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Kansai Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly December 2019

Kansai Specialties Menu and Prices 2019

Served With Thai Jasmine Rice
Volcano Chicken$8.95buttered & fried chicken with chili sauce served on steamed veggies
Bangkok Noodles$8.95minced chicken stir-fry with garlic & fresh basil
Crispy Squid$9.95buttered & fried squid broccoli with house sauce.
Volcano Chicken$13.95battered & fried chicken with chili sauce served on steamed veggies
Crispy Duck with vegetables with special house sauce with curry sauce with basil sauce
Peanut Chicken$14.95grilled chicken with peanut sauce served on a bed of veggies
Filet Of Fish$9.95very fried deep-fried with your choice of our special sauce
Crispy Duck$17.95boneless deep-fried with choice of special sauce. basil sauce curry sauce-special house sauce mixed veggie
Filet Of Fish$15.95light deep fried with choice of garlic sauce, fresh ginger and onion, or chili sauce
Volcano Shrimp$16.95buttered & fried shrimp with chili sauce served on steamed veggies
Seafood Lover$21.95assorted seafood sauteed with choice of garlic sauce, curry sauce, or spicy basil
Bangkok Noodle$10.95minced chicken sauteed with garlic, basil fresh basil.
Crispy Duck$9.95boneless duck deep-fried with your choice of our special sauce.
Peanut Chicken$9.95grilled chicken with peanut sauce served with steamed vegetables
Crispy Squid$14.95buttered and fried squid, broccoli with house sauce
Filet Of Fish with garlic sauce & with mixed vegetables, with chili sauce & with fresh ginger & onion
Crispy Tofu Volcano$12.95fried tofu with chili sauce & scallion served on steamed veggies

Kansai Soups Menu and Prices 2019

Mixed Vegetable Soup$4.00mixed veggie with clear broth
Veggie Miso Soup$4.00miso soup with mixed veggie
Po-Tak Spicy Seafood$5.95tasty thai soup, assorted seafood with lemon grass, hot pepper and mushroom
Tom Yum Kai$4.95clear chicken soup seasoned with lemon grass, hot pepper and mushroom
Chicken Soup$4.50miso soup with chicken and veggies
Miso Soup$2.00miso soft, seaweed & scallion
Tom Kha Kai$4.95chicken soup with coconut milk, galanga, hot pepper and mushrooms
Wonton Soup$4.95
Fish Soup$5.95miso soup with fish and veggies
Tom Yum Koong$4.95shrimp soup flavored with thai herbs, lemon grass, hot peppers and mushrooms

Kansai Combo Dinners Menu and Prices 2019

Sashimi And Sushi$20.9512 sashimi and 5 sushi
Deluxe Sashimi$23.95combination of fresh raw fish including conch and octopus
Chirashi$18.95a work of art arranged on a bed of rice
Sashimi Mori$20.95assortment slices or raw fish

Kansai Salads Menu and Prices 2019

Seafood Salad$9.95shrimp, crab meat, cucumber, carrot, crunchy flake and avocado with house dressing
Toi Salad$5.95crab meat, cucumber,carrots, oranges, and crunchy flake with house dressing
Green Salad$2.50with ginger or house dressing
Hiyashi Wakame$5.25seaweed salad

Kansai Makimono Roll Menu and Prices 2019

Most Of The Rolls Come With Masago & Seeds
Dancing Eel Roll$9.95grilled eel on top of california roe
Mexican Roll$9.95shrimp tempura masago avocado scallion masago & mayo
Boston Roll$6.95shrimp cucumber, lettuce avocado masago & mayo
Salmon Roll$4.95salmon & scallion
Futomaki$9.95crab egg kampyo asparagus cucumber & masago
Chicago Bulls$8.95salmon scallions, cheese tempura style.
California Roll$5.50crab, avocado, cucumber, masago
Salmon Skin Roll$5.50grilled salmon skin scallion cucumber with sauce
Beauty & Beast Roll$9.95half tuna & half eel with asparagus avocado scallions & cheese
Rainbow Roll$9.95assorted fish on top of california roll
J.B.Tempura$8.95salmon cheese, scallions rolled in seaweed & deep fried with sauce
Unagi (Eel) Roll$5.50grilled eel scallion, cucumber with sauce.
Miami Heat Roll$9.95mix fish cucumber avocado, cheese, scallions mayo & masago
Miami Roll$6.50california roll with cream cheese
French Roll$9.95crab, shrimp, cheese avocado cucumber, masago wrapped in crepe
Spider Roll$10.95soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, masago & mayo
Spicy Crab Roll$5.95crab mayo crunchy flake avocado & seeds
Shrimp Tempura Roll$9.95shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, scallion,masago masago and mayo
Special California Roll$5.95crab, avocado, cucumber, masago mayo & crunchy
Osama Roll$9.95tempura fish fish with asparagus avocado mayo scallion masago with sauce.
Crazy Roll$9.95salmon skin eel asparagus avocado scallions, masago & mayo
Boca Roll$8.95fresh catch of the day, asparagus, scallions wrapped in seaweed and deep-fried with special
Japanese Bagel Roll$5.50salmon, cream cheese, scallion
Tuna Or Spicy Tuna Roll$4.95tuna & scallion

