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Emerald Restaurant Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly January 2023

Emerald Restaurant Seafood Menu and Prices 2023

7. Fried Shrimp$14.95w/ cocktail sauce
12. Lobster Tail$21.95
2. Broiled Salmon Teriyaki$14.95
9. Shrimp Scampi In Garlic Sauce$14.95
3. Trout$14.95fried or broiled
10. Mussels In Garlic Sauce$14.95
6. Sea Bass$19.95
8. Shrimp In Garlic Butter Sauce$14.95
4. Flounder$14.95fried or broiled
1. Broiled Salmon In Garlic Sauce$14.95
5. Tilapia$14.95fried or broiled
11. Stuffed Lobster$25.00

Emerald Restaurant Shish - Kebab Menu and Prices 2023

6. Pork Kebab$13.95
5. Lamb Kebab$14.95
7. Lyulya Kebab$12.95ground lamb
3. Chicken Kebab$13.95white meat
8. Beef Kebab$14.95
1. Sea Bass Kebab$19.95
4. Chicken Kebab$13.95dark meat
2. Salmon Kebab$14.95

Emerald Restaurant Hot Appetizers Menu and Prices 2023

7. Fried Calamari$10.00
2. Hinkali$9.95
3. Dolma$9.95
9. Blintzes$2.50w/ cabbage & mush
4. Spicy Chicken Wings$9.95
5. Meat Turnover$2.50
1. Small Mushroom Casserole$5.00
6. Pan-Fried Potatoes$11.95w/ mush.
8. Blintzes$2.50w/ meat

Emerald Restaurant Side Dishes Menu and Prices 2023

A Side Dish Of Your Choice Is Included With Every Fish Or Meat Dish
2. Mashed Potatoes$6.00
4. Rice$4.00
6. Buckwheat "Kasha"$4.00
5. Vegetables$5.00
3. Home-Fried Potatoes$6.00
1. French Fries$5.00

Emerald Restaurant Soups Menu and Prices 2023

3. Solyanka$5.00
2. Harcho$4.00
1. Borsht$4.00

Emerald Restaurant Salads Menu and Prices 2023

3. Grilled Chicken Salad$8.95
13. Marinated Eggplants$6.00
11. Duck Salad$15.00
7. Tomatoes$7.95w/ feta cheese
10. Fresh Garden Salad$6.95
12. Eggplant Salad$5.00babaganush
5. "Olivie" Salad$6.00
14. Eggplant Roll$8.00
4. Cod Liver Salad$6.95
9. Greek Salad$8.00
2. Seafood Salad$6.95
13. Marinated Mushrooms$6.00
6. Assorted Pickled Vegetables$7.95
1. Kani Salad$7.95
8. Eel Salad$12.00

Emerald Restaurant Cold Appetizers Menu and Prices 2023

15. Beef Aspic$10.00
4. Smoked Baby Salmon$10.00
11. Roasted Pork$10.00
14. "Salo"$8.00w/ garlic, pork bacon
12. Dried Cured Beef$10.00
1. Smoked Fish Platter$19.95
8. Shrimp Cocktail$7.95
6. Cat Fish$17.00
13. Beef Tongue$11.95
7. Red Caviar$11.95
5. Smoked Butter Fish$11.95
9. Herring$7.95w/ boiled potatoes
3. Smoked Turbot$10.00
2. Lox$11.95
10. Cold Cut Platter$17.95

Emerald Restaurant Main Course Menu and Prices 2023

6. Lamb Chops$19.95
12. Pork Chop$13.95
2. Grilled Chicken Breast$11.95
1. Pan-Fried Cornish Hen$14.95
9. Beef Cutlet$13.95pan fried
16. Foie Gras$21.95
10. Beef Stroganoff$14.95
4. Chicken "Kiev"$14.95
8. Beef Cutlet$13.95deep fried
15. Leg Of Lamb$14.95
13. Escallop$14.95grilled pork chop
7. Prime Rib Steak$19.95
14. BBQ Pork Ribs$14.95
5. Chicken Breast In Champagne Sauce$14.95
3. Chicken Cutlet$12.95
11. Pork Loin Baked In Mayo$14.95w/ mush.

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