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GC Marketplace Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly April 2023

GC Marketplace Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2023

Salmon Club$14.00Applewood bacon, tomatoes, spring mix and lemon aioli, house made onion rolll
Roast Beef$12.50Caramelized onions, balsamic syrup, arugula and horseradish aioli, baguette
Grilled Cheese$8.50Cheddar, swiss cheese and dijon mustard, toast
Tuna Salad$10.50White tuna, red onion, celery, tomatoes, onion sprouts, mayo and spring mix, brioche roll
Curry Chicken Salad$10.50Curry chicken, mayo, raisins, crisp lettuce and onion sprouts, brioche roll
Grilled Chicken$12.00Melted mozzarella, roasted tomatoes and pesto aioli, house made focaccia
Egg Salad$9.50Organic eggs, red onion, celery, mayo, crisp lettuce and tomato, toast
Italian$13.50Prosciutto, capicola salami with olive tapenade, tomatoes, arugula, sliced pepperoncini and red wine vinaigrette, baguette
Roast Turkey$12.00Dried cranberries, tomatoes, spring mix and pesto aioli, baguette

GC Marketplace Salads Menu and Prices 2023

Deli Case Trio$12.00Choose any three salads from our deli case
Chinese Chicken$12.00Shredded ginger chicken, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, toasted almonds, onions, crispy rice wontons and sesame seeds in a rice wine and sesame vinaigrette dressing
Tuna Nicoise$14.50Italian tuna, green beans, potatoes, kalamata olives, pear tomatoes, egg, anchovies and capers in a red wine vinaigrette dressing
Baby Spinach$10.00Toasted pine nuts, basil and parmesan cheese in a lemon and extra virgin olive oil dressing. Add chicken $13.00 or shrimp $15.00
Classic Cobb$12.50Grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, tomatoes, egg and blue cheese in a red wine vinaigrette dressing
Classic Caesar$10.00with parmesan chips, croutons and anchovies in a caesar dressing topped with parmesan cheese. Add chicken $13.00 or shrimp $15.00
Thai Beef$12.00Seared beef, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, bean sprouts and basil in a chili lime mint dressing

GC Marketplace Premium Meats Menu and Prices 2023

Leg Of Lamb$12.00Rosemary and garlic infused
St. Louis Style Ribs$14.00With marketplace moroccan seasoning
Turkey Breast$12.00Peppercorn and sage brined
Aged Prime Rib$14.00Himalayan salt and pepper crusted
Rotisserie Chicken$9.00 - $16.50Global seasoning rub
Fried Chicken$12.00Crispy buttermilk battered fried chicken
Barbecued Pulled Pork$12.00Chipotle braised
Snake River Farms Smoked Brisket$14.00Gc marketplace texas dry rub

GC Marketplace Marketplace Beverages - Drip Coffeee & Tea Menu and Prices 2023

Green tea, jasmine, chamomile lemon, earl grey, moroccan mint, golden chai and breakfast blend
Cafe Latte$3.25 - $3.50
Chai Latte$3.25 - $3.50
Tea$2.00 - $2.25
Decaf$2.00 - $2.25
Marketoplace Blend$2.00 - $2.25
Cappuccino$3.25 - $3.50
Mocha$3.50 - $3.75
Machiatto$2.00 - $2.50

GC Marketplace Hand-Carved Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2023

Smoked Turkey Breast$12.00Piled up on a soft brioche roll with cranberry relish, dijon aioli, smokey au jus and baby spinach
Pulled Pork$12.00Chipotle and onion braised pork shoulder, stacked up on an onion roll, topped with a tangy vinegar slaw, sambal aoili and cilantro pesto
Snake River Farms Smoked Brisket$14.00Stacked high on an onion roll with a smokey pan gravy and onion strings
Rotisserie Chicken$9.00Juicy chicken topped with mango chutney and arugula on a ciabatta roll with a sambal dressing
Aged Prime Rib of Beef$14.00With sauteed mushrooms and onions, melted swiss cheese and spicy horseradish sauce on a crunchy baguette
Lamb Dip$12.00Slow roasted leg of lamb with marinated red onions and mint pesto on a crunchy baguette with lamb au jus for dipping

GC Marketplace Pasta Menu and Prices 2023

Rigatoni and Sausage$12.50Housemade fennel pork sausage, roasted tomatoes and basil
Baked Rigatoni and Mozzarella$12.00With marinara sauce and melted mozzarella
Spaghetti Marinara$11.50Spaghetti tossed with our house made marinara
Angel Hair$12.00Fresh tomatoes, anchovies, sliced garlic and pecorino romano cheese
Wild Mushrooms$13.00Spaghetti tossed with wild and roasted mushrooms in a roasted garlic cream sauce
Crab and Truffle Risotto$15.50Dungeness crab, roasted beets and white truffle oil
Chicken Fettuccini$12.50Grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes, roasted onions and spinach

GC Marketplace Soups Menu and Prices 2023

Tomato Rosemary Cream$6.00
Chicken Noodle$6.00
Lobster Bisque$7.50
Vegetable Garden$6.00

GC Marketplace Marketplace Beverages - Espresso Menu and Prices 2023

Americano$3.25 - $4.00
Double (Regular)$3.00
Iced Cuban Coffee (Regular)$4.00
Single (Regular)$1.50
Hammerhead$3.25 - $4.00