Kansai Vegetarian Rolls Menu and Prices 2019

Avocado Roll$3.75
Veggie Roll$5.95
Garden Roll$9.95
Cucumber Roll$3.75

Kansai Kansai Love Boats Menu and Prices 2019

Please Allow Sufficient Time To Prepare Boats
Boat Chu$70.00
Boat Dol$90.00

Kansai Combo Dinners - Sushi & Hosomaki Comb Menu and Prices 2019

Sushi$31.95osama roll, special california roll, and 12 pieces of sushi
Sushi A$13.956 pieces of sushi and a a california roll
Sushi Deluxe$18.95special california roll, tuna roll and 7 pieces of sushi
Sushi B$18.9510 pieces of sushi and a special california roll
Hosomaki Combination$14.95california roll, tuna roll and jb roll
Special Roll$39.95asama roll, rainbow roll, dancing eel roll, negano roll and california roll
Lady Fingers$16.95rainbow roll and 5 pieces of sushi

Kansai Lunch Special Menu and Prices 2019

Lunch Combination
5. Shrimp Tempura & Chicken Teriyaki$12.95
3. Housemaki Combo$10.95california 1.p & roll
6. Chicken Pa Thai & Sushi$10.95
8. Chicken Teriyaki, Sushi & 4 Pieces$12.95california roll
1. Sushi Combo$10.95california roll & 6 pieces of sushi
7. Chicken Garlic & Sushi$10.95
2. Sashimi Combo$12.9512 pieces of sashimi
4. Chicken Katsu & Sushi$10.95
10. Beef Teriyaki, Sushi & 4 Pieces$12.95california roll
9. Sushi, Sashimi & California Roll$13.95

Kansai Temaki-Hand Rolls Menu and Prices 2019

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll$4.00
California Hand Roll$3.50
Eel Hand Roll$4.50
Yellow Tall Hand Roll$4.50
Salmon Hand Roll$4.00
Salmon Skin Hand Roll$3.50

Kansai Japanese Entrees Menu and Prices 2019

Sauteed To Perfection
Yakiniku$17.95tender slices of beef & onion, seasoned & sauce
Sauteed Shrimp & Scallop$17.95
Shoga Yaki$16.95tender slices of pork sauteed with ginger sauce
Stir Fry Shrimp & Veggie$17.95
Stir Fry Beef & Veggie$17.95
Stir Fry Chicken & Veggie$15.95

Kansai Appetizers Menu and Prices 2019

From The Sushi Bar
Vegetable Gyoza$6.95
Spicy Conch Or Octopus$6.95conch or octopus, masago scallion & cucumber with spicy sauce.
Kansai$6.95crab, avocado masago wrapped in cucumber with tangy rice vinegar.
Ikayaki$8.95grilled whole squid served with sauce.
Edamame$5.25steamed soy cream lightly salted.
Veggie Tempura$6.95
Spicy Beef Salad$8.95slices of beef, cucumber, tomato, onion thai spicy herbs served on green salad.
Spicy Tuna App$7.95spicy tuna on a bed of rice
Grilled Tofu$5.95
Sauteed Scallops & Shrimp$8.95with teriyaki sauce
Yakitori$5.95chicken & veggie on skewers, grilled with teriyaki sauce.
Sashimi Salad$10.95assorted san, manage scallion in spicy sauce.
Tuna Tataki$9.95seared tuna outside, rare inside served with con with ponzu sauce masago & scallion.
Shrimp Shumai$5.25screamed shrimp dumplings
Potato Tempura$6.95
Sashimi Appetizer$10.95chef's choice
Hanusame Salad$5.95crispy bean bread noodles with sweet & spicy sauce.
Shrimp Tempura App$8.95shrimp & veggies
Sashimi Roll$8.95tuna salmon, snapper, avocado, scallion carrot rolled in in paper thin cucumber with social sauce.
Jumping Shrimp Or Squid$8.95cocked shrimp or squid with lemon grass onion scallion. hot peppers served on salad
Seafood$10.95assorted seafood with onions, scallions hot peppers served on salad
Spring Rolls$4.95onion spring roll filled with green noodles & mind veggie
Softshell Crab$7.95fried softshell crab.
Mini Roll$5.95fried stuffed mini egg roll with sauce ground chicken & mushroom
Yasai Itame$6.95sauteed mixed vegetables
Spicy Tofu$5.95crispy tofu with sweet & spicy sauce
Gyoza Pan-Fried Pork & Veggie Dumpling$6.95
Sunomono$6.95mixed seafood octopus conch, crab masago scallion & cucumber in rice vinegar sauce.
Sushi Appetizer$8.953 pieces of sushi & cokka roll
Beef Negimaki$8.95served with teriyaki sauce

