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Green Plate Asian Bistro Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly April 2023

Green Plate Asian Bistro Soup Menu and Prices 2023

Wonton$3.50pork wontons/shrimp/sweet peppers/scallions/shiitake
Miso Mushroom Creamy$4.50cremini/porcini/shiitake/button/portabello/miso cream/spiced walnut cranberry croutons
Miso$2.00soy bean based miso/tofu/seaweed/scallion

Green Plate Asian Bistro Seafood Menu and Prices 2023

Nori Salt & Pepper Shrimp$16.00* crispy shrimp/nori seaweed powder/jalapeno
Spice Shrimp With Spiced Crunch$17.00crispy shrimp/curry leaves/toasted crunchy oatmeal
Cedar Wood Salmon$21.00sauteed vegetable/mushroom cheese risotto/teriyaki
Pan Seared Miso Seabass$23.00served with green chili ginger sauce
Shrimp With Candied Walnut$16.00crispy shrimp/sweet creamy sauce/candied walnut
Crispy Corvina$16.00pickled red onion/tartar sauce
Grilled Catch Of The Day 

Green Plate Asian Bistro Poultry, Pork & Steak Menu and Prices 2023

Spicy Szechuan Pepper Chicken$14.00* japones chili pepper/pan fried chicken/szechuan oil/garlic/ginger/soy
The Stir Fry$13.00vegetarian or chicken
Hibachi side of vegetables/steamed rice/2 pcs shrimp
General Chicken$15.00* breaded chicken breast/spicy brown sauce
Porchetta Pork Belly Fried Rice$13.00our signature fried rice/crispy pork belly slices
The Stir Fry mushroom/broccoli/onion/carrot/snow pea/cabbage
Teriyaki$23.00filet mignon
Teriyaki served with white rice/vegetable
Porchetta Pork Belly Ramen$14.00* porchetta pork belly/shiitake mushroom/porcini mushroom/scallion/nori/rice is not included*
Teriyaki$18.00ny strips or salmon
Yakiniku Don$18.00japanese barbecue flank steak charred with binchotan
Mongolian Beef$15.00green onion/onion/flank steak/sweet mongolian sauce
The Stir Fry$14.00beef or shrimp
The Stir Fry$16.00mixed
Pan Seared Duck Breast$17.00pan seared duck/mushroom & cheese risotto/fig & blueberries jams/ avocado
Sesame Chicken$15.00lightly breaded chicken/sesame
Hibachi$23.00filet mignon
Korean Galbi Short Ribs$23.00grilled short rib marinated with sweet soy
Hibachi$18.00ny strips or salmon
Braised Chuck Short Ribs$26.0072-hour-sous-vide short rib/sweet ginger sauce/sesame seed
Green Plate Asian Ribs$16.0036-hour-sous-vide baby back ribs/house asian bbq sauce

Green Plate Asian Bistro Soda, Tea & More Menu and Prices 2023

Hot Green Tea$2.00
Brewed Iced Tea$2.50
Orange Juice$3.00
Apple Juice$3.00
Pink Lemonade$2.50
Bottled Water$3.00
Soda$2.50coke / diet coke / sprite / orange soda / ginger ale

Green Plate Asian Bistro Sushi Dinner Menu and Prices 2023

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad With Ginger Dressing
Sushi Dinner$20.008 pcs sushi/shrimp tempura roll
Sushi & Sashimi Dinner$22.004 pcs sushi/6 pcs sashimi/shrimp tempura roll
Sashimi Dinner$24.0016 pcs of fresh sashimi
Boat$125.0025 sushi/30 sashimi/crunchy tuna roll/dancing eel roll/rainbow roll/shrimp tempura roll/spicy tuna roll
Vegetarian Sushi Platter$15.008 pcs of vegetable sushi/vegetable roll
Hosomaki Dinner$15.00spicy tuna roll/jb roll/california roll
Boat$50.0010 sushi/12 sashimi/shrimp tempura roll/spicy tuna roll
Boat$100.0020 sushi/24 sashimi/dancing eel roll/rainbow roll/shrimp tempura roll/spicy tuna roll
Chirashi$22.0012 pcs chef's choice sashimi/tamago/kanikama/ikura/quail egg
Boat$75.0015 sushi/18 sashimi/rainbow roll/shrimp tempura roll/spicy tuna roll
Omakase For 1/2/3/4/5 premium chef's choice sushi & sashimi platter

