ka Bhartha$13.99Bhartha means mash; mashed and roasted eggplant cooked with spices. Spicy.
Malai Kofta$14.99Vegetarian dumplings cooked with cottage cheese, potatoes and spices.
Pindi Chole Masala$13.99Chickpeas with the spices and sauce.
Paneer Tikka Masala$14.99Cottage cheese cubes marinated in yogurt, tomatoes sauce and spices.
Paneer Kundan Kalia$14.99Dices of cottage cheese and onion in spicy tomato gravy.
Lasooni Saag Paneer$14.99Garlic cottage cheese in spinach gravy.
Kashmiri Dum Aloo$14.99Small potatoes stuffed with rich filling of cashew nuts.
Daal Makhani$12.99Buttery mix of all lentils.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Desserts Menu and Prices 2019

Gulab Jamun$5.99Indian version of donuts immersed in warm sweet syrup.
Rasmalai$5.99Dumplings made from cottage cheese soaked in sweetened and thickened milk.
Pistachio Kulfi$5.99Reduced milk ice cream, flavored with pistachio and saffron.
Mango Kulfi$5.99Reduced milk ice cream, flavored with mango and saffron.
Badami Kheer$5.99Long-grain white rice in sugar, whole milk and ground cardamom.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Lamb and Goat Entrees Menu and Prices 2019

Lamb Vindaloo$18.99Lamb cooked in vinegar and spices. Spicy.
Masaladar Lamb Chops$26.99Lamb chops cooked in onion saffron gravy.
Lamb Tikka Masala$18.99Roasted chunks of lamb in creamy, spiced and orange-colored sauce.
Lamb Pasanda$18.99Fennel-apricot stuffing, aromatic sauce and lemon rice.
Lamb Rogan Josh$18.99Hot and spicy slow-cooked lamb curry.
Lamb Lal Mass$18.99Lamb slowly cooked hunter style with rustic flavor chili heat cooked in whole spices. Spicy.
Lamb Shank$24.99Slow cooked lamb shank in ginger fragrance garam masala.
Lamb Saag$18.99Lamb with spinach sauce.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Breads From our Clay Oven Menu and Prices 2019

Butter Naan$3.99Oven-baked flat bread garnished with butter.
Aloo Paratha$4.99Traditional Indian bread stuffed with potato and spices.
Stuffed Mint Scallion Naan$3.99Oven-baked flat bread stuffed with mint and scallion.
Onion Kulcha$3.99Crispy and fluffy Indian flat bread stuffed with onions.
Tandoori Roti$3.99Unleavened whole wheat flour made in clay oven.
Chili Cilantro Naan$3.99Oven-baked flat bread garnished with chilies and cilantro. Spicy.
Garlic Naan$3.99Oven-baked flat bread garnished with garlic.
Keema Naan$4.99Oven-baked flat bread stuffed with minced lamb.
Lacha Daar Paratha$4.99Whole wheat flour made in spiral or rings.
Kashmiri Naan$3.99Crispy and fluffy Indian flat bread stuffed with mixed nuts.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Hyderabadi Dum Biryanis Menu and Prices 2019

Kathal (Jackfruit) Biryani$14.99World famous basmati rice cooked Hyderbadi style. Spicy.
Goat Biryani$17.99World famous basmati rice cooked Hyderbadi style. Spicy.
Chicken Biryani$15.99On bone. World famous basmati rice cooked Hyderbadi style. Spicy.
Shrimp Fried Biryani$18.99World famous basmati rice cooked Hyderbadi style. Spicy.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Pastry Chef Menu and Prices 2019

Indian Falooda$6.99Vermicelli, basil seeds, milk and ice cream.
Kid's Bear$6.99Chocolate gelato decorated with chocolate ears and face.
Blood Orange Mascarpone Mousse$6.99Mousse with a heart of blood orange marmalade.
Cassata$7.99Ice cream with nuts and candied fruit.
Tiramisu$6.99Coffee flavored dessert.
Ripieno$7.99Refreshing sorbet served in the natural fruit shell.
Mango Cheesecake$6.99Mango puree in cream cheese.
Spumoni Bomba$6.99Strawberry, pistachio and chocolate gelato all coated with drizzled with white chocolate.
Chocolate Truffle Mousse$6.99Ball of ganache, chocolate and cream, flavored and rolled in cocoa.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Sea Food Menu and Prices 2019

Fish Moiley$20.99Coconut sauce, mustard seeds and curry leaves.
Sea Bass$24.99Cooked in a red bell pepper and coconut sauce.
Konkan Prawn Masala$20.99Kalvan. Prawn marinated in coconut, yogurt, curry and mustard. Spicy.
Goan Fish Curry$19.99Tilapia in coconut and tomato.
Shrimp Vindaloo$20.99Shrimp cooked in vinegar and spices. Spicy.
Baisaki Shrimp Curry$20.99Shrimp in coconut and mint-cilantro paste. Spicy.
Malabar Salmon$21.99Spicy tomato chutney and potatoes.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Beverages Menu and Prices 2019

