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Koshi Fusion Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly April 2023

Koshi Fusion Entree Menu and Prices 2023

From Koshi's Charbroiled Grill$15.00bulgogi
From Koshi's Charbroiled Grill$22.00kalbi
From Koshi's Charbroiled Grill served with brown or white rice and your choice of banchan all items are served on a hot skillet with a bed of onions & cabbage
From Koshi's Charbroiled Grill$15.00spicy pork
Teriyaki grilled and served with smoky teriyaki sauce choice of brown or white rice & a house salad

Koshi Fusion Tapas Menu and Prices 2023

Spicy Tuna Biscuit$9.00pan seared crispy rice biscuit, jalapeno on top & sweet soy
Truffle Garlic Edamame$6.00blanched minced garlic, soy mirin, drizzled white truffle infused oil
Shishito Pepper$4.50soy mirin, clarified butter, bonito flakes
Seafood Pa-Jun$8.00traditional korean pancake made with assorted seafood, nira & green onion, served with soy jalapeno and garlic chili dipping sauce
Sauteed Mushrooms$9.00assorted japanese mushrooms sauteed with japanese soy & garlic butter
Spicy Fried Tofu$7.00lightly battered organic tofu bites tossed in garlic chili sauce
Spicy Pork Bun$8.50korean style pork, pickled onion, kimchi, jalapeno & house hoisin spread on a steamed chinese bao
Soft Shell Crab Tempura$11.00served with arugula, granny smith apple relish & homemade mustard ponzu dressing
Corn N' Cheese$5.00grilled corn with mozzarella cheese & butter aioli
Cuttlefish Kakiage$9.00kakiage is tempura mixed with julienned assorted vegetables, served with house wasabi-tartar sauce
Korean Fried Chicken$9.00traditional korean fried chicken, all white meat & tossed in spicy honey garlic glaze, choice of sweet soy or spicy
Rock Shrimp Tempura$9.00served with spicy sweet & sour sauce with spicy miso aioli
Kurobuta Sausage With Rice Cake$7.00100% berkshire pork sausage and rice cake bites, sauteed with onion and bell pepper in spicy-sweet garlic tomato sauce
Mixed Vegetables Tempura$6.00onion, string bean, pumpkin, zucchini & broccoli served with tempura dipping sauce

Koshi Fusion Rice Dish Menu and Prices 2023

Kimchi Fried Rice$12.00korean style fried rice with sweet sauteed kimchi, onion, bell peppers, and melted provolone with your choice of spam, bulgogi or spicy pork topped with organic sunny side up egg
Bibimbap$15.00traditional korean hot pot with rice and bulgogi with seasonal spinach, sprouts, zucchini & radish, served with sweet korean chili sauce with a splash of sesame oil topped with organic sunny sideup e

Koshi Fusion Soup Menu and Prices 2023

Served In Korean Style Hot Pot (Dduk-Be-Gi) To Keep The Food Warm, Comes With Your Choice Of Any Banchan
Chicken Mung Bean Soup$7.00pulled chicken, mushroom, quinoa & sweet rice
Spicy Tofu Soup$10.00organic silken tofu in spicy beef broth with a choice of brown or white rice
Korean Sukiyaki$12.00bulgogi, rice cake, glass, noodle, mushroom & green onion, served with white or brown rice
Spicy Tofu Soup$2.00add chicken, beef or seafood

Koshi Fusion Raw Creations Menu and Prices 2023

Cajun Tuna$14.00cajun rubbed thinly sliced seared tuna with sauteed baby spinach, garlic, creamy sesame, sweet soy reduction & chili oil
Poki Tuna Bowl$13.00blanched garlic, marinated cucumber, tomato, gluten-free soy, chopped-fresh whole wasabi, red onion on a bed of mixed greens
Salmon Carpaccio$14.00six pieces of scottish salmon, diced cucumber, onion, tomato, cilantro, black olive, yuzu ponzu & garlic oil
Yellowtail Carpaccio$14.00six pieces of yellowtail, minced lemon and orange, tomato, yuzu pepper, yuzu pepper dressing 7 gluten-free soy
Yellowtail Jalapeno$14.00six pieces of yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro & ginger soy dressing
Tuna Tartare$13.00tuna mixed with spicy miso aioli, avocado, sesame oil, green oil & sesame seeds served with rice cracker
Albacore Shiitake Mushroom$15.00six pieces of albacore, thinly sliced sauteed shiitake mushroom, garlic soy, lemon juice & white truffle infused oil