Green Plate Asian Bistro Cold Tapas Menu and Prices 2023

Spicy Sashimi Salad$9.00tuna
Seaweed Salad$5.50wakame
Sashimi Taco (2pcs) asian chimichurri/guacamole/parmesan pesto/scallion
Hamachi Tataki$14.00* jalapeno/miso tamago tsuke/crispy shallots/basil oil/spicy ponzu
Crunch Salad$7.50crispy taro/crispy harusame/mixed vegetable/spring mix/avocado/ spicy ginger dressing
Sashimi Taco (2pcs)$8.00tuna
Sashimi Taco (2pcs)$9.00hamachi
Crispy Kale Pear Salad$9.00crispy sesame kale chips/arugula/house spiced croutons/d'anjou pear/candied walnut/parmesan cheese
Thai Vegetable Spring Roll$5.00rice paper/avocado/mixed greens/tomatoes/basil/mayo/pickled cucumber
Spicy Tuna Sandwich$7.50toasted brioche/spicy local tuna/togarashi aioli/pickled cucumber/fried onion/scallion/tempura flakes
Spicy Sashimi Salad * cucumber/orange/grapefruit/carrot/mixed spring
Tuna Guacamole Wraps$11.00* house spiced seared local tuna/guacamole/micro greens/crispy onion/chlorella aioli/crispy jalapeno
Spicy Sashimi Salad$8.00salmon
Tuna Tataki$12.00house spice seared local tuna/fried taro/katsuobushi/scallion/ yuzu ponzu/
Tomato Tartare$8.00tomato/toasted ciabatta/wakame/malted peanuts/house green vinaigrette
Sushi Appetizer$10.00chef's choice
Crab Avocado Salad$8.50avocado/kanikama/scallion/masago/black tobiko

