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KaleidoScoops Shakes, Malts, Smoothies and Chills Menu and Prices 2020

Supreme ice cream sundaes and splits. Quantity 2 scoops, 3 scoops.
Banana Split 
Hot Fudge 
Strawberry Shortcake 
Brownie Ala Mode 
Banana Royale 

KaleidoScoops Ice Cream Flavors Menu and Prices 2020

NSA Butter Pecan Butter pecan no-sugar-added (NSA) ice cream filled with chunks of buttered pecans
NSA Chocolate Chip Vanilla no-sugar-added (NSA) ice cream filled with chocolate chips
Mango Sorbet Sweet, tart and tangy with real mango puree
Moose Tracks Yogurt Vanilla yogurt with chocolate peanut butter cups swirled with moose tracks fudge
NSA Coffee Fudge Coffee no-sugar-added (NSA) ice cream swirled with an NSA fudge swirl
Strawberry Cheesecake Cheese cake flavored ice cream with a strawberry swirl and real cheese cake pieces
Mocha Almond Fudge Coffee-flavored ice cream with roasted almonds in a rich chocolate swirl
Strawberry Yogurt Naturally flavored strawberry yogurt with strawberry pieces
Cake Batter Cake batter flavored ice cream blended with yellow cake pieces swirled with chocolate icing
Egg Nog Egg nog-flavored ice cream with a touch of nutmeg
Vanilla Masterpiece of fresh, creamy vanilla
Low Carb Vanilla Masterpiece of fresh, creamy low carb vanilla
Gold Medal Winner Golden vanilla ice cream swirled with cocoa, chocolate and caramel ribbons
Cinnamon Rich and creamy cinnamon flavored ice cream
Pumpkin Pie Rich pumpkin flavored ice cream infused with delicious holiday spices and chunks of pie crusts
Pistachio Almond Pistachio-flavored ice cream with butter-roasted almonds
NSA Chocolate Mint Peppermint flavored no sugar added (NSA) ice cream with chocolate chips
Raspberry Yogurt Real raspberry in a creamy blend of yogurt bursting with berry goodness
Pralines and Cream Vanilla ice cream with pralined pecans in a rich caramel swirl
Daiquiri Ice Refreshing lime ice with a splash of rum flavoring no dairy added, no alcohol added
NSA Chocolate No-sugar-added (NSA) chocolate ice cream flavored with rich cocoa
Butter Pecan A butter maple-flavored ice cream with butter-roasted pecans
NSA Moose Tracks Vanilla no sugar added (NSA) ice cream with peanut buttercups with a swirl of fudge
Trash Can Vanilla ice cream with a swirl of chocolate with a mixture of cookie dough pieces, sprinkles, caramelized nuts and cookie pieces
Heath Bar Sundae Our classic vanilla bursting with chewy heath bar pieces and fortified with a gooey ribbon of sundae caramel
Pineapple Sherbet Real pineapple in a creamy blend of smooth dairy sherbet
Banana Nut Banana flavored ice cream with english walnuts throughout
Black Cherry Yogurt Luscious black cherry-flavored yogurt swirled with black cherries throughout
Rainbow Sherbet Trio of orange, raspberry and lime dairy sherbets in a delightful swirl
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vanilla and brown sugar flavored ice cream with cookie dough chunks and chocolate chips
Cotton Candy Pink and blue cotton candy flavored ice cream
Raspberry Sorbet Real raspberry in an icy blend bursting with berry goodness no dairy added
Bear Foot Brownie Smooth vanilla ice cream loaded with chewy brownie bites and swirled with bear foot fudge
Tiramisu Sweet Italian cream cheese-coffee flavored ice cream with ladyfingers, shaved chocolate, chocolate flakes and a rich chocolate espresso swirl
Orange Sherbet A creamy citrus mix of smooth dairy sherbet and tasty orange puree
Peach Yogurt Peach flavored yogurt with real peach pieces
NSA Amaretto Almond No sugar added (NSA) amaretto flavored yogurt with almonds throughout
