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La Huaca Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly May 2022

La Huaca Sodas Menu and Prices 2022

Soft Drinks$1.50coke, sprite
Still Water$3.99 - $6.99
Sparkling Water$3.99 - $6.99
Inca Kola$1.99kola inglesa

La Huaca Tiraditos Menu and Prices 2022

Tiradito De Pulpo$12.99octopus tiradito. sliced octopus marinated w/olive sauce, lime and olive oil
Tiraditos De Pescado$11.99fish tiradito. slice fish marinated in lime and limo pepper sauce
Tiradito Nikkei De Salmon$12.99salmon tiradito. sliced salmon covered w/oriental ceviche sauce

La Huaca Acompañantes Menu and Prices 2022

Papas Fritas french fries
Vegetales Saltados sauteed vegetables
Arroz Blanco white rice

La Huaca Piqueos $19.99 Menu and Prices 2022

Papa A La Huancaina, Anticucho De Carne, Chaufa De Pollo potatoes served w/huancaina sauce, beef kabobÂ’s marinated in panca sauce
Ceviche, Chicharron De Calamar, Choritos A La Chalaca fish marinated in lime pepper, fried calamari, mussels covered and marinated

La Huaca Bebidas Menu and Prices 2022

Chica Morada$2.99
Jugo De Naranja$4.50oj
Frozen Lemonade$4.50

La Huaca Postres $4.99 Menu and Prices 2022

Dessert De La Casa house dessert
Suspiro A La Limeña 
Passion Chocolate passion chocolate
Torta De Chocolate chocolate cake
Crema Volteada cream volteada
Helados ice cream

La Huaca Pescados Y Mariscos Menu and Prices 2022

Jalea A La Huaca$14.99deep fried seafood. the chefÂ’s signature marinated in secret recipe, assorted deep fried seafood
Paiche A La Huaca$25.99amazon fish a la huaca. the chefÂ’s signature grilled amazon fish w/mashed yucca and escabeche sauce
Parihuela$14.99peruvian seafood based broth soup w/variety of fish, shrimp, crab, claws and
Cau Cau De Mariscos$14.99seafood stew w/peruvian potatoes. seafood stew in peruvian yellow pepper, served flavored in andean mint
Anticuchos De Atun Con Spaghetti Huancaina$17.99tuna kabob's spaghetti huancaina. tuna kabob’s in peruvian spices, served w/spaghetti sautéed in huancaina sauce
Pescado A Lo Macho$14.99fish peruvian style. traditional fish covered by a seafood, hot creamy sauce, served w/white rice
Arroz Chaufa Con Mariscos$13.99peruvian chinese fusion fried rice. peruvian style fried rice w/octopus, shrimp and squid
Corvina A La Plancha Con Tacu Tacu$16.99the chef's special grilled seabass, w/split peas tacu tacu and yellow pepper
Pulpo A La Parrilla$18.99grilled octopus in panca chile pepper. the chefÂ’s specialty grilled octopus in panca sauce with roasted potatoes and asparagus
Picante De Camarones$14.99spicy shrimp. sautéed shrimp w/white wine and pisco, cooked in yellow pepper
Salmon A La Parrilla Con Vegetales$16.99grilled salmon w/vegetables. grilled salmon w/sautéed vegetables and the chef’s special sauce
Saltado De Mariscos A La Criolla$14.99peruvian stir fried seafood. peruvian style sautéed seafood served w/fries and white rice

La Huaca Ceviche Menu and Prices 2022

Ceviche Fusion A La Huaca$14.99fusion ceviche fish and seafood in three pepper sauces
Ceviche De Pescado$12.99fish ceviche. fish marinated in lime juice, pepper, chopper cilantro and fresh onion, served
Ceviche Triologia$14.99ceviche trio. triple or ceviche marinated in rocoto sauce, green sauce and classics lime
Ceviche Mixto$12.99seafood fish ceviche
Ceviche En Crema De Rocoto$12.99ceviche in red pepper sauce. fusion ceviche covered w/rocoto pepper, served w/andean con and sweet potatoes
Tuna Acevichada$12.99grilled tuna topped fussion yellow sauce. grilled tuna topped w/fusion yellow ceviche sauce

La Huaca Pollo A La Brasa & Peruvian Menu and Prices 2022

Rotisserie Chicken. Delicious Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken With The Special Marinated Homemade Sauce!! Sides: French Fries, Salad Or White Rice
Rosted Chicken$16.99 - $6.99