Green Plate Asian Bistro Hot Tapas Menu and Prices 2023

Porchetta Pork Belly Bun$4.50pork belly/pickled cucumber/carrot/crushed malted peanut/scallions/hoisin sauce
Miso Glazed Eggplant$8.00hatcho miso/scallion
Grilled Shiromi Kama$15.00seasonal fatty white fish collar/ponzu sauce
Squid Tatsuta-Age$7.00fried squid
Asian Barbecue Ribs$7.00sous-vide-36-hour baby back ribs/house asian bbq sauce
Thai Crab Spring Roll$10.00rice paper/local soft shell crab/avocado/mixed greens/tomatoes/ basil/mayo/pickled cucumber
Lettuce Wrap water chestnut/carrot/onion/scallions/crushed malted peanuts/shiitake mushroom/crispy taro
Lettuce Wrap$9.00shrimp
Homemade Harumaki$2.00crispy japanese vegetable spring roll/shiitake
Tempura Appetizer$6.00chicken
Tempura Appetizer$7.00shrimp or calamari
Homemade Gyoza$6.00pork
Grilled Shishito Pepper$5.00bonito flakes/parmesan cheese/salt/teriyaki sauce
Crab Rangoon 2.0$7.00manchego cheese/cream cheese/blue crab
Short Rib Noodles$11.00egg noodles/galbi short rib/arugula
Chinese Marinated Steak$6.50flank steak/ponzu/masago cracker/scallion/asian chimichurri
Oat Crunch Rocky Shrimp$8.00house spiced cereal crunch/sweet harissa aioli
Tuna Popper$11.00crispy rice/jalapeno/tsume/spicy local tuna/asian chimichurri
Pork Belly Carpaccio$12.00porchetta pork belly/arugula/teriyaki sauce/toragashi aioli
Cheese Waffle With Crispy Chicken$7.00belgium waffle/rhubarb marmalade/bacon/cheddar cheese/chives/ sweet & sour sauce
Pulpo Gallego$12.00olive oil/gp house spice/arugula/asian bbq sauce
Crispy Chicken Shrimp Balls$8.00crispy chicken skin/seasoned shrimp filling
Korean Galbi Short Rib$11.00gochujang marinade
Kurobuta Sausage$8.00berkshire pork sausage
Lettuce Wrap$10.00mix
Okonomiyaki Fries$6.50katsu demi glace/manchego cheese/katsubushi/nori strips/mayo
Pan Seared Foie Gras$15.00toasted brioche/onion marmalade/blueberries & fig jam/passion fruit puree/chive
Chinese Fried Chicken$7.50chinese spiced fried chicken
Tempura Appetizer$5.00vegetable
Homemade Gyoza steamed or fried/peanut dumpling sauce
Edamame$5.00lime sugar/salt
Stir Fried Calamari$7.00tempura calamari strips/teriyaki sauce/nori powder
Grilled King Crab$19.00shiso butter/manchego cheese sauce
Wok Tossed Salt & Pepper Crab$15.00* local soft shell crab/sweet peppers/chili salt & pepper
Lettuce Wrap$7.00chicken
Bacon Wrapped Dates$7.00medajoo dates/manchego cheese/bacon
Homemade Gyoza$8.00seafood
House Chicken Wings$8.00choices of teriyaki sauce/sweet & sour/sweet chili sauce
Crispy Avocado Egg$7.00avocado/spicy local tuna/eel sauce/togarashi mayo/scallions

Green Plate Asian Bistro Petite Lunch $8 Menu and Prices 2023

Served With Miso Soup, House Salad With Ginger Dressing Choose One Of The Following Rolls.
California Roll 
Shrimp Tempura Roll 
Spicy Tuna Roll 
Tuna Roll 
Avocado Roll 
Salmon Roll 
Hamachi Scallion Roll 
Cucumber Roll 
Spicy Kani Roll 
Vegetable Roll 

Green Plate Asian Bistro Sushi & Sashimi Menu and Prices 2023

Hotate$6.00hokkaido scallop
Tobiko$3.00flying fish roe
Amebi$4.00sweet shrimp
Kani$6.00king crab
Suzuki$3.50striped bass
Uni$4.00sea urchin
Tai$3.00japanese sea bream
Black Tiger Ebi$5.50
Hotate$0.50add spicy
Hokkigai$3.00surf clam
Kanpyo$1.50sweet gourd
Ikura$3.00salmon roe
Masago$2.50capelin roe
Saba$2.50japanese mackerel
Quail Egg$1.00
Shima Aji$4.00striped jack
Blue Fin Toro fatty tuna

Green Plate Asian Bistro Hot Plates Menu and Prices 2023

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad With Ginger Dressing
Lobster Roll With Wasabi Aioli$15.004oz lobster/shiso butter/pickled cucumber/mizuna green/ horseradish mayo
American Wagyu Burger$11.00american wagyu beef/wasabi aioli/mizuna green/tempura onion/ sautéed mushroom/swiss cheese
Korean Galbi Short Ribs$14.00grilled short rib marinated with sweet soy/white rice
Sesame Chicken$9.50breaded chicken breast/sweet sesame sauce/toasted sesame seed/ white rice
Japanese Stir Fried$9.00vegetable or chicken
General Chicken$9.50* breaded chicken breast/spicy and sweet sauce/white rice
Japanese Stir Fried$10.00beef or shrimp
Green Plate Asian Ribs$10.5036-hour-sous vide baby back ribs/house asian barbecue sauce/ white rice
Japanese Stir Fried$12.00mixed
Japanese Stir Fried served with white rice
Yakiniku Don$13.00japanese barbecue flank steak charred with binchotan/white rice
Cedar Wood Salmon$12.50sautéed mixed vegetable/mushroom cheese risotto/teriyaki

