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Jujube Tree Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly January 2021

Jujube Tree Noodles Menu and Prices 2021

* Hot & Spicy Or Seasoned According To Taste, ** (NV) - Whey
N3. Udon, Soba Or Mai Fun Noodle Soup$11.00japanese thick udon or thin buckwheat soba with firm tofu, seaweed, spinach, bean sprouts & mushrooms, in miso broth
N5. Jap-Chae$11.00korean style stir fried sweet potato noodles with spinach, veggie fish-cake, scallions, mushroom and bell peppers
N2. Zaru Soba$7.00cold buck wheat noodles topped with dried seaweed flakes, with a mild sweet wasabi dipping sauce
N6. Singapore Mei-Fun$11.00* curry sauteed angel hair rice noodles with vegetables and veggie fish-cake
N4. Yaki Udon Or Soba$11.00japanese style stir fried noodles with shredded vegetables & browned tofu, thick udon or thin buckwheat soba noodles
N1. Cold Noodles$7.00cold green tea noodles tossed with sesame sauce
N7. Pad-Thai$11.00* flat rice noodles sauteed in a light spicy sweet sauce, with browned tofu, bean sprouts, scallions and crushed peanuts

Jujube Tree Rice & Rice Bowls Menu and Prices 2021

R3. Pumpkin Kimchee Bowl$11.00* hot hearty, and spicy with avocado, tomato, rice, kimchee, basil leaves, cilantro in pumpkin soup
R2. Macro Bowl$11.00steamed pumpkin, chick peas, kale, black seaweed, broccoli, carrot and tofu on a bed of brown rice
R5. Bi-Bim Bap$14.00* (with pumpkin soup appetizer) korean style coconut rice bowl topped with seitan avocado, green & black seaweed, chick peas, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, mango salsa & kimchee, sesame & kimchee sauce
R1. Pineapple Fried Rice$11.00white rice sauteed with sunflower seeds, broccoli, onions, wolfberrys and browned tofu, topped with diced avocado
R4. Kale Avocado Bowl$11.00with soy proteins, marinated mushrooms, adzuki beans on rice, citrus-miso dressing

Jujube Tree Starters Menu and Prices 2021

A17. Crispy Soy Protein$6.00breaded, deep-fried soy protein nuggets with plum sauce
A6. Steamed Vegetable Dumplings$5.50
A18. Tofu Skin Wraps$6.00* shredded vegetables & tofu rolled in tofu skin and deep fried with tangy sauce
A16. Curry Samosas$6.00* home-made vegetables pastries with mint chutney
A11. Pan-Fried Vegetable Dumpling$5.50
A5. Steamed Spinach Shumai$5.50open wrapped minced vegetable
A3. Oshitashi$5.00cold, boiled spinach rolls soy-citrus sauce
A9. Yam & Taro Tempura$5.50deep fried root vegetables with tempura sauce
A14. Seitan Skewers$6.00tender seitan, onions & bell peppers, grilled in satay sauce
A4. Cooled Silken Tofu$5.00mushroom sauce, beets, alfalfa & sesame garnish
A13. Grilled Eggplant$5.50with miso sauce
A12. BBQ Satay Tempeh$5.50indonesian soy cake, grilled in satay sauce
A19. King-Oyster Mushrooms$8.00batter dipper king-oyster mushrooms, spicy sauteed with salt pepper, scallions & diced bell peppers
A15. Stuffed Wontons$6.00deep fried wontons with soy cheese & spinach
A7. Edamame$5.50soy beans in the pod
A10. Age-Tofu$5.50japanese style deep fried bean curd with tempura sauce
A1. Spring Rolls$3.00
A8. Scallion Pancakes$5.50with homemade mango salsa
A2. Summer Rolls$5.00vietnamese style raw rolls with shredded vegetables, bean curd & basil leaves with moo-shu sauce

Jujube Tree Sides Menu and Prices 2021

D4. Asparagus$6.00with shiitake
D3. Steamed Assorted Vegetables$6.00
D5. Coconut White Rice$2.00
D2. Steamed Pumpkin Slices$5.00
D6. Brown Rice$2.00with soy beans
D1. Steamed Greens$6.00chinese broccoli, spinach, & kale

