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Do your friends or family members showed up at your place suddenly and you want to order food at a minimum price and even tasty, then you can check the latest Foosackly’s menu price list and order the food accordingly. You can even access Foosackly’s’s secret menu price here.

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So here are the details of all the food items from starters to desserts you wanted to check out and compare the easy and tasty food by your own at any place.

Here you can see Foosackly’s’s latest menu price updated list. If you need to know the Foosackly’s menu price list before going to the restaurant or ordering any food online, you can easily view and check out the Foosackly’s menu price list here of your favorite food items.

It is necessary for you to know about the latest price of food like burger, salad, soup, chicken, beverages, and many more.

Foosackly's Menu

Here in this portal, we are providing all restaurant latest menu price with updates like you can check below Foosackly’s menu prices list 2024.

We included Foosackly’s breakfast menu price, Foosackly’s meal menu price, Foosackly’s catering menu price given below in the chart which you can consider before going to restaurant or order online.

However. You need to check the Foosackly’s official site for the menu as well to get an accurate price.

Check the latest & current Foosackly’s menu price and compare it with our menu price cause restaurant can change their price anytime so sometimes there may be little variations in price which is listed here and actual.

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Foosackly’s Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly April 2024

Foosackly’s Sides Menu and Prices

Cole Slaw $0.49
FoosacklyÂ’s Sauce, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Ranch $0.29
Fries $1.49
Extra Toast $0.45
Extra Finger $0.79

Foosackly’s Drinks Menu and Prices

Soft Drinks $1.29 – $0.50 coke, diet coke, barqÂ’s, sprite, dr. pepper, lemonade and sweet tea

Foosackly’s Menu and Prices

Hand-battered, fresh (never frozen) chicken fingers, fresh, homemade and hand-poured foosacklyÂ’s sauce, honey mustard and ranch, homemade cole slaw, fresh, sweet tea made daily, crushed ice.
Bigger Box $6.59 – $7.59 7 chicken fingers, french fries, cole slaw, texas toast and 3 sauces
Chicken Finger Salad $4.99 – $5.99 4 fingers, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, cheese, bacon and 3 sauces
Foo-Sack $14.99 20 chicken fingers and 4 sauces
Foo-Snack $3.29 – $4.29 2 chicken fingers, french fries, texas toast and sauce
Chicken Finger Sandwich $3.99 – $4.99 your choice of sauces with fries
Box $4.99 – $5.99 5 chicken fingers, french fries, cole slaw, texas toast and sauce

Disclaimer: Information on The webpage might not reflect changes That have happened recently. Please call The restaurant To find out about current prices and menus.

Foosackly’s Restaurant Hours

Day Time
Sunday 10 AM–10 PM
Monday 10 AM–10 PM
Tuesday 10 AM–10 PM
Wednesday 10 AM–10 PM
Thursday 10 AM–10 PM
Friday 10 AM–10 PM
Saturday 10 AM–10 PM

Please Note That these are only general guidelines and That certain restaurants may have different hours of operation. It’s a good idea to phone ahead or check The restaurant’s website to make sure of Their hours.

Foosackly’s Restaurant Near Me

Nutritional Information

Knowing The nutritional facts of The food you are consuming is crucial if you are controlling your calorie intake. On its website, Foosackly lists The nutritional facts for each item on its menu. The following are a few examples of the nutritional data For Foosackly’s chicken tenders:

Menu Item Serving Size Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
3 Tenders 1 serving 400 16 34 30
5 Tenders 1 serving 670 27 55 49
10 Tenders 1 serving 1340 54 110 98

Foosackly’s Menu Prices: What You Need to Know

The chicken tenders at Foosackly’s are renowned for being produced from fresh chicken breast That has never been frozen. There is something for everyone since They also provide wings, salads, sandwiches, and sides. The prices on The Foosackly Menu are listed below:

Chicken Tenders

There are four distinct sizes of chicken tenders offered by Foosackly, From a snack order of three tenders to a party platter that can serve up to 25 people. Prices for minor orders start at $3.99 and rise To $49.99 for The party platter.


If you enjoy wings, Foosackly’s has what you’re looking for. You may pick from a range of sauces and rubs, and Their wings are available in Three different sizes. The small order of six wings Costs $6.99, and The party platter costs $39.99.


If you want Something lighter, Foosackly’s salads are a fantastic choice. Three distinct salads are available, and each one includes grilled or fried chicken tenders. Starting prices are $6.49.


