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Do your friends or family members showed up at your place suddenly and you want to order food at a minimum price and even tasty, then you can check latest Punjabi Dhaba menu price list and order the food accordingly. You can even access on Punjabi Dhaba secret menu price here.

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Here you can see Punjabi Dhaba latest menu price with latest updates. If you need to know Punjabi Dhaba menu price list before going to the restaurant or ordering any food online, you can easily view and check out the price list here of your favorite food items.

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Here in this portal, we are providing all restaurant latest menu price with updates like you can check below Punjabi Dhaba menu prices list 2019.

We included Punjabi Dhaba breakfast menu price, Punjabi Dhaba meal menu price, Punjabi Dhaba catering menu price given below in the chart which you can consider before going to restaurant or order online.

You can check the Punjabi Dhaba official site, check latest and current menu price and compare it with our menu price cause restaurant can change their price anytime so sometime it may be little variations in price which is listed here and actual.

Punjabi Dhaba Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly September 2019

Punjabi Dhaba Garam Shorbe - Soups Menu and Prices 2019

108. Punjabi Shorba$2.95lentil and vegetable soup

Punjabi Dhaba Basmati - Rice Specials Menu and Prices 2019

23. Lamb Biryani$9.95basmati rice cooked w/tender cubes of lamb, mixed veg, herbs & spices
27. Plain Boiled Basmati Rice$2.50
25. Vegetable Biryani$7.95basmati rice cooked with mix veg., raisins and cashew nuts
26. Mattar Pullow$5.95basmati rice cooked with green peas with a touch of cumin seeds
24. Chicken Biryani$8.95basmati rice cooked w/tender cubes of chicken, mixed veg, herbs & spices

Punjabi Dhaba Mittai - Desserts $1.25 Menu and Prices 2019

Ask For The Days Special
03. Kheer basmati rice pudding with nuts & raisins flavored with cardamom
04. Rasmalai soft cheese patty in sweetened condensed milk
01. Gulab Jamun dumplings made of milk & wheat in sweet rose syrup
02. Gajjar Halwa carrot confection made with dairy, nuts & raisins

Punjabi Dhaba Chatt Corner Menu and Prices 2019

Chatt Is Tangy, Sweet And Sour, Spicy Snack.(Made Per Choice: Medium Or Hot)
94. Panni Poori$3.95lentil crisps, cubed potatoes, chickpeas, served with spicy water
91. Paneer Chatt$5.95cubes of paneer cheese with onions, tomatoes, yogurt & tamarind sauce
93. Dahi Papri$3.95lentil crisps, cubed potatoes and onions covered with yogurt & tamarind sauce
88. Potato Chatt$3.95cubes of potato, onions, tomatoes, yogurt & tamarind sauce
92. Murga Chatt$5.95cubes of tandoori chicken with onions, tomatoes, yogurt & tamarind sauce
89. Bhel Puri Chatt$3.95puffed rice gram crisps, onion, tomato, peanuts mixed with mint & tamarind
90. Pakori Chatt$3.95fried mixed vegetables with onions, tomatoes, yogurt & tamarind sauce

Punjabi Dhaba Condiments $1.25 Menu and Prices 2019

100. Mango Chutney 
102. Fresh Mint Chutney 
098. Plain Yogurt 
101. Achar (Mixed Pickle) 
099. Raita 

Punjabi Dhaba Halka Khanna Menu and Prices 2019

Light Food
04. Omelet Wraps$5.50scrambled eggs, tomatoes and onions wrapped in a paratha
08. Plain Dosai$3.95indian pancake served with sambar and coconut chutney
01. Punjabi Omelet Sandwich$5.50eggs, spinach, onions, coriander, tomatoes, herbs and spices
14. Veg. Samosa$1.10veg turnover
12. Uttapam$5.95large, thick patty made from rice and beans topped with vegetables
07. Tikki Chole$3.952 potato patties with chickpeas curry & onions on top
13. Mix Veg Pakora$1.954 pcs veg. fritters
15. Papadam$0.95spicy chips made of lentil flour
10. Sambar Vada$2.95donut made from black beans served in sambar
02. Continental English Omelet$5.50eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and spices
09. Masala Dosai$5.95indian crepe filled w/potatoes & onions, served w/sambar & coconut chutney
03. Western Omelet Sandwich$5.50eggs, diced ham, green peppers, onions and herbs
11. Dahi Vada$2.95patty made from black beans served in yogurt
06. Punjabi Chole Poori$5.952 pieces of fried bread with chickpea curry
05. Anda Bhurji$5.50scrambled, cooked with onion, ginger, chili, tomatoes, cilantro, peas & spices