Rose Lassi$3.99Rose flavored yogurt-based drink.
Mango Lassi$3.99Mango flavored yogurt-based drink.
Sweet Lassi$3.99Sweet yogurt-based drink.
Still Water$5.99
Fresh Lime Soda$2.99
Salt Lassi$3.99Salt yogurt-based drink.
Masala Chai$2.99Aromatic spiced milk tea.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Tandoor Menu and Prices 2019

Tandoori Chicken$15.99Grilled bone chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and spices.
Lamb Bihari Kabab$18.99Lamb cubes marinated in yogurt, papaya and coconut paste, ginger, garlic and spices.
Farm Raised Basil Chicken$16.99Tender organic chicken in fresh basil, mint and lime.
Tandoori Mixed Grill$23.99Lamb chop, shrimp, achari chicken and malai chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, herbs, yogurt and masala.
Tandoori Grilled Vegetables$15.99Grilled vegetables marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and spices.
Chicken Malai Kabab$16.99Saffron, nutmeg and cream marinated chicken.
Jumbo Nilgiri Shrimp$21.99Tiger shrimp marinated in green masala with curry, mint, cilantro and basil leaves.
Tangadi Kabab$15.99Chicken drumsticks marinated in ginger, garlic and herbs.
Achari Chicken Tikka Kabab$15.99Indian pickle, yogurt and spices marinated chicken.
Lamb Chops$26.99Grilled lamb chops marinated in cream of garlic sauce and garam masala.
Lamb Sheek Kabab$18.99Finger roll of ground spiced with ginger, garlic, mint and spices.
Tandoori Pomphret$19.99Pomphret marinated in mustard, ginger, garlic, herbs, yogurt and masala.
Chicken Sheek Kabab$16.99Minced chicken kabab flavored with ginger, garam masala and herbs.
Tandoori Salmon$21.99Salmon marinated in ginger, garlic, herbs and masala.
Panch Puran Paneer Tikka$15.99Cottage cheese marinated in Indian spices.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Chicken Entrees Menu and Prices 2019

Chicken Nargisi Kofta$16.99Boiled eggs stuffed inside a shell of keema, cooked with poppy seeds and almond sauce.
Tawa Tadka Chicken Keema Masala$16.99Minced chicken cooked with Indian spices and bell peppers, tomato and onions.
Madras Chicken Curry$16.99Curry made with dried chili. Spicy.
Chicken Vindaloo$16.99Chicken cooked in vinegar and spices. Spicy.
Chicken Sali$16.99Mumbai Britannia-styled sali; chicken gravy with crunchy, crispy fried potato.
Chicken Kolhapuri$16.99Marinated chicken in a creamy coconut and spices sauce. Spicy.
Chicken Xhauti$16.99Goan style chicken curry originated from Portugal.
Chicken Posto$16.99Substitute of korma; tender chicken curry in thick gravy of poppy seeds and grated coconut.
Chicken Saag$16.99Chicken curry with spinach.
Chicken Chettinad$16.99Chicken cooked in freshly ground chettinad masala. Spicy.
Chicken Tikka Masala$17.99Marinated chicken in a creamy tomato curry sauce.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Indo Chinese Gravy Menu and Prices 2019

Vegetable Manchurian$13.99Vegetables in cilantro, ginger, garlic sauce with soy and chili sauce. Spicy.
Shrimp in Hot Garlic Sauce$15.99Shrimp in cilantro, ginger, garlic sauce with soy and chili sauce. Spicy.
Chili Paneer$13.99Sauteed bell pepper and onions with soy and chili sauce. Spicy.
Chili Chicken$14.99Chicken dumplings in Schezwan and soy sauce. Spicy.
Chicken Manchurian$14.99Chicken in cilantro, ginger, garlic sauce with soy and chili sauce. Spicy.

Tangra Fine Indian Cuisine Vegetarian Appetizers Menu and Prices 2019

TRIO Samosa$6.99Triangular pastry filled with paneer, peas and potato.
Spring Rolls$6.99Cylindrical casing of rice paper filled with minced vegetables.
Delhi Chaat$6.99Crushed fried whole wheat shells, mixed with potatoes, beans, covered with yogurt and sweet and spicy sauces.
Mantu Dumpling$7.99Dumplings with white peas and yogurt.
Hara Bhara Kabab$7.99Made with spices and spinach, green peas and potatoes.
Kati Roll Paneer$6.99Indian wrap filled with curried paneer-Indian cottage cheese.
Hot Garlic Sesame Cauliflower$7.99Cauliflower florets in cilantro, ginger, garlic sauce with soy and chili sauce.
Bhel Puri$6.99Puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce.
Stuffed Eggplant Ring$7.99Eggplant stuffed with fresh bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and parsley.

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