La Huaca Arroz Y Pastas Menu and Prices 2022

Beed Spaghetti Saltado Tradicional$14.99traditional peruvian spaghetti with flambe. traditional peruvian spaghetti w/fried beef flambé, onion, tomato, mixed
Chaufa De Quinoa$10.99fried quinoa with vegetables. exquisite and unique organic quinoa w/sautéed vegetables
Arroz Chaufa Con Carne O Pollo$12.99fried rice w/beef or chicken. peruvian oriental fusion, fried rice with beef or chicken
Lasagna Con Aji De Gallina$13.99lasagna w/aji de gallina sauce. lasagna filled w/shredded chicken on a creamy peruvian yellow pepper sauce,
Risotto Con Vegetales$12.99vegetables risotto. arborio rice in peruvian cilantro sauce w/sautéed vegetables

La Huaca Piqueos Calientes Menu and Prices 2022

Causa Maki De Cangrejo$12.99maki causa w/ crab meat. softly mashed yellow potatoes rolled stuffed w/crab meat
Chicharron De Pescado$10.99deep fried fish. lightly deep fried breaded fish, served w/fried yucca and tartara sauce
Pulpo Anticuchado$12.99octopus marinated in peruavian spice. grilled octopus marinated in anticucho panca pepper sauce and spices, served
Chicharron De Calamar$12.99chef selection. fried calamari. crispy calamari ring, served w/fried yucca and tartara sauce
Conchitas A La Parmesana$12.99parmesan scallops au gratin. peruvian scallops marinated w/white wine and topped w/parmesan cheese gratin
Conchas A La Huaca$12.99scallops a la huaca. peruvian scallops marinated and buttered, pisco, rocoto sauce, fresh oregano

La Huaca Piqueos Frios Menu and Prices 2022

Solterito De Quinoa$8.99quinoa mix w/avocado, black olives, tomatoes, peruvian corn, w/cheese citron sauce
Choritos A La Chalaca$10.99mussels a la chalaca. mussels covered and marinated w/chopped onion, tomatoes, cilantro, corn
House Salad A La Huaca$9.99mix green salad w/home made dressing sauce
Papa A La Huancaina$6.99potatoes in peruvian sauce. traditional peruvian potatoes slices covered with creamy huancaina sauce
Causa Maki De Cangrejo$12.99maki causa w/crab meat. softly mashed yellow potatoes rolled stuffed w/crab meat
Causa De Pescado Nikkei$11.99chef selection. peruvian causa stuffed with fish. softly mashed yellow potatoes rolled stuffed and fried fish in oriental sauce
Tartar De Salmon O Tuna$13.99salmon or tuna tartar. chopped tuna or salmon, avocado, chinese onion w/balsamic reduction
Causa Sample A La Huaca$12.99sample causa a la huaca. softly mashed yellow potatoes stuffed with octopus, crab meat, fish anticuchado
Leche De Tigre$8.99classic tiger milk is peruvian term for the citrus based marinade seafood in a
Shots De Leche De Tigre$9.99peruvian term classic tiger milk, yellow pepper, rocoto pepper, citrus based

La Huaca Coffee Menu and Prices 2022

American Coffee$1.99

La Huaca Carnes & Pollo Menu and Prices 2022

Anticucho De Lomo Fino$14.99beef tenderloin kabobÂ’s. tenderloin kabobÂ’s marinated in anticucho peruvian spices served w/roasted
Lomo Saltado Con Risotto A La Huancaina$16.99sauteed beef w/huancaina risotto. stir-fry tenderloin tips in traditional sauce, served w/peruvian huancaina risotto
Entraña A La Parrilla$18.99skirt steak w/french fries & salad. grilled skirt steak, served w/french fries, salad and house dressing
Lomo Fino A Lo Pobre Con Tacu Tacu$18.99beef steak w/crispy rice & beans. tenderloin steak w/fried egg, plantains and traditional peruvian crispy rice & beans
Costilla De Cordero Con Tacu Tacu$19.99grilled lamb with tacu tacu. the chefÂ’s signature grilled rack of lamb tacu tacu and delicious cilantro sauce
New York Steak Con Spaghetti Pesto$17.99new york steak w/spaghetti pesto. grilled new york steak w/traditional spaghetti pesto sauce
Pollo A La Parrilla En Salsa De Anticucho Con Spaghetti Al Pesto$13.99chicken kabob's with spaghetti pesto. chicken kabobÂ’s marinated in anticucho peruvian spices and spaghetti
Lomo Saltado$14.99peruvian stir fried beef tenderloin. a famous traditional peruvian dish beef tenderloin cut in dices, stir fried w/tomatoes, onion, flambé w/pisco, soy sauce, served w/rice and french fries

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