Foosackly provides Three distinct varieties of sandwiches, Each of Which is constructed with The company’s famous chicken Tenders as The primary ingredient. The initial pricing point is $4.99.


The sides offered by Foosackly include Texas toast, coleslaw, and fries. Starting prices are $1.49.

It’s important to keep in mind that Foosackly’s costs may vary based on where you are, So it’s always a Good Idea To check Their website or get in touch with the location That’s closest to you For precise pricing Details.

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Discounts and Promotions

All Year Long, Foosackly’s offers a variety of Specials and Promotions. Among The present Promos are:

Foosackly’s Rewards

Customers can enroll in the Foosackly Rewards program to receive points for every dollar spent. These points can Be exchanged for gifts like free lunch.

Meal Deals

The “Foosackly’s Favorite” combo, Which costs $9.99 and comes with 4 tenders, fries, toast, and a drink, Is one of the several meal bargains that Foosackly offers.

Catering Deals

Customers can Benefit from exclusive offers and Savings When They purchase catering from Foosackly.

Why Choose Foosackly’s?

Here are a few Justifications For choosing Foosackly’s over other Fast Food Restaurants:

Quality Ingredients: Foosackly distinguishes itself From other Fast Food franchises by using only The Freshest and highest-quality ingredients in its recipes.

Affordable Price: Foosackly’s menu pricing is still relatively reasonable despite its dedication to quality, making Them a wonderful alternative for anyone on a budget.

Variety of Options: Whether You’re craving chicken tenders, wings, salads, or sandwiches, Foosackly’s Menu has something For everyone.

Catering Services: For occasions of all sizes, Foosackly provides catering services. Salads, sides, drinks, and chicken tenders are all included on the restaurant’s catering menu.

Customers can alter their catering orders to meet their unique requirements and financial constraints. For catering orders, Foosackly also provides delivery and setup services.

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History of Foosackly’s

In Mobile, Alabama, in The year 2000, Will Fusaiotti and Chad Lovette founded Foosackly’s. The two buddies were passionate about cuisine and wanted To open a place That served only the best chicken tenders. Foosackly’s, The restaurant’s unusual name, Was influenced by The regional dialect of the Gulf Coast.

Foosackly's Menu Prices

Foosackly’s has opened new locations around Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi as it has grown over The years. The restaurant’s Success may be attributed To its dedication To quality as well as to its focus on giving diners an exceptional and Memorable dining Experience.

FAQs – Foosackly’s Menu Prices

What are the signature dishes at Foosackly’s?

The hand-battered chicken fingers and Crinkle-cut fries of Foosackly’s are Legendary. They also have A selection of salads, sides, and Sandwiches.

What are the options for those with dietary restrictions?

Grilled chicken fingers are available at Foosackly’s as a healthier alternative. Additionally, They provide a gluten-free menu That features items like grilled chicken fingers and fries cooked in a special fryer. There aren’t many vegetarian alternatives, But they do provide a side of coleslaw and a garden salad.

Are there any limited-time menu items at Foosackly’s?

Periodically, Foosackly’s offers limited-time menu items like the Southwest Salad and the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Customers Should check The menu or inquire with the staff for more details as These items are Frequently only available for a short time.

Can I customize my order at Foosackly’s?

Customers can indeed alter their orders by selecting a different side, adding cheese or bacon to their sandwiches, or choosing a different dipping sauce. For larger groups, Foosackly’s also provides catering services with a variety of sides and chicken finger tray options that can be customized.

What are the prices like at Foosackly’s?

The costs at Foosackly are competitive with Those at other fast-casual eateries. The price of a meal will vary depending on What is purchased from the menu, But guests should anticipate Spending between $10 and $12 for a dinner of chicken fingers With a drink and a side. Additionally, Foosackly’s provides a value menu With items starting at $3.99.

Can I order online from Foosackly?

On both its Website and mobile app, Foosackly does indeed support online ordering. Third-party services like Uber Eats or DoorDash let you order items for Pickup or delivery.


Check out Foosackly’s if you’re looking for a fast-food restaurant that serves tasty and reasonably priced chicken dishes. Understandably, Foosackly’s has amassed a devoted following across the country given their dedication To using high-quality ingredients in a range of dishes.

This article examined The cost and variety of menu items offered By Foosackly and addressed some frequently asked inquiries about The restaurant chain. Everybody can find something they like at Foosackly’s, Whether they are in The mood for chicken Tenders, wings, salads, or sandwiches. So why not try them out?

Check out this article to find out everything you need to know about the prices of Foosackly’s Menu items.

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