Green Plate Asian Bistro Bento Box Menu and Prices 2023

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad With Ginger Dressing, California Roll, Homemade Harumaki, Sunomono With Sansai-Zu. Upgrade To Deluxe Bento Box $3 (Substitute Sunomono With Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura). Brown Rice $1 / Hibachi Fried Rice $2.50
Omakase Sushi Box$18.00chef choices of premium raw fish and maki
Homemade Fried Gyoza Bento$10.50seafood
Sushi Bento$10.505 pieces of chefÂ’s choice sushi
Churrasco Teriyaki Bento$13.50grilled churrasco with teriyaki sauce/white rice
Homemade Fried Gyoza Bento served with homemade gyoza sauce/white rice
Maki Bento$11.003 pieces salmon maki & 3 pieces of tuna maki
Salmon Teriyaki Bento$5.00upgrade to black cod
Sashimi Bento$12.006 pieces of chefÂ’s choice sashimi
Steak Teriyaki Bento$10.50ny strip with teriyaki sauce/white rice
Chicken Teriyaki Bento$9.50grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce/white rice
Salmon Teriyaki Bento$11.50grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce/white rice
Tempura Bento (Shrimp Or Chicken)$9.50vegetable tempura/served with tempura sauce/white rice
Homemade Fried Gyoza Bento$9.50pork
Steak Teriyaki Bento$3.00upgrade to filet mignon

Green Plate Asian Bistro Crudo Menu and Prices 2023

Salmon Tatare$11.00lemon confit/poppy seeds/fried shallots/avocado
Catch Of The Day house spicy ginger paste/cilantro/roasted pepper/ponzu
Scallop$10.00hokkaido scallops/grapefruit/passion fruit syrup/sumac/olive oil/chives/red onion
Green Plate Ceviche$10.00catch of the day/bird's eye chili/mustard seeds/cilantro/okinawan chips
Tuna Tatare$14.00chopped local tuna/chives/yuzu gelee/asian chimichurri/crispy taro/masago/avocado
Striped Bass$13.00asian chimichurri/tosazu/yuzukosho
Tuna Carpaccio$14.00ahi local tuna/spinach pesto/togarashi aioli/pickled cucumber/ avocado

Green Plate Asian Bistro Special Rolls Menu and Prices 2023

Substitute Kanikama For Snow Crab For $4
Cheesy Dancing Eel Roll$14.00eel/masago/cream cheese/kanikama/avocado/cucumber/manchego cheese
Spiced Crunch Roll$14.00toasted oat meal/house spice/kani salad/shrimp tempura/masago/ avocado/cucumber
Ultimate Surf & Turf Roll$38.00surf & turf roll with foie gras/charred with binchotan
Crispy White Fish Roll$13.00panko crusted corvina/jalapeno/cucumber/chef's choice white fish/ togarashi/guacamole/mayo
Green Plate Roll$15.00roasted pepper/tempura shrimp/fried onion/kanikama/spicy local tuna/avocado
Crispy Kale Roll$13.00kanikama/crispy kale/avocado/salmon/eel/cucumber
Crispy Pollo Roll$12.00crispy chicken skin/avocado/kanikama/katsu chicken/avocado
Ultimate Dragon Roll$15.00* tempura shrimp/tomato/cucumber/scallion/kanikama mix/tempura flake/toasted oat meal/eel sauce/spicy mayo
Sunrise Roll$13.00cucumber/ebi/tomato/kanikama/salmon/onion/avocado
Surf & Turf Roll$28.00katsu lobster/scallion/avocado/cucumber/rhubarb jam/seared filet mignon/dashi soy reduction(tsume)/asian chimichurri/spring mix
Green Spider Roll$14.00soft shell crab/kanikama/masago/mayo/scallion/cucumber/avocado
Deep Sea Roll$13.00* spicy chef's choice white fish/seaweed salad/cucumber/unagi/avocado
Umami Dynamite Roll$17.00masago/cream cheese/avocado/kanikama/scallion/mayo baked shrimp
Applewood Smokey Salmon$16.00baked salmon/cucumber/asparagus/avocado/cream cheese
American Dream Roll$13.00shrimp tempura/conch/cucumber/mixed greens/mayo/masago/avocado/ eel sauce
Shiso Tuna Roll$14.00shrimp tempura/cream cheese/avocado/seared local tuna/toasted garlic/chives/whipped shiso butter
Japanese Pepper Roll$13.00pickled shishito pepper/shrimp tempura/tomato/avocado/parmesan cheese/sesame seed
Volcano Roll$13.00baked conch/mayo/masago/kanikama/avocado/sesame seed
Ultimate Lobster Roll$22.00lobster tempura/kanikama/cucumber/spicy mayo/scallion/lobster crunch mix

