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Lalita's Menu

Here in this portal, we are providing all restaurant latest menu price with updates like you can check below Lalita menu prices list 2023.

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Lalita Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly April 2023

Lalita Tofu And Vegetables $9.95 Menu and Prices

76. Sautéed Mixed Vegetables  
78. Stir Fried String Beans And Crispy Tofu In Plik King Sauce  
74. Eggplant And Tofu Sautéed with red curry in coconut sauce
77. Stir Fried Eggplant And String Beans  
75. Sautéed Peanut Sauce with tofu and vegetables
73. Basil Kraprow Crispy Tofu  

Lalita Hot Drinks Menu and Prices

Full Bar Also Available
Rose Tea  
Coffee french roast
Jasmine Tea  
Green Tea  
Thai Tea  

Lalita Martinis & More Menu and Prices

Pink (Grapefruit) gin, fresh lime, sugar, campari.
Lemon Drop vodka, fresh lemon, sugar.
Martini your choice of vodka or gin. dry (less vermouth), dirty (with a splash of olive brine). garnished with your choice of olive or a twist.
McIntosh Martini whiskey, brandy, sour apple liqueur, and cranberry juice.
Appletini vodka, sour apple liqueur
Flavored Martini with your choice of pear, peach, raspberry, currant, lemon, orange, grapefruit, or vanilla. please specify sweet or dry.
Mint Appletini vodka, sour apple liqueur, with a splash of peppermint liqueur.
Cosmopolitan vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice. also available with flavored vodkas.

Lalita Side Orders Menu and Prices

Cucumber Salad $3.00
Steamed Rice $1.50
Brown Rice $2.50
Sticky Rice $2.00
Small Size Steamed Mixed Vegetables $5.00
Small Size Salad $3.50
Peanut Sauce $2.50

Lalita Mojitos Menu and Prices

Bajito rum, fresh basil, fresh lime, sugar, topped off with soda.
Peach Mojito rum, peach vodka, fresh mint, fresh lime, sugar, topped off with soda.
Mojito rum, fresh mint, fresh lime, sugar, topped off with soda.

Lalita Sauce Choices Menu and Prices

C. Spicy Pad Plik Sod with fresh chili and onion
I. Garlic And Black Pepper with onion
G. Red Curry with vegetables
H. Peanut Sauce with vegetables
D. Spicy Pad Phed Curry Paste with bamboo shoots
A. Spicy Basil Kraprow  
J. Bean Sauce with braised eggplant
E. Yellow Curry with potatoes
B. Spicy Chili Plik King with string beans

Lalita Meat Choices Menu and Prices

With Rice / A La Carte
Prawns Or Roast Duck $10.95 – $9.95
Chicken, Beef Or Pork $8.95 – $9.95
Crispy Tofu $8.95 – $7.95

Lalita Desserts Menu and Prices

Mango Sorbet $3.95  
Coconut Ice Cream $3.95  
Sticky Rice $5.95 with mango
Vanilla Caramel Flan $5.95  
Sticky Rice $5.95 with coconut ice cream
Fried Banana And Vanilla Ice Cream $5.95  
Young Coconut Tapioca Pudding Topped $5.95 with coconut cream
Thai Tea Ice Cream $3.95  
Brown Sticky Rice $5.95 with mango

Lalita Non-Alcoholic Drinks Menu and Prices

Sparkling Water  
Fruit Juices orange, cranberry, pineapple, and grapefruit.
Iced Tea  
Red Bull  
Sodas coke, 7-up, diet coke, ginger ale
Thai Iced Coffee  
Thai Iced Tea  

Lalita Lunch Specials $8.95 Menu and Prices

Served With Steamed Rice And Spring Roll (Add $1 For Brown Rice)
LS2. Grilled Rib Eye Steak with steamed vegetables
LS4. Crispy Basil Chicken with mixed green salad
LS1. Roast Duck And Steamed Broccoli  
LS3. Grilled Honey Pork with mixed green salad
LS5. BBQ Half Chicken with papaya salad

Lalita Grilled Entrees Menu and Prices

58. Grilled Basil Salmon $13.95 served with steamed vegetables
54. BBQ Half Chicken $11.95 served with steamed vegetables
59. Grilled Scallops $15.95 served with grilled vegetables
57. Grilled Rib Eye Steak $15.95 served with steamed vegetables
61. Dancing Prawns Stuffed $16.95 with crab meat
56. Grilled Roast Duck $12.95 served with steamed vegetables
55. Grilled Honey Pork $11.95 served with steamed vegetables
60. Grilled Lamb Chops $18.95 served with grilled vegetables

