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Latin American #2 Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly July 2019

Latin American #2 Potajes Y Sopas Para Llevar Menu and Prices 2019

Sm (16oz) / Lg (32oz). Pottages And Soups For Take-Out.
Potajes$6.50 - $4.50pottages
Sopa De Pollo O Platano$5.50 - $3.95chicken or plantain soup

Latin American #2 Martes Menu and Prices 2019

3. Arroz Amarillo Con Masas De Puerco$7.50yellow rice with pork chunks
Potaje De Chicharos$5.50 - $3.25split pea soup
1. Ropa Vieja$7.75shredded beef
4. Tamal En Cazuela$5.50cream of corn with pork
2. Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha$8.75grilled chicken breast

Latin American #2 Acompanantes Menu and Prices 2019

Arroz Congri rice mixed with red beans
Papas Fritas french fries
Arroz Blanco white rice
Ensalada salad
Yuca cassava
Frijoles Negros black beans
Arroz Moro rice mixed with black beans
Maduros fried sweet plantains
Pure De Papas mashed potatoes
Tostones fried green plantains
Yuca Frita fried cassava

Latin American #2 Lunes Menu and Prices 2019

1. Bistec En Cazuela$8.25stewed steak
4. Picadillo A La Criolla$7.50ground beef creole
2. Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha$8.75grilled chicken breast
Fabada Asturiana$5.50 - $3.25asturian soup
3. Fricase De Puerco$9.50pork fricasse
5. Tamal En Cazuela$5.50cream of corn with pork

Latin American #2 Viernes Menu and Prices 2019

Potaje De Garbanzos$3.25 - $5.50chick pea soup
2. Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha$8.75grilled chicken breast
5. Tamal En Cazuela$5.50cream of corn with pork
4. Fricase De Pollo$7.75chicken fricasse
3. Lacon A La Gallega$11.95smoked pork shank
1. Bacalao A La Vizcaina$10.95codfish casserole

Latin American #2 Sabado Menu and Prices 2019

3. Arroz Con Pollo$7.75chicken with yellow rice
4. Pescado Rebosado$10.95seasoned breaded fish
2. Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha$8.75grilled chicken breast
Caldo Gallego$3.95 - $5.50galician pottage
5. Tamal En Cazuela$5.50cream of corn with pork
1. Cordero Estofado$11.95roasted lamb

Latin American #2 Para Ninos Menu and Prices 2019

Children's Menu.
14. Pollitos Fritos Y Papas Fritas$5.25chicken nuggets and french fries
13. Hamburguesa Con Queso Y Papas Fritas$5.25cheeseburger and french fries
12. Hamburguesa Y Papas Fritas$4.25hamburger and french fries

Latin American #2 Puerco $10.95 Menu and Prices 2019

Pork. With Your Choice Of Two Sides.
35. Chuletas De Puerco grilled pork chops
37. Bistec De Jamon Hawaiiano hawaiian style ham steak
36. Bistec De Puerco grilled pork steak
33. Masitas De Puerco fried pork chunks
34. Lechon Asado cuban pork roast

Latin American #2 Carne De Res Menu and Prices 2019

Beef. With Your Choice Of Two Sides.
19. Filet Mignon$15.50filet mignon
21. Boliche$10.95cuban style pot roast
22. Picadillo A La Criolla$9.95ground beef creole
18. Bistec De Rinonada$14.95new york steak
15. Bistec De Palomilla$10.50cuban style beef steak
24. Filetillo Salteado$13.95cuban beef chunks with peppers and onions
16. Bistec Empanizado$11.50cuban style breaded
20. Carne Al Pincho$13.75beef with bacon, onion and pepper
17. Bistec Milanesa$13.50breaded steak with ham and cheese
25. Vaca Frita$11.95fried flank steak
23. Churrasco$15.95argentinean style skirt steak

Latin American #2 Pollo Menu and Prices 2019

Chicken. With Your Choice Of Two Sides.
32. Milanesa De Pollo$12.95breaded chicken steak with cheese and ham
29. Filetillo De Pollo Salteado$12.50chicken chunks with peppers and onions
28. Chicharrones De Pollo$9.95fried chicken chunks
31. Pollo Empanizado$10.50breaded chicken steak
26. Cuarto De Pollo Frito$7.75fried 1/4 chicken
30. Arroz Con Pollo A La Chorrera$17.50cuban chicken and rice with french fries or plantains. 45 mins
27. Medio Pollo Frito$10.95fried 1/2 chicken

Latin American #2 Extras Desayunos Menu and Prices 2019

Breakfast Sides.
Bacon, Jamon O Salchichas$3.25bacon, ham or sausage
Papas Rellenas$1.75stuffed cuban potato
Croquetas De Jamon$1.25ham croquettes
Empanada$1.75carne, jamon guayaba, queso y pollo
Papas Fritas$2.95french fries
Papa Americana$2.25hash browns
Tequenos$1.75queso o guayaba y queso