Punjabi Dhaba Special Breads Menu and Prices 2019

06. Keema Nan$3.95tandoor-baked white bread stuffed with spiced ground lamb
01. Mulli Paratha$4.50whole wheat bread stuffed with indian radish served with raita
07. Batura$3.952 deep fried white flour bread
03. Keema Paratha$4.95whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced ground lamb and green peas, with raita
02. Methi Paratha$4.50whole wheat bread stuffed with fresh green fenugreek leaves, served with raita
04. Onion Nan$2.95tandoor-baked white bread stuffed with spices & onions
05. Aloo Nan$3.95tandoor-baked white bread stuffed with spiced potatoes, peas & cumin seeds

Punjabi Dhaba House Special Combos Menu and Prices 2019

All Meals Served With Rice And Chutney. Made Per Choice: Medium, Hot Or Very Hot!
31. Mixed Platter (For Two)$16.951/2 tandoori chicken, chicken curry, & mixed veg curry, 1 samosa, 1 pakora, 1 nan, & rice
28. Special Curry Platter$8.95chicken curry, mixed veg curry, 1 nan, 1 samosa, chutney & rice
32. Veggie Special (For Two)$15.95mixed veg curry, dal, chole, vegetable biryani, & 2 samosa, 2 tandoori roti
30. Vegetable Platter$7.95mixed veg curry, veg biryani, 1 samosa, 1 pakora, 1 nan & chutney
29B. Tandoori Platter$9.95half a tandoori chicken, mixed veg curry, 1 nan & 1 samosa
29. Weight Watchers Platters$8.95tandoori chicken breast, 1 nan, 1 samosa, chutney and rice

Punjabi Dhaba Tandoori Delight - Grilled Specialties Menu and Prices 2019

50. Chicken Tikka$7.95with nan boneless chicken pieces marinated 24hrs & roasted in the tandoor
51. Seekh Reshmi Kebab, Nan$7.95spiced ground lamb formed on skewers & roasted in the tandoor
48. 1/2 Tandoori Chicken$7.95with nan marinated 24hrs in a special spice recipe & tandoor roasted
49. Full Tandoori Chicken$13.95with nan marinated 24hrs in a special spice recipe & tandoor roasted

Punjabi Dhaba Machlee - Sea Food Menu and Prices 2019

34. Fish Masala$8.95pieces of haddock cooked in a tomato-cream sauce with fenugreek
36. Shrimp Saagwala$10.95shrimp cooked in spinach puree with light cream and fresh herbs
35. Shrimp Masala$10.95shrimp cooked in a tomato-cream sauce with onions and bell peppers
33. Fish Vindaloo$8.95pieces of haddock w/potatoes in a onion-ginger gravy w/vinegar

Punjabi Dhaba Murgha And Mutton Di Rasoi Menu and Prices 2019

Meat Delicacies
53. Dhaba Special Chicken Curry$7.95spring chicken cooked in punjabi stew with herbs
52. Chicken Tikka Masala$7.95chicken tikka cooked in rich creamy tomato sauce
55. Dhaba Special Lamb Curry$8.95pieces of lamb cooked with herbs and spices in a curry sauce
54. Chicken Saagwala$7.95boneless chicken cooked with spinach puree
57. Keema Matar Masalewala$8.95minced lamb cooked in a tomato-cream sauce with green peas
56. Lamb Saagwala$8.95tender cubes of lamb cooked with spinach puree