Lalita Salads Menu and Prices

25. Spicy Minced Duck Salad $9.95  
33. Minced Chicken And Prawns $10.95 with lemon grass salad
34. Minced Chicken And Prawns $11.95 with silver noodle salad
27. Spicy Prawn Salad $10.95  
30. Grilled Salmon Salad $11.95  
26. Spicy Calamari Salad $9.95  
24. Spicy Minced Chicken Salad $9.95  
32. Grilled Seafood $12.95 with green papaya salad
29. Grilled Rib Eye Steak Salad $12.95  
28. Grilled Honey Pork Salad $9.95  
31. Grilled Prawns $10.95 with spicy green papaya salad
23. Mixed Green Salad $7.95  

Lalita Soup Menu and Prices

14. Spinach And Tofu Soup $7.95
19. Tom Kha – Prawn Coconut Soup $10.95
18. Tom Kha – Chicken Coconut Soup $8.95
15. Minced Chicken And Silver Noodle Soup $8.95
20. Tom Yum – Spicy And Sour Prawn Soup $10.95
17. Tom Kha – Vegetable And Tofu Coconut Soup $7.95
22. Potak Spicy And Sour Seafood Soup $12.95
16. Seafood And Tofu Soup $12.95
21. Tom Yum – Spicy And Sour Catfish Soup $11.95

Lalita Cognac Menu and Prices

Courvoisier VSOP
Hennessy Privelege VSOP
Remy Martin VSOP
Hennessy XO

Lalita Seafood Entrees Menu and Prices

48. Calamari Or Prawns $12.95 with string beans in spicy chili sauce
47. Calamari Or Prawns $12.95 with braised eggplant in basil sauce
49. Crispy Fried Catfish Filet Topped $13.95 with red curry sauce
52. Scallops Sautéed $15.95 with garlic and snow peas
46. Calamari Or Prawns $12.95 with spinach in peanut sauce
51. Calamari, Prawns And Scallops In Coconut Sauce $14.95  
45. Garlic Calamari Or Prawns $12.95  
50. Crispy Fried Whole Fish $13.95 with three flavors sauce
53. Crab Sautéed   with green, red or yellow curry paste

Lalita Creamy Cocktails Menu and Prices

Melona melon liqueur, coconut rum, and cream. blended.
Nutty White Russian vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, amaretto, hazelnut liqueur, and cream.
White Russian vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream

Lalita Poultry And Meat Entrees Menu and Prices

69. Stir Fried String Beans In Peanut Sauce $11.95 with chicken, beef or pork
68. Stir Fried Eggplant In Bean Sauce $11.95 with chicken, beef or pork
71. Chicken On Lemon Grass Sticks $13.95  
72. Crispy Fried Boneless Duck $13.95  
66. Sautéed Garlic And Black Pepper $10.95 with chicken, beef or pork
70. Crispy Basil $12.95 with chicken, beef or pork
64. Lemon Grass $10.95 with chicken, beef or pork
65. Sautéed Peanut Sauce $10.95 with chicken, beef or pork
67. Basil Kraprow $10.95 with chicken, beef or pork
63. Cashew Nuts $10.95 with chicken, beef or pork
62. Sautéed Ginger $10.95 with chicken, beef or pork

Lalita Non Alcoholic Cocktails Menu and Prices

Virgin Sunrise orange juice and grenadine.
Virgin Daiquiris blended fruit and lime juice with your choice of strawberry, raspberry, peach, or mango.
Roy Rogers cola, grenadine, and maraschino cherries
Virgin Phuket Sunrise pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine.
Virgin Pina Colada blended coconut puree and pineapple juice.
Shirley Temple lemon-lime soda, grenadine, and maraschino cherries.

Lalita Featured Cocktails Menu and Prices

Wild Orchid vodka, coconut rum, cranberry juice, a splash of pineapple and grapefruit, and a dash of melon liqueur.
Crazy Thai Coffee vanilla vodka, kahlua, thai coffee, and a splash of cream.
Muay Thai mandarin vodka, red bull, grapefruit juice, and a splash of cranberry.
Drunkie Monkey rum, coconut rum, banana liqueur, banana puree, a splash of cream, and chocolate syrup.
Blue Bangkok lemon vodka, fresh lemons, sugar, with a dash of blue curacao
Twisted Thai Tea vanilla vodka, coconut rum, thai tea, and a splash of cream.
Samui Melon vodka, melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and orange juice.
Phuket Sunrise rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine.