Latin American #2 Bebidas Menu and Prices 2019

Diet Sprite$1.75
Diet Coke$1.75
Red Bull$3.50
Brisk Iced Tea$1.75
Diet Pepsi$1.75
Diet Materva$1.75
Leche Fria$2.10cold milk

Latin American #2 Jueves Menu and Prices 2019

Ajiaco Criollo$3.25 - $5.50tropical vegetable soup
4. Carne Asada Al Vino$8.95broiled beef in wine
1. Ajiaco A La Criolla$6.50tropical vegetable soup
5. Tamal En Cazuela$5.50cream of corn with pork
3. Rabo Encendido$11.95oxtail
2. Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha$8.75grilled chicken breast

Latin American #2 Jugos Menu and Prices 2019

Guarapo$3.10sugar cane juice
Jugo De Naranja$3.10orange juice
Batidos$3.10ice cream shakes
Jugo De Vegetales V-8$1.95vegetable juice
Jugo De Manzana$1.95apple juice
Jugos Naturales$2.10pina o mango
Jugo De Melocoton$2.10peach juice

Latin American #2 Postres Menu and Prices 2019

Dulce De Leche$3.50milk dessert
Tres Leches$3.95three milks
Crema Catalana$4.95
Helados$4.25two scoops of ice cream
Flan$3.25egg custard
Pudin Diplomatico$3.95diplomatic pudding
Cascos De Guayaba Con Queso$3.50guava shells with cream cheese
Coco Rallado Con Queso$3.50shredded coconut with cream cheese
Flan De Queso$3.95cheese custard
Pudin De Pan$3.95bread pudding
Cuatro Leches$4.25four milks
Fruta Bomba Con Queso$3.50papaya chunks with cream cheese
Arroz Con Leche$3.50rice pudding
Torrejas$3.50cuban french toast

Latin American #2 Cervezas Importadas Menu and Prices 2019

Imported Beers.

Latin American #2 Especiales Diarios Menu and Prices 2019

Sm / Med / Lg. Daily Specials. Daily Specials Come With Your Choice Of Two Sides.
Sopa De Pollo$2.75 - $3.50chicken soup
Sopa De Platano$3.50 - $4.50plantain soup
Potajes$2.95 - $3.95pottages

Latin American #2 Latin American Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2019

103. Sandwich De Pechuga De Pollo$8.55chicken breast sandwich
104. Hamburger Jumbo$5.55with french fries
93. Bocadito Preparado$6.15white bread sandwich
86. De Boliche$7.60pot roast sandwich
87. Elena Ruz$6.60turkey, cream cheese and jelly
85. De Queso$5.60cheese sandwich
100. Pan Con Lechon$6.55cuban roast pork sandwich
94. Galleta Preparada$6.30soda crackers, ham, pork and cheese
79. De Pierna Especial$7.50special pork sandwich
80. Bolo Regular$7.15regular sweet ham sandwich
88. Media Noche$6.60midnight sandwich
77. Cubano Especial$7.50special cuban sandwich
81. Bolo Especial$7.55special sweet ham sandwich
82. Miami Sandwich$7.55ham, cheese, turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes
89. Media Noche De Pierna$7.60pork midnight
99. Pan Con Bistec$7.55cuban steak and ham sandwich
102. Sandwich De Ensalada De Pollo$7.55chicken salad sandwich
83. De Pavo Regular$7.05regular turkey sandwich
90. Cubano Montuno$7.60cuban sandwich with sausages
91. Frita Cubana$5.60spicy cuban hamburger
95. Club Sandwich$7.85with french fries
76. Cubano Regular$6.50regular cuban sandwich
97. Bacon Sandwich$5.85
84. De Pavo Especial$5.60special turkey sandwich
78. De Pierna Regular$6.50regular pork sandwich
92. Choripan$6.60spanish pork sausage
96. Tuna Sandwich$7.30
105. Cheeseburger Jumbo$6.55with french fries
98. Croqueta Preparada$7.55croquettes, ham, pork and cheese
101. Pan Con Tortilla$6.55omelette sandwich

Latin American #2 A La Orden $11.50 Menu and Prices 2019

A La Carte. With Your Choice Of Two Sides.
Bistec De Higado liver steak
Higado A La Italiana liver italian style

