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You can check the Los Hornos Restaurant official site, check latest and current menu price and compare it with our menu price cause restaurant can change their price anytime so sometime it may be little variations in price which is listed here and actual.

Los Hornos Restaurant Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly February 2020

Los Hornos Restaurant Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2020

Tuna$5.95tuna salad, lettuce & tomato
Churrasco Italiano$5.99steak, mayo, tomato & avocado
Pan Con Bistec$6.99steak, potato sticks, onion, lettuce & tomato. with french fries
Pavo Regular$5.99turkey breast, tomato, lettuce. with french fries
Barros Luco$5.99steak, melted cheese
Cuban Sandwich$6.99pork, ham, swiss cheese, & onion
Croqueta$5.99croqueta, ham, swiss cheese
Ave Chacarero$5.99chicken breast, mayo, green beans & tomato
Ave Italiano$5.99chicken breast, mayo, tomato & avocado
Club Sandwich$7.49ham, turkey, cheese, bacon. with french fries

Los Hornos Restaurant Pollo Menu and Prices 2020

Milanesa De Pollo$9.25with tomato sauce, swiss cheese & ham
Pollo De Lo Pobre$9.95w/ fries eggs, french fries & onion
Pechuga De Pollo$7.85chicken breast a su gusto
Pollo Asado$6.45chicken legs in the oven
Filetillos De Pollo$7.50chicken breast with pepper & onion
Bistec De Pollo Empanizado$8.25breaded chicken breast

Los Hornos Restaurant Puerco Menu and Prices 2020

Fricasse De Puerco$7.50pork chunks w/ tomato sauce & potato
Chuleta De Cerdo$8.502 pork chops
Masas De Puerco Fritas$7.50fried pork chunks
Lomo De Cerdo$8.50

Los Hornos Restaurant Carnes Menu and Prices 2020

Lomo De Res$11.95rinonada
Bistec De Res Empanizado$8.50breaded palomilla steak
Higado De Res$7.85with poppers and onion
Bistec De Palomilla$7.85steak
Vaca Frita$7.50grilled shredded beef with onion
Baby Churrasco$11.95
Filetillos De Res$7.50steak with popper & onion
Milanesa De Res$9.25with tomato sauce, swiss cheese & ham
Ropa Vieja$7.50shredded beef in tomato sauce
Bistec De Res A Lo Pobre$11.95w/ fried eggs. french fries & onion

Los Hornos Restaurant Pescados Menu and Prices 2020

Seafoods. Choose Two Side With The Meal: Arroz Blanco. Moros, Congri, Arabic Rice, Frijoles Negros, Rojos, Yuca hervida, Maduros. Tostones, French Fries Pure De Papas, Vegetales Mixtos, Ensalada Mixta, Papas Hervidas, Sopa Del Dia
Corvina Frita$10.50breaded filet corvina
Filete De Salmon$10.95preparado a su gusto
Sea Bass Filet$8.95preparado a su gusto

Los Hornos Restaurant Salad Platters Menu and Prices 2020

Caesar Salad$5.49lettuce, cheese, services with caesar dressing
Chicken Caesar Salad$6.89chicken breast, mozzarella cheese
Chicken Salad$6.89lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion & olives
Tuna Salad$5.99lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion & olives
Garden Salad$2.25

Los Hornos Restaurant Side Order Menu and Prices 2020

Arroz Blanco$1.75
Yuca Frita$2.25
Congri$2.25arabic or moros
French Fries$1.75
Yuca Hervida$1.99
Platanos Maduros$1.90

Los Hornos Restaurant Desayuno Menu and Prices 2020

Pan De Bono$1.25
Arepas Con Queso$2.25
Cafe Con Leche Grande$2.00
Breakfast$3.75huevos pericos, tostadas y cafe con leche
Los Hornos Complete Breakfast$4.85huevos, tostadas, salchichas, tocino y papas fritas
Pan$2.45con queso
Omelette$4.85pepper, onion, tomatoes, ham & cheese
Scrambled Eggs With Ham & Cheese$2.99
Bread$2.99with ham & cheese
Baguette Toast White O Wheat$1.25
Breakfast$3.75cafe con leche, tostadas, huevos y hashbrown
Breakfast$3.75cafe con leche, tostadas, huevos, tocino o salchichas, papas fritas
Scrambled Eggs With Cheese$2.45
Omelette$3.75ham & cheese
Croissant$2.50with ham & cheese
Cuban Toast$0.95
Chocolate Caliente$2.00
Hot Tea$1.15
Arepas Con Huevo$2.45
Cafe Con Leche$1.35
Scrambled Eggs With Bacon$2.99

Los Hornos Restaurant Postres Menu and Prices 2020

Arroz$2.65con leche
Tres Leches$2.95
Cuatro Leches$2.95
Mousse Chocolate$2.95

Los Hornos Restaurant Drinks Menu and Prices 2020

Ice Tea$1.75
Sodas$1.75 - $1.00
Mine Maid Juices$2.25
Glass Of Wine$3.50
Cervezas Nacional$2.50national beer
Bottled Water$1.00
Cervezas Importada$3.00imported beer
Agua Perrier$2.25
Jugos Naturales De Temporada$3.35
Canned Juices$1.50

Los Hornos Restaurant Empanadas Al Horno Menu and Prices 2020

Empanadas Colombianas$1.25
De Carne$1.85de pollo, ham & cheese, de espinaca
Frita De Queso$1.25
Appetizer By Order Minimum Of 25$0.55

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