Jujube Tree Mains Menu and Prices 2021

With Brown Rice & Choice Of Miso Soup Or Green Salad
M12. Malaysian Curry Stew$13.00* mild, slow-cooked coconut curry, with soy protein, broccoli carrot, potatoes & pumpkin
M7. Heath Three Green$11.00steamed broccoli, snow peas, & string beans with brown sauce on the side
M18. Basil Soy Protein$14.00thick, tender slices of soy protein sauteed in basil-ginger sauce with zucchini asparagus & peppers
M15. General Tso's Soy Protein$14.00* breaded medallions of sauteed soy protein with steamed broccoli, in a spicy brown sauce
M17. Black Pepper Seitan$14.00tender, thin sliced medallions of wheat protein, sauteed in a savory black pepper brown sauce over a bed of chinese broccoli
M4. Moo-Shu Vegetables$11.00shredded cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, carrots & snow peas, spiced and sauteed with hoisin sauce, with 4 pcs wrappers
M6. Sauteed Shredded Bean Curd$11.00with red & green peppers, chives & bean sprouts
M20. Fisherman's Vegetable Protein$14.00veggie seafood sauteed with oyster mushrooms, zucchini, cauliflower, asparagus & sugar-snap peas in white sauce
M16. Orange Seitan$14.00* breaded medallions of wheat protein sauteed in a spicy citrus sauce, over a bed of broccoli
M19. Smoked Teriyaki Seitan (NV)$14.00** sliced fillets of smoked wheat protein in teriyaki sauce over a bed of sugar-snap peas
M8. Sauteed Gold Corns$11.00with corns, adzuki beans, green beans, topped with raisins
M3. Eggplant & String Beans$11.00* sauteed eggplant in basil garlic sauce on a bed of string beans
M21. Soy Culet Platter$14.00thick, breaded soy cutlets, sauteed in a tangy black bean sauce with broccoli, onions, celery, peppers, asparagus, bamboo shoots & stewed tomatoes
M5. Sauteed Tofu & Vegetables$11.00tofu, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, lotus root, asparagus, sugar-snap peas and cauliflower, sauteed in rich brown kung-po sauce
M1. Tofu Teriyaki$10.00strips of tofu filet with broccoli spears in teriyaki sauce, over a bed of bean sprouts & onions
M11. Sweet & Sour Sesame Soy Protein$13.00with broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple and peppers
M9. Mango Soy Protein$13.00thin sliced medallions, sauteed in a mellow plum sauce, with mango, zucchini, asparagus, sugar-snap peas, peppers & onions
M22. Kung Po Soy Protein$14.00* diced, breaded soy cutlets, celerys, carrots, peppers, zucchini, sauteed in hoisin sauce, topped with peanuts
M13. Veggie Medley Lettuce Wrap$13.00diced, sauteed vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, saga-turnips, peppers, onions, celery, and tofu, topped with pine nuts (4pcs boston lettuce wrappers)
M10. Sweet Citrus Soy Protein$13.00marinated, thick sliced soy protein in a sweet and tangy citrus sauce topped with almonds over a bed of kale
M2. Steamed Assorted Vegetables$10.00broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini sugar-snap peas & lotus root with brown sauce on the side
M14. Jade Mushrooms$13.00* crispy batter-dipped shiitake mushrooms, sauteed in a spicy sweet sauce over a bed of kale

Jujube Tree Soups & Salads Menu and Prices 2021

S6. Hijiki Salad$6.00homemade marinated black seaweed with edamame peas
S5. House Kimchee$5.00*
S13. Soy Protein Salad$8.00thin sliced soy protein with almonds, mixed greens, beets, alfalfa sprouts, with sesame peanut dressing
S11. Mango Salad$8.00shredded mango, mixed greens, peppers, alfalfa sprouts & beets, with miso mustard dressing
S7. Tofu Salad$6.00mixed greens, beets, & alfalfa sprouts, with carrot ginger dressing
S10. Avocado Salad$8.00thin sliced avocado mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts & beets, with carrot ginger dressing
S4. Green Salad$5.00mixed greens with beets & alfalfa sprouts with carrot ginger dressing
S2. Pumpkin Soup$4.00with yam, white beans, onions, celery & cilantro
S1. Miso Soup$3.00with mushrooms, seaweed, tofu & scallions
S3. Hot & Sour Soup$4.00* with silken tofu, mushrooms and bamboo shoots
S12. Watercress Salad$8.00the mineral rich, queen of greens, watercress, with avocado, beets & alfalfa sprouts with sesame peanut dressing
S9. Spinach Salad$8.00baby spinach, pine nuts, beets, chick peas & alfalfa sprouts, with soy-citrus dressing
S8. Seaweed Salad$7.00mixed green & black seaweed, marinated & shredded

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