GC Marketplace Starters Menu and Prices 2023

Buffalo Chicken Wings$12.00With traditional buffalo sauce, blue cheese and celery
Fried Calamari$12.00With lemon aioli and marinara
Crab Cakes$12.00With lemon aioli and mango salsa

GC Marketplace Sides Menu and Prices 2023

Truffle Parmesan, Cheddar Bacon or Gorgonzola$7.50
Fries$4.50Sea salt
Small Mixed Green Salad$5.00
Marketplace Roasted Vegetables$5.00

GC Marketplace Wok Sear Menu and Prices 2023

Szechuan Chili$12.00Chicken or tofu in a spicy szechuan sauce tossed
Gc Marketplace Fried Rice$12.00
Thai Chicken Noodles$12.00Spiced chicken and wide rice noodles in a roasted thai spice sauce with peanuts and scallions
Panang Curry$14.50Served with jasmine rice, choose shrimp
Gc Marketplace Fried Rice$14.50Chicken or tofu with jasmine rice sauteed with tomatoes, onion and egg in a savory asian sauce, choose shrimp
Panang Curry$12.00Chicken or tofu with peppers in a spicy coconut curry cream sauce
Szechuan Chili$14.50With peppers, onions, cashews and chilies, choose shrimp

GC Marketplace Marketplace Specials Menu and Prices 2023

Hickory House Smoked Salmon Plate$14.00Red onion, capers, chopped egg and honey dijon with marketplace crackers
House Cured Lox Salmon Plate$14.00Cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, mesclun lettuce and red onion with a toasted bagel
Quiche (Slice)$9.50Roasted tomato and scallion, ham and swiss cheese

GC Marketplace Marketplace Pastries Menu and Prices 2023

Banana Bread$2.75
Specialty Croissant$3.25Ham & cheese or almond
Croissant$2.95Plain or chocolate
Pumpkin Bread$2.75
Muffin$2.50Bran or blueberry
Blueberry Scone$2.95
Cookie$2.25Oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip

GC Marketplace Grill Menu and Prices 2023

Greek Turkey Burger$12.00Spinach, kalamata olives, feta cheese and tahini aioli
Atlantic Salmon$12.00Miso glazed
Marketplace Foie Gras Burger$25.00Duck liver torchon on our proprietary burger
Gc Burger$12.00Proprietary premium beef blend on a house made onion roll
Bacon, Egg & Blue Cheese Burger$14.00On a house made onion roll
Nut And Brown Rice Burger$10.50On a vegan wheat roll
Grilled Skirt Steak$12.00Cabernet demi glace, sauteed mushrooms and onions

GC Marketplace Marketplace Beverages - Soft Drinks Menu and Prices 2023

Fresh Brewed Lipton Black Tea$2.95
Orange Juice$7.25
Fresh Lemonade$3.50

GC Marketplace Cheese & Charcuterie Menu and Prices 2023

Non-Heffer$18.00Midnight moon, goat, jeune autize, goatand lamb chopper, sheep
Gc Marketplace Platter$40.00Gc country pate, gc chicken liver mousse and gc
Iberico Platter$35.00Iberico de belota, iberico de belota paleta, shoulder cutand lomo iberico
The Blues$20.00Danblue, cow, bayley hazen blue, cowand smokey blue, cow
MongerÂ’s Selection$18.00Stag cheddar, cow, challerhocker, raw cowand little boy blue, sheep
Pork-Free Platter$20.00Duck prosciutto, bresaola punta dÂ’ancaand chicken liver mousse with truffles
ChefÂ’s Select Platter$25.00Bresaola mocetta, lomo ibericoand prosciutto di parma
No Blues$20.00Pont leveque coupe, cow, manchengo, sheepand pawlet, raw cow

GC Marketplace Marketplace Desserts Menu and Prices 2023

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee$5.00
Sandeman Tawny Porto$15.00
Warm Apple Crumble Crisp$5.00With vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce
Domaine Piquemal Muscat De Rivesaltes$12.00
Mini Fruit Tart$4.75
Gingersnap Ice Cream Sandwich$6.00With caramel sauce
Butterscotch Filled Cream Puff (Each)$3.50With caramel sauce
Ice Cream Sundae$6.00With hot fudge caramel & chopped peanuts
Lemon Square$2.25
Brownie Sundae$8.00With vanilla ice cream & hot fudge
Cream Puffs (Each)$3.50With hot fudge sauce
Cake Slice$4.50Carrot, chocolate mousse, tiramisu or cheesecake

GC Marketplace Pizza Menu and Prices 2023

Bacon and Blue$14.00Caramalized onions, smoked bacon, mozzarella and danish blue cheese
Salmon$14.00Cured salmon, red onion, capers and cream cheese
Argentinian$15.50Prosciutto, mozzarella, green olives, red pepper and tomato sauce
Napoleotano$12.00Sliced tomato, parsley, fresh garlic, mozzarella, fresh parmesan and tomato sauce
New Yorker$10.50Whole milk, mozzarella, oregano, crushed red pepper and tomato sauce
Margarita$10.50Fresh mozzarella, pear tomatoes, basil pesto and tomato sauce
Sausage and Mushroom$12.50House made fennel sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella and tomato sauce
Cheese$10.50Mozzarella, diced tomato and lemon
Classic Pepperoni$12.50Pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato sauce
Prosciutto and Gruyere$11.50Prosciutto, gruyere, caramelized onions and english thyme

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