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Gerardos Casita Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly December 2021

Gerardos Casita Sopas & Ensaladas Menu and Prices 2021

Tex-Mex Taco Salad$8.59A flour tortilla shell filled with frijoles, taco meat or shredded chicken, Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and garnish with guacamole and sour cream.
Chicken Fajita Salad$9.19Grilled chicken fajita served over crispy salad mix topped with tomatoes, shredded cheese and croutons.
Tortilla Soup$3.39 - $6.29Semi-spicy chicken broth with diced chicken, carrots, corn, cheese and topped with tortilla strips and fresh slices of avocado
Soup & Salad$7.59Bottomless bowl of of our tortilla soup with a tossed salad.
Shrimp Cocktail$9.29A schooner loaded with rich tomato juice, shrimp, avocado and fresh cilantro. Served with crackers, lemon and lime.
Shrimp & Avocado Salad$8.995 Shrimp, sliced avocado, tomatoes, diced cucumber, cheese on top of mixed greens
Menudo$6.99 - $8.99Served friday only

Gerardos Casita From the Grill Menu and Prices 2021

Slizzing Fajitas with 1 chicken$10.49
Slizzing Fajitas$13.99Beef or chicken fajitas, seasoned with mexican spices, served on a skillet of grilled onions and bell peppers with frijolos, rice guacamole, sour cream
Catfish A La Abe$11.59This 9oz. grilled catfish prepared by chef abe is a house specialty. Served on a bed of rice with sauteed vegetables and charro beans
Slizzing Fajitas with Beef$20.49
Cancun Pollo$10.498oz. grilled chicken brest over a bed of rice smothred in our famous green sauce. Served with charro beans and sauteed vegetarian
Slizzing Fajitas with Combo$11.25
Hamburger with Cheese$6.90
Santa Fe Catfish$12.49A 9oz. catfish filet marinated in five diffrent spices. Served with one shrimp enchilada, two grilled shrimp on a bed of rice and cherro beans
Rib Eye Steak & Shrimp$15.9910oz. boneless ribeye with cavadian seasoning, flour shrimp, one shrimp enchilada, rice and charro beans
Christovas Steak$15.2910oz. ny strip on top of ranchero sauce with a green chili. Served with a cheese enchilada, rice, charro beans and guacamole
hamburger$6.25An old fashion juicy berger served with fries
Slizzing Fajitas with 2 chicken$18.69
Slizzing Fajitas with Combo$19.99
Golfers Burger$7.99Two patties, melted chees, grilled jalapenos and dice green chilies
Grilled Chops$10.49Two 5oz. pork chops layered on rice served with a cheese enchilada, charro beans
Slizzing Fajitas with Beef$12.25
Hamburger with Double Meat$6.25

Gerardos Casita Labotana Menu and Prices 2021

Fajita Quesdillas$7.39 - $8.99Two large flour tortillas loaded with melted cheese, pico de gallo and your choice of beef or chicken fajita meat. Served with guacamole and sour cream.
Fajita Nachos$8.89 - $7.29Beef chicken or combination. Served with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, jalapenos.
This appetizers is perfect for sharing are great as an entree. lncludes fajita quesadilla, combination nachos, flautas, grilled tacos, guacamole. Sour cream and chile con queso.$11.29
Fajita Quesdillas with Veegie Dill$7.29 - $8.69
Chile Con Queso$5.49 - $3.79Creamy cheese with all the tostadas you can eat
Pico De Gallo Nachos$6.39 - $7.89Taco meat, beans, melted cheese and fresh pico de gallo.
Oueso Flameado$7.49Hot melted cheese layered with three meats, garnished with grilled, green chili, avocado and pico de gallo. Corn tortillas.
Pico De Gallo Nachos$6.39 - $7.89Taco meat, beans, melted cheese and fresh pico de gallo.
Queso Nachos$7.99Tostadas piled high witl1 beans, taco meat jalapenos and creamy chile con queso.
Tejano Nachos$6.79 - $8.49Taco meat beans, guacamole, lettuce, sour cream and jalapenos
Tios Trio$6.95A sampling of our queso, "famous” green sauce and red bean dip.

Gerardos Casita Tacos & More Menu and Prices 2021

Chicken & Tacos$9.49
Fish Tacos$10.59Three soft corn tortillas filled with a seasoned catfish topped with shredded white cabbage a lightly spiced white yogurt sauce avocado. Served with charro beans and rice
Tacorita$9.59On this big burrito you are going to get taco meat, frijoles, red sauce, loads of lettuce, tomatoes and cheese
Beef Grande$9.69Large flour tortilla filled with taco meat and frijoles smothrered with chile con queso
Green Burrito$9.69This burrito is loaded with shredded chicken, fijoles, smothred with chile con queso
Carne Guisada Burrito$9.99If you like tender cubesteak with soinach gravy, frijoles, red sauce, loads of lettuce
1 Beef, Chicken$9.29Served with cheese enchilada
Chalupas$8.49Two crispy tostadas topped with frijoles, taco meat or shredded chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, melted cheese, guacamole and served with a side of rice
Chicken Enchilads Verde$8.99
Shrimp Enchiladas Verde$9.19
Beef Tacos$9.49Served with cheese enchilada
Tacosal Carbon$9.69Two crispy tortillas filled with grilled beef or chicken fajita. Served with a side of pico de gallo, guacamole, rice and charro beans
Cheese Enchiladas Rojas$8.79
Beef Enchladas$8.99Served with chile con carne
Los Tios Crispy Tacos$8.49Three beef or chicken tacos served with rice and frijoles
Tacos Durango$9.59Three soft corn tacos filled with grilled beef fajitas, chorizo, pico de gallo, avocado and cilantro. Served with rice and cherro beans

Gerardos Casita Desserts Menu and Prices 2021

Tres Leches Cake$3.49made with three flavores of milk
Flan$3.39A smooth creamy egg custand made with real cream, vanilla, cinnamon and smothered in caramel sauce
Deep Dish Apple Pie$5.19Served on top of hot brandy butter sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Hot Fudge Brownie$3.89Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate and caramel syrup
Sopapillas$2.19A west texas favorite. Fried puffy pastries spinkled with sweet spices served with butter and honey
Cheesecake$3.59No one ever passed up this famous after dinner

Gerardos Casita Mexican Entrees Menu and Prices 2021

Chile Rellenos$8.49 - $9.29Two anaheim peppers filled with taco meat. Served with rice and charro beans
El Norteno Plate$8.89Two flour tortillas filled with our slow cooked shredded beef served with rice, frijoles and guacamole
Flautas$8.99Three crispy roast beef or shredded chicken flautas served with a side of chileon queso, rice, beans, guacamole and sour cream.
Chicken Fried Steak$8.79Traditional hand bredded cutlet smothered in cream gravy. french fries and salad.
Casita Platillo$8.69A beef taco, cheese enchilada, one tamale, rice and frijoles
Especial De Gerardo$9.69 - $9.89A beef taco, cheese enchilada, beef chile relleno, rice, frijoles and guacamole
Maris$9.49A green chicken enchilada, chicken chalupa, chicken taco, rice and guacamole
Chicken Chimichanga$9.49This chimi is stuffed with shredded chicken, green sauce and smothered in chile con queso served with rice, frijilos, guacamole and sour cream
Carne Guisada$9.99Cubed tenderized steak prepared in our own rich mexican sauce with frijilos, rice, guacamole, cheese enchilada and two flour tortillas
Especialdad De Felipe$9.49A beef flauta, beef chile relleno, tamale, cheese enchilada and a side of guacamole

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