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Los Hermanos Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly January 2023

Los Hermanos Burritos Menu and Prices 2023

Red Burrito$8.99flour tortilla filled with shredded beef and cheese. served enchilada style with beans and rice.
Green Burrito$8.99flour tortilla filled with pork cooked in a spicy green sauce. served enchilada style with beans and rice.
Chicken Burrito$8.99flour tortilla filled with chicken and cheese. served enchilada style with beans and rice.

Los Hermanos Specialties Menu and Prices 2023

Taco Loco$7.99crisp flour tortilla shell filled with beans, your choice of beef, chicken or pork, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream and olives.
Fajita$16.99 - $11.99over 1/2 pound of marinated chicken breast and / or top sirloin steak, grilled with fresh green peppers and mild red onions, served sizzling with all the trimmings for you to create your own gourmet
Nacho Supreme$13.99huge portions of beans, cheese enchilada sauce, sour cream, guacamole and crisp corn tortilla chips. add chicken, beef or pork $0.99, add jalapenos $0.99
Joya Del Mar$8.99(seafood tortilla soup) succulent shrimp, alaskan halibut, chicken breast and a bounty of other fresh ingredients, simmered in wonderful spicy tomato base. large soup portion served with a fresh gree
Smothered Chile Relleno$9.69whole anaheim chile stuffed with monterey jack cheese, fried in egg batter, then smothered with shredded beef, enchilada sauce and cheese, and baked to perfection. served with spanish rice and refrie
Chimichanga$10.49crisp, spicy pork, chicken, beef, or seafood burrito topped with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes sour cream and guacamole. served with refried beans and spanish rice.
Halibut Tacos$11.99 - $14.50the tastiest ocean halibut grilled in an exquisite blend of extra virgin olive oil and spices. served with lettuce, cheese, olives, tomatoes, our cream, guacamole and our delicious spanish rice and r
Smothered Burrito$10.99shredded beef burrito topped with pork chile verde, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and tomatoes, and our own delicious green chile sauce. served with spanish rice and refried beans.
Halibut Vera Cruz De Los Hermanos$16.99choice white loincut alaskan halibut filet, grilled with our own blend of spices and extra-virgin olive oil, complemented by a wonderful medley of garden fresh veggies, spanish rice and fresh white c
Steak And Enchilada$14.758 ounce choice of top sirloin served with our famous cheese enchilada and spanish rice.
Seafood Enchilada$9.69flour tortilla filled with seafood and jack cheese, served enchilada style and topped with sour cream and guacamole. served with refried beans and spanish rice.
Shrimp Fajitas$17.99 - $13.99geneous portions of choice shrimp seasoned with all the fajita trimings.
Combo Burrito$11.49this giant burrito is filled with beef, chicken, pork, beans, lettuce and cheese. it's served enchilada style and topped with sour cream adn guacamole.

Los Hermanos Our Famous Specialty Drinks Menu and Prices 2023

Brisa De Mora Negra$4.79blackberries, strawberries, and ice cream blended to the height of refreshment. this all-time favorite is a utah country legend!
Mexican Hot Chocolate$3.00
Sabrosa$4.79a fat-free, no-sugar added, creamy blend of banana, blackberries, and frozen yogurt. muy sabrosa!
Strawberry Lemonade$3.50free refills.
Oasis Bliss$4.79a rich and refreshing blend of exotic mediterranean flavor and our signature old - fashioned vanilla ice cream.
Diablo Rojo$4.79a rich and tangy marriage of real strawberries and blackberries.
Other Favorites$4.29pina colada, strawberry banana colada, strawberry colada, raspberry colada, raspberry strawberry colada, margarita, kiwi margarita, peach margarita, strawberry daiquiri.
Peachy Rico$4.79premium peach sorbet, a hint of cranberries, old - fashioned vanilla ice cream, and a whisper of lemon - lime. a perfect fresh delight!
Diablo Verde$4.79an ultra-smooth blend with five tropical flavors: kiwi, lime, banana, pineapple - and you guess the fifth!
El Tropico$4.79an ambrosial blend of pomegranate, tangerine and other tropical fruit flavors.
Cold Fusion$4.79a superb fushion of mango, orange, and strawberry.