Lalita Island Drinks Menu and Prices

Blended Daiquiris rum, lime juice, and your choice of strawberry, raspberry, peach, mango, or banana.
Margarita tequila, triple sec, lime juice. straight up, on the rocks, or blended with your choice of salted or unsalted rim.
Pina Colada rum, coconut puree, pineapple juice.
Blue Hawaiian rum, coconut puree, pineapple juice, and blue curacao.
Mai Tai rum, amaretto, grenadine, apricot brandy, pineapple juice, orange juice, topped with dark rum.

Lalita Appetizers Menu and Prices

1. Corn Fritters $6.95  
7. Fried Calamari In Sweet And Sour Sauce $7.95  
13. Sate’ Prawns $9.95  
10. Angel Wings $8.95  
3. Crispy Fried Tofu, Yam, And Taro Roots $6.95  
6. Fried Fish Cakes Served $7.95 with cucumber salad
12. Sate’ Chicken $7.95  
9. Shrimp Rolls $8.95  
5. Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab $7.95  
2. Vegetarian Egg Rolls $6.95  
4. Crispy Fried Mushroom In Sweet And Sour Sauce $7.95  
8. Chicken Rolls $7.95  
11. Salt And Pepper Beef Strips $8.95 with cashew nuts and crispy basil

Lalita Beer Menu and Prices

Draft Beer sierra nevada pale ale, blue moon wheat ale, anchor steam, samuel adams seasonal, pilsner urquell, or guinness.
Import Bottled Beer singha, corona, red stripe, heineken or heineken light.
Domestic Bottled Beer budweiser, bud light, or miller lite.

Lalita Cocktails Menu and Prices

Long Island Iced Tea vodka, rum, gin, tequila, sweet & sour, cola.
Seabreeze vodka, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice.
Tokyo Tea vodka, rum, gin, tequila, sweet & sour, melon liqueur.
Adios vodka, rum, gin, tequila, sweet & sour, blue curacao.
Sex On The Beach vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice.

Lalita Fried Rice Menu and Prices

14. Thai Fried Rice $9.95 with prawns or crab meat
85. Basil Duck Fried Rice $11.95  
88. Pineapple Fried Rice $11.95  
15. Pineapple Fried Rice $9.95  
87. Thai Fried Rice $11.95 with prawns or crab meat
86. Thai Fried Rice $10.95 with chicken, beef, pork or tofu and vegetables
84. Basil Chicken Fried Rice $10.95  
11. Basil Chicken Fried Rice $8.95  
13. Thai Fried Rice $8.95 with chicken, beef, pork or tofu and vegetables
12. Basil Duck Fried Rice $9.95  

Lalita Pan Fried Noodles Menu and Prices

Chicken, Beef, Pork Or Tofu And Vegetables $7.95 / Prawns $8.95 / Seafood $9.95
82. Rad Nar stir fried flat or small rice noodles
83. Pad Woon Sen stir fried silver noodles
79. Pad Kee Mao stir fried flat rice noodles in spicy sauce with basil
10. Rad Nar stir fried flat or small rice noodles
8. Pad Thai stir fried small rice noodles
80. Pad Thai stir fried small rice noodles
9. Pad See Ew stir fried flat or small rice noodles
7. Pad Kee Mao stir fried flat rice noodles in spicy sauce with basil

Lalita Scotch Menu and Prices

Neat Or On The Rocks
Glenlivet 12 Years
Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Chivas Regal 12 Years
Glenrothes 1991 Vintage
Glenfiddich 18 Years
Glenrothes Select Reserve

Lalita Curries Menu and Prices

38. Chicken Yellow Curry $10.95  
44. Scallops $15.95 with green, red or yellow curry
36. Green Curry $10.95 with chicken, beef, or pork
37. Panang Curry $10.95 with chicken, beef, or pork
42. Salmon Choo Chee Curry $13.95  
41. Prawns And Pumpkin Red Curry $12.95  
40. Roast Duck Red Curry $12.95  
43. Seafood $14.95 with green, red or yellow curry
35. Tofu And Vegetable $9.95 with green, red or yellow curry
39. Lamb Musamun Curry $13.95  

