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King of Falafel Food Truck Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly January 2020

King of Falafel Food Truck ... Menu and Prices 2020

Falafel go ahead lets go vegetables on pita or over rice with our delicious salad and tahina sauce
Shawarma$5.00wrap (pita)
Shish Kebabs choice from tender beef that will melt in your mouth or chicken so sweet seasoned & charcoal to perfection.
Kefta Sandwiches try it middle east version of the burger but with more spices
Shish Kebabs$3.00chicken
Chicken Plate W Kebab$9.00chicken over rice & salad with a beef kebab on it a delightful mix hey come on donÂ’t feel guilty about it go for it and have it spicy
FreddyÂ’s Junior$7.00yah know we are talking a combination of kefta & chicken over rice and salad with tahina sauce and splash of hot
Shawarma$7.00over rice
Falafel$3.00wrap (pita)
Chicken Hero$5.00call it a sub a hero so good 2 the last bite yah donÂ’t be afraid just have one with all the works yahhh baby
Kefta Platter$7.00try again and see what ground beef is all about with a blend of spices and some green have on a plate and donÂ’t forget the tahina sauce
Shish Kebabs$5.00hero
Shish Kebabs$4.00pita
Shawarma made from beef fillets and lamb thinly sliced its seasoned and marinated for a very succulent taste ,served w salad and tahina sauce yahh baby
Kefta Sandwiches$6.00hero
The Chicken Platter$6.00the best chicken and rice in town try it
Shish Kebabs$3.00beef kebabs
Kefta Sandwiches$5.00pita
Chicken Wrap$4.00lets go easy on bread and have it on a pita this is good all the way 2 the end yahhhhh

King of Falafel Food Truck Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2020

Beef-Lamb Shawarma$5.00pocket pita
Chicken Shawarma$5.00pocket pita
Falafel & Shawarma Mixed$5.00your choice of shawarma, pocket pita
Falafel Sandwich$4.00pocket pita

King of Falafel Food Truck Plates Menu and Prices 2020

Falafel Platter* Over Salad**$6.00
Falafel & Shawarma Mixed* Over Salad**$8.00your choice of shawarma
Beef-Lamb Shawarma* Over Salad**$7.00
Chicken Shawarma* Over Salad**$7.00

King of Falafel Food Truck King Of Falafel & Shawarma Astoria Menu Menu and Prices 2020

* Plates Include Salad, Pita, Tahini Sauce, White Sauce & Hot Sauce (Your Choice Of Sauces). ** Salads Include Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Pickled Turnips & Green Pickles. Our Sauces For All Menu Items Include Tahini Sauce, Hot Sauce And Our Special
Chicken our main dish and the number one seller. boneless chicken thighs with a 7 spice blend. marinated over night and grilled with onions and peppers. so juicy and tasty, we simply call it
Shawarma made from the best top round fillets and lamb thinly sliced and stacked on top of each other. its seasoned and marinated for a very succulent taste. while most average shawarma has a very unassuming
Falafel vegan at its best. chickpeas, fresh onion, garlic, parsley, cilantro and my momÂ’s secret spices. everythingÂ’s mixed and ground together then deep-fried in vegetable oil in the form of sticks. try one
The Plate try one today, you wonÂ’t be disappointed. it will be served on a bed of our authentic basmati rice and salad topped with our amazing mayo-based white sauce and spicy hot sauce

King of Falafel Food Truck Side Orders Menu and Prices 2020

Italian Bread$1.00
4 Falafel's$2.00
Extra Pita$0.50
Tahini Sauce$0.50
Tahina Or Hot Sauce$0.50

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