Los Hermanos Dinks Menu and Prices 2023

Nonalcoholic Beer 
Imported Mexican Beer 
Horchata a traditional mexican cinnamon rice drink. creamy and sweet.
Bottled Water 
Jarritos imported mexican soft drink. (variety of flavors).
Fruit Punch 
Tea (ice or hot)
Soft Drinks endless refills. pepsi and coke products offered!
Domestic Beer 
Guarana tropical soft drink imported from brazil.
Sangria nonalcoholic sparkling wine from mexico.
Applebeer crisp, sparkling apple soda.

Los Hermanos A La Carte Menu and Prices 2023

Soft Flour Taco$4.49
Cheese Enchilada$4.59a mixture of cheeses, onions and olives rolled in a corn tortilla, baked in enchilada sauce and more cheese.
Refried Beans$2.69
Spanish Rice$2.69
Tamale$4.99shredded beef, chicken or pork wrapped in masa and cooked in a corn husk, then topped with enchilada sauce, cheese and sour cream.
Bean Burrito$3.99flour tortilla filled with refried beans and cheese. served enchilada style.
Side Of Cheese$2.49
Flour Tortillas$0.99
Taco$3.99crisp corn tortilla filled with shredded beef, chicken or pork, lettuce, cheese and tomato.
Tostada$3.99crispy corn tortilla topped with beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and guacamole.
Taquito$4.59shredded beef, chicken or pork rolled in a flour tortilla, deep fried and served with guacamole.
Side Of Sour Cream$0.99
Side Of Guacamole$2.39
Chile Relleno$4.99whole green chiles filled with jack cheese, fried in an egg batter, and baked in enchilada sauce.

Los Hermanos Little Amigo Menu and Prices 2023

(For children under 12)
Little Amigo$3.99choice of taco, taquitos, enchilada or bean burrito. served with refried beans and spanish rice. add a child size soft drink for only $0.99

Los Hermanos Desserts Menu and Prices 2023

Cheese Flan$5.39like nothing you've ever tasted before! made with real cream cheese, it's a delicious cross between traditional flan and cheesecake. served with homemade caramel.
Bunuelos$4.59crispy flour tortilla strips sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and topped with ice cream
Hot Fudge Tostada$5.39a crispy cinnamon covered tortilla bowl, filled with old - fashioned vanilla ice cream and smothered with hot fudge.
Empanada$4.99apple, cherry or peach filling in a crisp flour tortilla. served hot with ice cream and topped with cinnamon.
Churros$2.50 - $5.00crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside mexican treats rolled in cinnamon sugar and served warm. choose between traditional or bavarian cream filled.
Old - Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream$2.99
Deep - Fried Ice Cream$5.39side of hot fudge, caramel or strawberries $0.99

Los Hermanos Appetizers Menu and Prices 2023

Joya Del Mar$4.99(seafood tortilla soup) succulent shrimp, alaskan halibut, chicken breast and a bounty of fresh vegetables, simmered in a wonderful spicy tomato base.
Chile Con Queso De Los Hermanos$5.99 - $4.29our very own blend of premium cheese, chile peppers, fresh diced tomatoes, and a medley of other choice ingredients. a perfect prelude to the symphony to come.
Cheese Crisp$3.29our delicious blend of cheeses baked on a large flour tortilla, cut pizza style and served with garnishes.
Bean Dip$3.69a large portion of our delicious refried beans smothered in cheese and enchilada sauce and baked in the oven.
Guacamole Dip$5.49made fresh daily with the finest fresh, ripe has avocados, lightly seasoned to bring out the avocados rich flavor.
Quesadilla$6.29flour tortillas filled with cheeses and mild green chiles. topped with guacamole and sour cream. add chicken, beef or pork $1.99 extra.
Nachos$6.99crisp corn tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, enchilada sauce, sour cream and guacamole.
Guadaguac$2.99guadalajaran style guacamole with a los hermanos twist, spicy verde sauce with chunks of avocado.
Dinner Salad$4.59mounds of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, olives and cheese.

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