Lalita Hot Cocktails Menu and Prices

Flavored Coffee hot coffee with your choice of amaretto, creme de menthe, hazelnut liqueur, chambord, or irish cream.
Hot Toddy irish whiskey, fresh lemon, honey, and hot water
Irish Coffee hot coffee, irish whiskey, topped with whipped cream

Lalita Noodle Soup Menu and Prices

Choice Of Egg Noodles, Flat Rice Noodles Or Small Rice Noodles
5. Roast Duck Noodle Soup $7.95
4. Combination Beef Noodle Soup $7.95
1. Tofu And Vegetable Noodle Soup $6.95
6. Seafood Noodle Soup $8.95
2. Fish Balls And Pork Noodle Soup $6.95
3. BBQ Pork Wonton Soup $7.95

Disclaimer: Information on The webpage might not reflect changes That have happened recently. Please call The restaurant To find out about current prices and menus.

The Beginning of Lalita’s

A well-known restaurant chain That specialized in Indian food is called Lalita’s. In 1989, The first Lalita’s restaurant opened in San Francisco, California, and since then, It has grown to include numerous locations Throughout the country. Lalita takes pride in using top-notch, Fresh ingredients to provide delectable dishes that highlight The variety of Indian cuisine.

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What Makes Lalita Special?

Lalita’s is renowned For its premium ingredients and first-rate service in addition to its reasonable costs. Their chefs take delight in crafting excellent recipes That are both healthful and delectable and whenever feasible, They use products That are freshly harvested locally.

In addition to Their dedication to excellence, Lalita’s also provides a cozy environment that will make you feel at home. You can always count on Their personnel to provide you with amicable and attentive service Whether you choose to eat in or order takeout.

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FAQs – Lalita’s Menu

Does Lalita offer any deals or promotions?

Lalita runs promotions year-round. Lalita offers menu reductions, happy hour specials, and limited-time bargains. Check their website or social media for the newest Lalita restaurant promos.

Are there any hidden fees or charges at Lalita’s?

Lalita’s doesn’t levy hidden costs. All prices include taxes. Lalita provides high-quality, inexpensive food without deceptive pricing. Ask your local Lalita restaurant regarding pricing and fees.

Can I make a reservation at Lalita’s?

Lalita takes reservations. Lalita’s restaurants take phone and online reservations. Check with your local Lalita’s restaurant To establish Their reservation policy, As some operate on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure the restaurant can accommodate your large group, make a reservation.

Does Lalita offer catering services?

Lalita caters to various events. Their catering menu Features sandwiches, salads, spaghetti, seafood, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Lalita caters for weddings, birthday celebrations, business events, and More.

Their catering crew can tailor A menu for Your needs and budget and deliver or pick it up. Visit Lalita’s website or call Your local restaurant for catering information.

Does Lalita’s offer vegetarian options?

Lalita’s serves vegetarian food. They offer a variety of Delicious vegetarian options for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. Lalita serves vegetarian burgers, spaghetti with tomato sauce, salads, and vegetable stir-fries. Garlic bread, onion rings, and sweet potato fries are vegetarian sides. Ask your local Lalita’s restaurant for suggestions if you have dietary requirements.

Is Lalita’s food spicy?

Lalita’s dishes range in spice. Buffalo wings and spicy sandwiches are spicy. Lalita offers several Spice levels For their non-spicy foods. Some foods are moderate, Some are spicy. If You’re concerned about Lalita’s foods’ spiciness, Ask your local restaurant’s staff for advice. They can recommend tasty dishes.

Can I order Lalita’s online?

Lalita’s website and app allow online food orders. Online ordering makes Lalita’s dishes easier to enjoy at home. Browse their menu and add goods to your cart. You can then pick up or have your order delivered from the restaurant.

Online ordering lets you customize your order to your preferences and dietary restrictions and often offers exclusive bargains and promotions. Lalita’s website or app allows online ordering.


Anyone looking for good food at A reasonable price should visit Lalita’s. It’s no surprise that they’re popular among foodies on a budget given Their extensive menu and dedication to quality. So be sure to check out Lalita’s menu prices the next time you’re looking for a delicious lunch that is easy on the bill!

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