Latin American #2 Cafe Menu and Prices 2019

Te Caliente$1.95hot tea
Cafe Americano$1.95american coffee
Cortadito Con Leche Evaporada$2.50small cuban coffee with evaporated milk
Chocolate Caliente$2.75hot chocolate
Cafe Cubano$1.50cuban coffee
Cafe Con Leche Evaporada$2.95cuban coffee with evaporated milk
Cafe Con Leche$2.15cuban coffee with milk
Cortadito$1.95small cuban coffee with milk

Latin American #2 Aperitivos Menu and Prices 2019

6. Mariquitas De Platano$4.25plantain chips
3. Entremes De Croquetas$8.50ham croquettes with cold cuts
7. Yuca Frita$4.75fried yucca
4. Frituras De Malanga$5.50malanga fritters
1. Tamal En Hojas$2.75cuban tamal
5. Frituras De Bacalao$5.50codfish fritters
2. Entremes De Tamal$8.75cuban tamal with cold cuts
8. Chorizo Frito$5.50fried chorizo

Latin American #2 Vinos $3.95 Menu and Prices 2019

Wines By The Glass. Consuming Raw Or Undercooked Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish Or Eggs May Increase Your Risk Of Foodborne Illness.
Blanco Por Copa white
Tinto Por Copa red
Rosado Por Copa rose

Latin American #2 Desayuno Especial $4.49 Menu and Prices 2019

Breakfast Special. 2 Fried Or Scrambled Eggs, Ham, Bacon Or Sausage, Potatoes Or Grits, Toast And Coffee. All Breakfasts After 12pm Will Cary Additional Charge. Additional Egg White Breakfast $2.
67. Dos Huevos Fritos Con Papas O Harina Y Tostadas$3.95two fried eggs with potatoes or grits and toast
69. Sandwich De Desayuno$4.50breakfast sandwich. two eggs, ham and bacon on white american bread
72. Tortilla De Queso$4.95cheese omelette
70. Bistec Y Huevos Fritos Con Papitas Fritas$7.95steak and eggs with french fries
75. Dos Huevos Fritos Con Arroz Y Maduros O Papitas$6.55two fried eggs with rice and plantains or french fries
74. Tortilla$5.75omelette. combination of two
71. Tortilla De Jamon$5.50ham omelette
73. Tortilla De Cebolla$4.50onion omelette
68. Dos Huevos Fritos Con Jamon, Bacon O Salchichas Papas O Harina Y Tostadas$4.25two eggs with ham, bacon or sausage, potatoes or grits

Latin American #2 Domingo Menu and Prices 2019

Plato Ejecutivo$5.953 different dishes every day. monday-friday: 11am-3pm.
3. Rabo Encendido$11.95oxtail
Lentejas$3.95 - $5.50lentil soup
1. Arroz Con Pollo$7.75chicken with yellow rice
4. Pernil Asado$11.50roast pork
2. Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha$8.75grilled chicken breast
5. Tamal En Cazuela$5.50cream of corn with pork

Latin American #2 Cervezas Domesticas $3.95 Menu and Prices 2019

Domestic Beers.
Bud Light 
Miller Lite 
Coors Light 
Miller Draft 

Latin American #2 Mariscos Menu and Prices 2019

Seafood. With Your Choice Of Two Sides.
50. Langosta Enchilada$25.95spicy lobster creole
46. Camarones Al Ajillo$15.50garlic shrimp
51. Langosta Al Ajillo$25.95lobster in garlic sauce
47. Camarones Rebosados$15.50lightly breaded shrimp
49. Camarones A La Plancha$15.50grilled shrimp
45. Camarones Enchilados$15.50spicy shrimp creole
48. Camarones Al Pincho$15.50shrimp kabobs
52. Paella Valenciana$36.90valencian paella with plantains. 45mins
44. Arroz Con Calamares$11.50rice with squid

Latin American #2 Ensaladas Menu and Prices 2019

10. Ensalada De Pollo Y Croquetas$7.50chicken salad and croquettes
9. Lechuga, Tomate Y Cebolla$3.75lettuce, tomato and onion
11. Ensalada De Tuna Y Croquetas$7.50tuna salad and croquettes

Latin American #2 Miercoles Menu and Prices 2019

2. Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha$8.75grilled chicken breast
3. Tasajo$14.50dried shredded beef creole
Frijoles Colorados$3.25 - $3.95red bean soup.
4. Tamal En Cazuela$5.50cream of corn with pork
1. Carne Con Papas$7.95beef and potatoes

Latin American #2 Pescado Menu and Prices 2019

Fish. With Your Choice Of Two Sides.
38. Rueda De Corvina$11.95corvina
43. Pargo Entero Frito$16.25fried whole snapper
41. Pescado Empanizado$11.95breaded fish
39. Rueda De Serrucho$11.95king fish
42. Pescado A La Plancha$12.95grilled fish
40. Pescado Rebosado$11.95lightly breaded fish

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