Kansai Tempura Menu and Prices 2019

Features Food Dipping Is The Lighter Butter Before Frying.
Chicken Tempura$8.95chicken & fresh garden veggies
Ebl-Tempura$9.95colossal shrimp & fresh garden veggies
Yasai Tempura$7.95a medley of fresh garden veggies

Kansai Popular Thai Sauteed Menu and Prices 2019

Thai-Style Sauteed Dish With The Choice Of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu Or Veggie $11.95, Shrimp $14.95, Deluxe (All Meat & Shrimp) $16.95, Seasoned To Your Preference Mild, Medium, Hot Or Suicide Served With Rice.
Thai Spicy Basil bell peppers, onion, scallions & fresh basil lemon
Pad Thai stir-fried rice noodles with pad thai sauce, egg bean sprouts & ground peanuts (no rice)
Pad-Woonsen glass noodles egg tomatoes baby corn mushrooms, onions & scallions (no rice)
Red Curry coconut milk bamboo shoots zucchini shrimp pinas, bell peppers & fresh basil leaves
Broccoli fresh-cut broccoli spars with house sauce
Pad See Raw stir fried rice noodles with brown rice broccoli & rice (no rice)
Sweet & Sour Cucumber pineapple, tomato bell pepper, onion & scallions
Cashew Nuts bell peppers, carrot, water cheese nuts mushrooms, onions & scallions
Fried Rice stir fried rice with egg tomato carrots peas onions & scallions
Ginger Sauce bell peppers mushrooms, celery onion & scallion.
Sweet Baby Corn carrot snow peas onions, mushrooms onions & scallions
Garlic Sauce chef's special garlic sauce served on a bed of steamed mixed veggies
Panang Sweet curry sauce served on bed of steamed mixed veggies
Mixed Vegetables mixed veggies & mushroom

Kansai Teriyaki Menu and Prices 2019

Enjoy Our Homemade Teriyaki Sauce.
Yakinikau$9.95sliced beef, onion, seasoned & sauced
Seafood Teriyaki$21.95
Chicken Teriyaki$15.95
Fish Teriyaki$8.95
Beef Negimaki$17.95
Catch Of The Day$17.95
Chicken Teriyaki$8.95
Scallop Teriyaki$17.95
Salmon Teriyaki$17.95
Steak Teriyaki$17.95
Shrimp Teriyaki$17.95

Kansai Chef's Special Rolls Menu and Prices 2019

Bermuda Triangio Roll$8.95spicy tuna, crunchy, scallion tomato mayo i/o with masago
D.J.Roll$10.95crab cucumber avocado masago, mayo crunchy with crab & sauce on top
Asian Roll$9.95shrimp tuna or salmon wrapped with rice paper filed with spinach avocado carrot & lettuce.
Volcano Roll$10.95avocado masago, scallion cheese, cucumber with conch dynamite
American Dream Roll$10.95shrimp tempura, lettuce, cucumber, masago mayo & avocado
Kamikaze Roll$7.95spicy tuna, crunchy masago sesame oil & scallions
Bangkok Roll$9.95assorted fish, cheese scallion cilantro masago
K.C. Roll$9.95salmon, crab avocado, asparagus cheese wrapped in cucumber with masago & scallion
Monster Roll$14.95fish tempura avocado cucumber, scallion, cheese, i/o spicy tuna, masago, crunchy with eel sauce.
Fantasy Roll$8.95spicy crab, takuwan salmon carrots & daikon wrapped in cucumber served with special sauce.
Lobster Roll$19.95tempura lobster, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, masago & mayo
Salmon Tempura Roll$8.95tempura salmon crab, asparagus carrot & scallion
Dynasty Roll$9.95shrimp tempura eel, asparagus & masago
Anniversary Roll$12.95shrimp katsu, lettuce, cucumber, masago, mayo, eel & avocado
Tomato Roll$10.95baked scallop dynamite on top of california roll

Kansai Katsu Menu and Prices 2019

Breaded & Fried Served With Katsu Sauce.
Fish Katsu$9.95
Chicken Katsu$8.95

Kansai Hibachi Special Menu and Prices 2019

Served With Soup Of Salad, White Rice And Shrimp Appetizers And Mixed Vegetable.
Hibachi Chicken$15.95
Steak And Shrimp$23.95
Hibachi Shrimp$19.95
Chicken And Shrimp$20.95
Hibachi Steak$19.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon$23.95
Vegetable Special$13.95
Filet Mignon & Shrimp$27.95
Filet Mignon & Chicken$27.95
Chicken And Steak$20.95

Kansai Thai Lunch Special Menu and Prices 2019

Thai-Style Sauteed Dish With The Seasoning Your Perfecting Mil, Medium, Hot Or Suicide Chicken Beef Pork Tofu Or Veggie $8.55 & Shrimp $10.55 Deluxe (All Meat & Shrimp) $12.95
Red Curry 
Thai Spicy Basil 
Sweet & Sour 
Cashew Nut 
Fried Rice 
Sweet Baby Corn 
Pas See-Eaw rice noodles
Mixed Veggie 
Pad Thai rice noodles
Pad Woon Son clear noodles

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