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Sobre El Fuego Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly December 2019

Sobre El Fuego Bebidas Menu and Prices 2019

Coco Rice$1.75coconut soft drink
Cafe$2.00 - $1.50coffee
Malta O Cola Champagne$2.00rich malt beverage or puerto rican cola
Agua Embotellada$2.00bottled water
Jugo De Parcha O Tamarindo$2.00 - $3.00passion fruit or tamarind

Sobre El Fuego Sopas Menu and Prices 2019

Soups. (16oz) / (32oz). Mondongo & Sancocho Available Weekends Only.
Mondongo$5.95 - $8.95tripe
Pollo$6.95 - $8.95chicken
Carne De Res$6.95 - $8.95beef
Jamon Ahumado$5.95 - $8.95smoked ham
Camaron$12.95 - $9.95shrimp
Salchichon$5.95 - $8.95sausage
Sancocho$10.95 - $7.95stew w/ beef or chicken & puerto rican vegetables
Pescado Del Dia$12.95 - $9.95fish of the day

Sobre El Fuego 2. Arroz Menu and Prices 2019

Arroz Con Gandules pr rice with pigeon peas
Arroz Blanco white rice

Sobre El Fuego Postres Menu and Prices 2019

Budin$2.50sweet bread pudding
Pastelillos De Guayaba$2.50guave filled turnover
Pastel De Queso$3.50cheesecake
Tembleque$2.50coconut pudding

Sobre El Fuego Lados Menu and Prices 2019

Bacalaito$1.50cod fish fritter
Carne Frita$6.95fried meat
Morcilla$5.00blood sausage
Ensalada Verde$2.95side salad
Pastelillo$1.50stuffed meat pie add
Relleno De Papa$1.50stuffed potato ball
Carne Guisado$6.95beef stew
Arroz Con Gandules$5.95 - $8.95pr rice w/pigeon peas
Arroz Blanco$5.95 - $8.95white rice
Alcapurria$1.50banana dumpling
Tostones$3.25fried plantains
Pollo Guisado$6.95chicken stew
Maduros$3.50fried ripe bananas
Habichuelas Guisadas$5.95 - $8.95stewed red or pink beans
Yuca Al Mojo$3.95yuca w/garlic

Sobre El Fuego Entremeses Menu and Prices 2019

Pinchos Sbisb-Ka-Bobs Of Pork Or Chicken$2.50
Pasteles$3.50puerto rican tamale
Platanos Maduros$5.99 - $3.50fried ripe bananas
Yuca Al Mojo$3.95yuca with garlic sauce
Sorullos$5.99sweetened fried corn sticks w/ cheese
Rellenos De Papa$1.50stuffed potato ball with ground beef
Bacalaitos$1.50cod fish fritters
Canoa$4.25sweet plantain stuffed w/ ground beef & cheese
Empanadas De Yuca$1.50yuca fried patties
Por Pieza$5.00per piece
Morcilla blood sausage
Con Guincos$6.95with banannas
Alcapuria$1.50banana dumpling stuffed with pork
Pastelillos$1.50fried meat pie stuffed with chicken, pork or ground beef
Tostones Con Ajo$3.25fried plantains with garlic
Yuca Dulce$5.95sweetened yuca

Sobre El Fuego Bocadillos Menu and Prices 2019

Sandwiches. All The Sandwiches Come With French Fries.
Hamon Y Queso$6.95ham 'n cheese
El Triple$9.95smoked ham, roasted pork 'n beefsteak
Jamon Ahumado$7.95smoked ham
Lechon Roasted Pork$7.95
Pollo Jamaiquino "Caliente"$8.95jamaican jerk chicken "hot"
Doble$8.95beef steak 'n roasted pork

Sobre El Fuego 1. Carne Menu and Prices 2019

Chuletas Fritas fried pork chops
Carne Frita fried pork
Lechon Asado roasted pork
Bistec Encebollado steak with onions
Carne Guisada stewed beef
Bistec En Salsa steak with sauce
Chuletas En Salsa pork chops in sauce
Pollo Guisado stewed chicken

Sobre El Fuego Menu De Nino's Menu and Prices 2019

Kids Menu. 8 Years Old & Under.
Bocadillo De Queso Con Papas$3.95grilled cheese sandwich w/ fries
Nuggets De Pollo Con Papa Frita$4.95chicken nuggets w/ fries
Mini Jibarito Con Arroz Y Gandules$5.50mini plantain sandwich w/ rice 'n beans
Bocadillo De Jamon Y Queso Con Papas$4.50grilled ham 'n cheese sandwich w/ fries

Sobre El Fuego Jibaritos Menu and Prices 2019

The Plantain Sandwich. All The Plantain Sandwiches Come With Either PR Rice W/ Pigeon Peas Or White Rice 'N Beans.
Doble$8.95beef steak 'n roasted pork
El Triple$9.95smoked ham, roasted pork 'n beefsteak
Pollo Jamaiquino "Caliente"$8.95jamaican jerk chicken "hot"
Jamon Ahumado$8.95smoked ham
Lechon$7.95roasted pork

Sobre El Fuego Mofongo De Platano O Yuca $8.95 Menu and Prices 2019

Mashed Plantains Or Yuca. 6 Mofongo Or Yuca Balls Served With Your Choice Of Meat & Lettuce With Tomatoes.
Bistec En Salsa beefsteak in sauce
Chicharones De Pollo chicken
Carne Frita fried meat
Camaro En Salsa shrimp in sauce
Bistec Encebollado beefsteak n' onions

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