Koshi Fusion Soju Cocktails Menu and Prices 2023

Pink Magic$9.00black berry wine, soju, muddled raspberry & yokult
Spicy Sky$9.00soju, ginger beer & lime
Lychee Secret$8.00black berry wine, soju & lychee juice
Pomegranate Elixir$12.00blueberry wine, soju, 100% pomegranate juice, honey, apple & lime
Milk Maid$7.00yokult, soju & citrus soda
Fiji Island$10.00coconut water, pineapple juice, soju and mango-nectar

Koshi Fusion Noodles Menu and Prices 2023

Garlic Soba$8.00egg noodles, garlic soy, green onion, garlic oil & parmesan cheese
Tonkatsu Ramen$1.50add egg
Tonkatsu Ramen$9.50chicken & pork broth, pork belly chashu, marinated broiled egg, fish cake, green onion, bean sprouts & corn
House Udon$8.00homemade soy based japanese fish broth, fish cake & tempura flakes
Tonkatsu Ramen$1.00extra bean sprouts
Tonkatsu Ramen$3.00add extra noodle, chashu, green onion
Koshi Special Noodle$9.50jap-chae. traditional korean stir fried glass noodles with onion, cabbage, zucchini, broccoli & soy based koshi special sauce choice of chicken or beef
House Udon$3.00add shrimp tempura, chicken katsu

Koshi Fusion Banchan Menu and Prices 2023

Korean Side Dish, Suggested To Order A Variety For Sharing Can Also Be An Appetizer
Classic Kimchi$2.50
Gobo Braised In Sweet Sauce$2.50
King Oyster Mushroom$2.50with seasonal veggies
Pickled Shredded Daikon$2.50
Pickled Jalapeno$2.50cucumber, celery and onion
Sweet And Spicy Cucumber Kimchi$2.50
Egg Based Pumpkin Salad$2.50with vegetables
Garlic Broccoli$2.50
Banchan Sampler$5.00chef choice of six banchans
Mung Bean Sprouts$2.50with sesame oil

Koshi Fusion Futomaki Style Rolls Menu and Prices 2023

Traditional Japanese Futomaki. Made With Easy Rice & Soy Pepper, Then Cut Into Five Slightly Thicker Pieces, Balanced With The Perfect Amount Of Fish & Rice, Seaweed Or Cucumber Wrap Available Upon Request, Garnished With Sesame Seeds
Koshi Roll$14.00tuna, salmon, albacore, yellowtail, crab, avocado, smelt egg, green onion wrapped with marinated thin radish pepper, spicy miso tare on the side
Lobster Roll 2.5oz australian lobster tail and asparagus, topped with homemade miso hollandaise sauce
Tiger Shrimp Spicy Tuna$13.00spicy tuna and cucumber, topped with jumbo tiger shrimp tempura tossed in spicy miso aioli
Fireball Salmon$12.00crab wrapped with a thin layer of salmon and jalapeno strips, topped with korean chili paste, spicy miso aioli, salmon tartare, cucumber salsa & sesame seeds, covered with creamy sesame & sesame chil
Yellowtail Tartare Roll$14.00mixed greens, asparagus, avocado & cucumber topped with yellowtail tartare, fresh wasabi smelt roe, green onion, spicy sesame oil & mustard soy
New Style Rainbow Roll$14.00spicy albacore and crab with cucumber wrap, topped with five different types of fish
Salmon Mango Salsa Roll$12.00salmon, cream cheese & avocado topped with salmon, mango chutney & cucumber salsa, covered with yuzu mirin aioli
Lemon Roll$13.00spicy tuna and asparagus. topped with tuna, lemon zest, garlic olive oil, pine nut, black tabiko, house ponzu on the side
Albacore Chili Roll$12.00spicy tuna and cucumber. topped with albacore, thinly sliced jalapeno, shaved red onion, dried korean chili, garlic ponzu on the side
Albacore Lovers Roll$12.00spicy albacore, crab & cucumber, topped with albacore and crispy onion, covered with creamy sesame sauce and a hint of chili oil house ponzu on the side

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