Chocolate Yogurt A dark chocolate yogurt flavored with rich cocoa
Strawberry Naturally flavored strawberry ice cream with strawberry pieces
Coffee Coffee-flavored with a bite of the real thing
Lemon Sherbet Tangy taste of lemon puree in a dairy sherbet
More Cowbell Dark decadent chocolate swirled with light chocolate, infused with chocolate chunks, chewy brownies and oreo cookie pieces
Superman Entertaining combination of color and flavor with lemon, strawberry and blue raspberry
Cookies and Cream Oreo cookies in vanilla ice cream
Swiss Chocolate A velvety blend of our signature cocoa delicately churned into what is now the next kaleidoscoops classic supreme flavor
German Chocolate Cake Chocolate ice cream with coconut, caramel, fudge bits and english walnuts
Lime Sherbet Tangy taste of lime puree in a smooth dairy sherbet
Moose Tracks Vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups swirled with moose tracks fudge
Galaxy Chocolate Dark chocolate and white chocolate ice cream swirled together
Chocolate Almond Butter-roasted almonds in a dark chocolate ice cream
Peach Yogurt Peach flavored yogurt with real peach pieces
Blueberry Pomegranate Granola A blueberry and pomegranate ribbon swirled into our classic supreme vanilla ice cream and infused with clusters of selected cinnamon and oats granola
Monster Cookie Crunch Cookies and cream cookies enrobed in chocolate with a thick fudge ribbon swirled in a blue vanilla ice cream
Peanut Butter and Chocolate A dark chocolate ice cream flavored with cocoa and swirled with peanut butter
Black Walnut Walnut flavored ice cream with black walnuts and English walnuts
Peppermint Peppermint flavored ice cream dotted with bite of green and red peppermint candies
French Vanilla French vanilla ice cream with pure vanilla and egg yolks
Birthday Cake Rich cake batter ice cream swirled with blue cake icing and sprinkled with colorful cake icing flecks and chunks of white sponge cake
Chocolate Fudge A dark chocolate ice cream flavored with cocoa and french silk base for an extra-smooth sensation
Chocolate A dark chocolate ice cream flavored with rich cocoa
Lemon Custard Lightly lemon flavored creamy frozen custard
Vanilla Yogurt Masterpiece of fresh, creamy vanilla yogurt
NSA Cherry Vanilla Maraschino cherries throughout vanilla no sugar added (NSA) ice cream
Blue Moon A blazing blue flavored ice cream
Chocolate Chip Vanilla ice cream filled with chocolate chips
Play Dough Playful chunks of tasty pink and blue cookie dough in a glowing yellow vanilla ice cream
Mango Sherbet Sweet, tart and tangy with real mango puree in a dairy sherbet
Raspberry Sherbet Real raspberry puree in a dairy blend bursting with berry goodness
Rum Raisin Lightly rum flavored ice cream with rum soaked raisins
Black Cherry Black cherry chunks in a black cherry ice cream
Mint Chocolate Chip Peppermint-flavored ice cream with chocolate chips
Bubble Gum Pink bubble gum-flavored ice cream with multi-colored chunks of real pink bubble gum in the mix
Spumoni Creamy cherry, chocolate and pistachio ice creams come together in a classic Italian delight
Peach Creamy peach ice cream with peach pieces throughout
NSA Vanilla Masterpiece of fresh creamy vanilla no-sugar-added (NSA) ice cream
Cappuccino Supremo Espresso ice cream with slivers of bitter sweet chocolate swirled with a rich, sweet cream
Rocky Road Rich dark chocolate ice cream with almonds and marshmallows
Lemon Sorbet Real lemon puree in a tangy blend no dairy added
Nutty Coconut Shredded coconut, pecans, almonds and walnuts in coconut-flavored ice cream

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