Green Plate Asian Bistro Side Menu and Prices 2023

Steamed Mixed Vegetables$5.00
Hibachi Fried Rice$2.50
Brown Rice$2.00
House Salad$2.50
Seasoned French Fries$5.00
Steamed White Rice$2.00

Green Plate Asian Bistro Cold Plate Menu and Prices 2023

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad With Ginger Dressing
Tuna Carpaccio$11.00house made spinach pesto/togarashi aioli/pickled cucumber/ avocado
Sashimi Taco$11.00tuna
Chirashi$13.509 pieces of chefÂ’s choice sashimi/japanese vegetable
Sashimi Taco 3 pieces of asian tacos
Tuna Tartare Box$12.00nori/wasabi/chlorella aioli/pickled mustard seed/ asian chimichurri
Sashimi Spicy Salad$9.00salmon or wahoo
Sashimi Spicy Salad cucumber/orange/masago/tempura flakes/spicy ponzu sauce
Sashimi Spicy Salad$11.00tuna
Sashimi Taco$12.00hamachi
Sashimi Spicy Salad$14.00mixed

Green Plate Asian Bistro Homemade Soda $4.50 Menu and Prices 2023

Strawberry Pomegranate Soda strawberry pomegranate syrup/seltzer
Tropical Passion Soda passion fruit/pineapple juice/seltzer
Spiced Black Lemonade spiced lemonade syrup/seltzer
Orange Honey Ginger Ale orange honey syrup/orange juice/seltzer
GP House Iced Tea rhubarb vanilla syrup/passion fruit puree/ green tea/squeeze of lemon

Green Plate Asian Bistro Riceless Rolls Menu and Prices 2023

Crab Avocado Salad$8.50avocado/kanikama/scallion/masago/black tobiko
Hokkaido Roll$12.00* mixed sashimi/kanikama/radish/scallion/seaweed/spicy ponzu sauce
Crispy Kale Pear Salad$9.00crispy sesame kale chips/arugula/house spiced croutons/d'anjou pear/candied walnut/parmesan cheese
Kanisu$7.00kanikama/avocado/masago/thin cucumber paper
Spicy Sashimi Salad * cucumber/orange/grapefruit/carrot/mixed spring
Tomato Tartare$8.00tomato/toasted ciabatta/wakame/malted peanuts/house green vinaigrette
Spicy Sashimi Salad$9.00tuna
Seaweed Salad$5.50wakame
Green Roll$8.00mixed green/carrot/zucchini/avocado/ponzu/kanpyo/cucumber paper
Salmon Tempura Roll$9.00salmon/kanikama/asparagus/eel sauce
Okinawan Roll$12.00salmon/local tuna/wahoo/asparagus/micro green/cucumber paper
Spicy Sashimi Salad$8.00salmon
Hamachi Tataki$14.00* jalapeno/miso tamago tsuke/crispy shallots/basil oil/spicy ponzu
KC Roll$9.00salmon/cream cheese/kanikama/scallion/cucumber paper
Sushi Appetizer$10.00chef's choice