Punjabi Dhaba Lassi - Refreshing Yogurt Drink $2.50 Menu and Prices 2019

01. Mango Lassi made with mango puree & homemade yogurt
03. Pineapple Lassi made with pineapple & homemade yogurt
02. Guava Lassi made with guava puree & homemade yogurt
04. Salted Lassi homemade yogurt spiced with black pepper, roasted cumin, and salt

Punjabi Dhaba Dhaba Specials Menu and Prices 2019

Specials 1-18 Served With Nan & Rice
06. Chicken Or Lamb Korma$10.95chicken or lamb in a cream sauce with fenugreek, nuts & raisins
01. Goat Masala Curry$10.95goat pieces cooked in a tomato sauce with herbs
16. Saag Mushroom$9.95spinach puree cooked with mushrooms & fresh herbs
02. Goat Vindaloo Curry$10.95goat cooked in a onion-ginger gravy with potatoes and vinegar
12. Chicken Coconut$10.95boneless chicken cooked with ginger coconut & mustard seed
17. Malai Kofta Lajawab$9.95vegetable balls cooked in a delicious tomato sauce with nuts & raisins
11. Chicken Bhartha$10.95chicken cooked w/roasted eggplant, green peas, bell peppers & herbs
03. Goat Saag Curry$10.95goat cooked with spinach puree and light cream
13. Dhaba Jerk Chicken$10.95very very spicy, our take on west indian jerk chicken
05. Lamb Mushroom Masala$10.95lamb cubes cooked with mushrooms in a tomato-cream sauce
18. Shahi Paneer$9.95paneer cheese simmered in a cream sauce with nuts & raisins
14. Paneer Chili Masala$9.95paneer cheese in a tomato-cream sauce w/bell peppers & onions
07. Chicken Or Lamb Karahi$10.95chicken or lamb cooked with tomatoes, bell peppers & herbs
08. Chicken Or Lamb Vindaloo$10.95chicken or lamb cooked with potatoes in a onion-vinegar gravy
10. Chicken Mushroom Masala$10.95chicken masala cooked with mushrooms & herbs
15. Baingan Bhartha$9.95smoked, mashed eggplant cooked with green peas, bell peppers & herbs
04. Lamb Dal Masala$10.95tender pieces of lamb cooked with chickpeas in a tomato-cream sauce
19. Chole Bature$9.95two pieces of fried bread served with dhaba's special chickpea curry
09. Chicken Dal Masala$10.95tender chicken pieces cooked with chickpeas, tomatoes & herbs

Punjabi Dhaba Roti - Breads Menu and Prices 2019

72. Tandoori Roti$1.95wheat bread baked in our tandoor oven
74. Nan$1.95tandoor oven baked leavened bread
76. Poori$2.50fluffy puffed fried bread
71. Onion Paratha$2.95wheat bread stuffed with onions and spices
68. Plain Paratha$1.95layered bread made with ghee
73. Tawa Roti$1.95wheat bread cooked on the grill
70. Aloo Paratha$2.95layered bread stuffed with potatoes, green peas and herbs
69. Gobi Paratha$2.95layered bread stuffed with cauliflower and spices
75. Garlic Nan$2.50tandoor oven baked leavened bread seasoned with garlic

Punjabi Dhaba Sabji Bhandaar - Vegetable Specialties Menu and Prices 2019

38. Mutter Paneer$6.95home made cheese cooked with fresh garden peas and spices
45. Aloo Mutter$5.95fresh garden peas and potatoes, cooked with traditional punjabi spices
40. Saag Paneer$6.95home made cheese cooked with spinach puree and light cream
43. Aloo Gobi$5.95cauliflower cooked with potatoes and spices
46. Aloo Saag$5.95fresh potatoes cooked with spinach puree
39. Anda Paneer$7.95home made cheese cooked with boiled eggs, spices and herbs
47. Mixed Vegetable Curry$5.95mixed vegetables cooked in a onion gravy with tomato
41. Anda Palak$5.95spinach puree cooked with boiled eggs, spices and herbs
44. Chole Masalewala$5.95chickpeas cooked with tomatoes and exotic spices
42. Dal Punjabi$5.95creamed lentils delicately tempered and seasoned with exotic spices

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