Green Plate Asian Bistro Petite Roll Menu and Prices 2023

Shrimp Tempura Roll$6.00
Spicy White Fish Roll$6.00
Unagi Roll$6.00
Spicy Salmon Roll$6.00
California Roll$5.50
Vegetable Roll$5.50
Hamachi Scallion Roll$6.50
Tuna Roll$5.50
Salmon Roll$5.50
JB Roll$5.50
Avocado Roll$4.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.00
Spicy Kanikama Roll$5.00
Cucumber Roll$3.00

Green Plate Asian Bistro Rice & Noodles Menu and Prices 2023

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad With Ginger Dressing
Basil Fried Rice$13.00mixed
Pad Thai * thai rice noodles/eggs/bean sprouts/scallions/peanut sauce
Basil Fried Rice$12.00choice of: mixed
Lo Mein$10.00choice of: beef, shrimp
Lo Mein$15.00mixed
Basil Fried Rice$8.00choice of: veggie, chicken
Pad Thai$10.00choice of: beef, shrimp
Chinese Fried Rice choice of meat/carrot/onion/egg
Pad Thai$13.00choice of: mixed
Pad Thai$11.00veggie or chicken
Thai Spiced Fried Rice$11.00shrimp
Pad Thai$9.00choice of: veggie, chicken
Basil Fried Rice mixed vegetable/egg
Thai Spiced Fried Rice$9.00veggie or chicken
Lo Mein$13.00choice of: mixed
Basil Fried Rice$10.00beef
Basil Fried Rice$10.00choice of: shrimp
Thai Spiced Fried Rice$10.00beef
Pad Thai * thai rice noodles/eggs/bean sprouts/scallions/peanut sauce
Chinese Fried Rice$13.00mixed
Lo Mein$11.00veggie or chicken
Basil Fried Rice carrot/onion/egg
Thai Spiced Fried Rice$9.00choice of: beef
Pad Thai$13.00beef or shrimp
Basil Fried Rice$9.00choice of: beef
Basil Fried Rice$11.00shrimp
Thai Spiced Fried Rice$8.00choice of: veggie, chicken
Lo Mein$13.00beef or shrimp
Basil Fried Rice$9.00veggie or chicken
Thai Spiced Fried Rice$12.00choice of: mixed
Thai Spiced Fried Rice mixed veggie/peanut/crispy onion on side/spicy
Chinese Fried Rice$9.00choice of: beef
Chinese Fried Rice$10.00beef
Thai Spiced Fried Rice$10.00choice of: shrimp
Thai Spiced Fried Rice$13.00mixed
Chinese Fried Rice choice of meat/mixed vegetables
Chinese Fried Rice$12.00choice of: mixed
Thai Spiced Fried Rice * carrot/onion/egg/peanut/crispy onion
Pad Thai$15.00mixed
Lo Mein sautéed noodles with mixed vegetables
Chinese Fried Rice$9.00veggie or chicken
Chinese Fried Rice$8.00choice of: veggie, chicken
Lo Mein$9.00choice of: veggie, chicken
Chinese Fried Rice$10.00choice of: shrimp
Chinese Fried Rice$11.00shrimp
Lo Mein sauteed noodles with mixed vegetables

Green Plate Asian Bistro Raw Bar Menu and Prices 2023

Oyster Of The Day$18.00half dozen oyster, shallot mignonette
Oyster Shot$3.50kimchee ponzu sauce/cold sake/quail egg/masago/chives/cucumber/ mustard seeds
Cocktail Shrimp$18.00u15 black tiger shrimp
Ultimate Seafood Platter$110.006 black tiger shrimp/1 dozen oyster/1 lb lobster tails/ 1 wok tossed domestic jumbo soft shell crab/ 2 grilled jumbo king crab leg with manchego cheese
Seafood Platter$58.004 black tiger shrimp/ half dozen oysters/ 8 oz lobster tail/ 1 wok tossed st john's jumbo soft shell crab

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