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Here you can see El Nuevo Bonao's latest menu price updated list. If you need to know the El Nuevo Bonao menu price list before going to the restaurant or ordering any food online, you can easily view and check out the El Nuevo Bonao menu price list here of your favorite food items.

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Here in this portal, we are providing all restaurant latest menu price with updates like you can check below El Nuevo Bonao menu prices list 2022.

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El Nuevo Bonao Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly December 2022

El Nuevo Bonao Pescado - Fish Menu and Prices 2022

Pargo Rojo Frito$16.00fried red snapper
Filete Cualquier Estilo Con Camarones$20.00fish fillet any style with shrimp
Filete Empanizado$10.00breaded fish fillet
Pargo Rojo Grande Al Ajillo$16.00large red snapper in garlic sauce
Pargo Rojo Al Vapor$16.00steamed red snapper
Pargo Rojo Grande A La Parrilla$16.00large grilled red snapper
Ruesa De Pescado Al Gusto$8.00slice of fish any style
Filete Al Ajillo$10.00fish fillet in garlic sauce
Filete Al Vapor$10.00steamed fish fillet
Filete A La Parrilla$10.00grilled fish fillet

El Nuevo Bonao Martes - Tuesday Menu and Prices 2022

Higado liver
Patitas De Cerdo pig feet stew
Pollo Guisado, Habichuelas Negras chicken stew and black beans

El Nuevo Bonao Domingo - Sunday Menu and Prices 2022

Chicharron De Cerdo fried pork skin
Gallina Del Vovero Guisada fresh hen stew
Costillas A La BBQ bbq spare ribs
Chivo Guisado goat stew

El Nuevo Bonao Miercoles - Wednesday Menu and Prices 2022

Pollo Ala Bbq bbq chicken
Espaguetis Con Pollo spaghetti with chicken
Chivo Guisado goat stew
Arroz Con Vegetable Y Bistec Salteado vegetable rice, pepper steak
Gallina Del Vivero Guisada fresh hen stew

El Nuevo Bonao Pollo - Chicken Menu and Prices 2022

Pechuga De Pollo A La Parrilla$8.00grilled chicken breast
Pechuga De Pollo En Salsa$8.00chicken breast in sauce
Pollo Al Horno rotisserie chicken
Pechuga De Pollo Empanizada$8.00breaded chicken breast
Pechuga De Pollo Rellena Con Camarones$18.00chicken breast stuffed with shrimp
Pechuga De Pollo Salteado$8.00sauteed chicken breast
Chicharrones De Pollo$7.00fried chicken rinds
Asopado De Pollo$8.00chicken soupy rice

El Nuevo Bonao Viernes - Friday Menu and Prices 2022

Bacalao Guisado codfish stew
Chivo Guisado goat stew
Chicharron De Cerdo fried pork skin
Paella paella
Asopado De Mariscos seafood soupy rice

El Nuevo Bonao Sandwich Menu and Prices 2022

Tortilla De Huevo Con Aji, Cebolla Y Jamon$4.00omelette with chili, onions and ham
Pernil, Lechuga Y Tomate$4.00roast pork, lettuce and tomato
Jamon, Queso, Lechuga Y Tomate$3.00ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato
Chuleta Empanizada Con Queso$5.00breaded pork chop with cheese
Bistec Empanizado$5.00breaded steak sandwich
Bistec A La Parrilla Con Queso$5.50grilled steak with cheese
Chuleta Empanizada$4.50breaded pork chop
Bistec Salteado$5.00pepper steak
Bistec Encebollado$5.00steak with onions
Pollo A La Brasa$4.00toasted chicken
Sandwich Cubano$5.00cubano sandwich
Chuleta Frita$4.00fried pork chop

El Nuevo Bonao Carnes Selecionadas - Meat Selections Menu and Prices 2022

Bistec En Salsa$8.00steak in sauce
Bistec Empanizado$8.00breaded steak
Bistec De Res Frita$8.00fried beef
Bistec Salteado$8.00pepper steak
Bistec Con Hueso$14.00t bone steak
Bistec Sirloin$14.00sirloin steak
Bistec Palomilla Ala Parrilla$8.00grilled round steak
Bistec Encebollado$8.00steak with onions

El Nuevo Bonao Sopa Del Dia - Soup Of The Day Menu and Prices 2022

Pequena, Small/ Grande, Large
Sopa De Pollo - Chicken Soup$5.00 - $3.00diaria, daily
Sancocho De Gallina - Hen Spanish Soup$6.00 - $5.00thursday & sunday
Cocido De Pata De Res - Cow Feet Soup$6.00 - $3.00martes, tuesday
Sopa De Mariscos - Seafood Soup$7.00 - $4.00viernes, friday
Sopa De Mondongo - Triple Soup$6.00 - $3.00diaria, daily

El Nuevo Bonao Jueves - Thursday Menu and Prices 2022

Higado liver
Sancocho De Gallina hen spanish soup
Arroz Con Gandules rice with pigeon peas

El Nuevo Bonao Lunes - Monday Menu and Prices 2022

Costillas A La BBQ Y Arroz Con Gandules bbq spare ribs and rice with pigeon peas
Cerdoi Guisado pork meat stew

El Nuevo Bonao Sabado - Saturday Menu and Prices 2022

Gallina Del Vivero Guisada fresh hen stew
Chicharron De Cerdo fried pork skin
Arroz Con Vegetales rice with pigeon peas
Costillas Al Herno broiled spare ribs
Pollo Al A Bbq bbq chicken

El Nuevo Bonao Todos Los Dias Tenemos Menu and Prices 2022

Everyday We Have Beef Stew, Roast Pork, Broiled Chicken, Triple Stew, White & Yellow Rice, Red Beans
Pollo Al Horno broiled chicken
Mondongo Guisado tripe stew
Pernil roast pork
Arroz Blanco Y Amarrillo white & yellow rice
Habichuelas Rojas red beans
Carne Guisada beef stew

El Nuevo Bonao Breakfast Specials Menu and Prices 2022

2 Huevos Cualquier Estilo Con Papas, Tostadas Y Cafe$3.502 eggs any style with french fries, toast and coffee
Con Jamon, Salami, Salchicha O Tocineta$4.00with ham, salami, sausage or bacon
Tortilla Espanola De Huevo Con Aji, Cebolla, Jamon, Papa Y Cafe$4.00spanish omelette with onions, ham, french, toast and coffee
Con Extra Carne O Queso$4.50with extra meat or cheese

El Nuevo Bonao Mariscos - Seafood Menu and Prices 2022

Filete Al Ajillo Relleno De Camarones$20.00fillet fish with shrimp
Coctel De Camarones$12.00shrimp cocktail
Asopado De Camarones$12.00shrimp soupy rice
Mariscada Especial Para Dos Personas$39.00special mixed seafood for two people
Cola De Langosta E4n Asopado$28.00lobster tail soupy rice
Cola De Langosta Cualquier Estilo Con Camarones$35.00lobster tail any style with shrimp
12 Almejas Al Vapor$12.0012 steamed clams
12 Almejas Abiertas Con Limon$12.0012 open clams with lemon
Ensalada De Camarones$12.00shrimp salad
12 Almejas Rellenas De Mariscos$24.0012 clams stuffed with seafood
Cola De Langosta A La Parrilla$28.00grilled lobster tail
Ensalada De Camarones A La Vinagreta$12.00shrimp salad vinaigrette style
Cola De Langosta Al Vapor$28.00steamed lobster tail
Asopado De Camarones Y Almejas$19.00shrimp & clam soupy rice
Camarones A La Parrilla$12.00grilled shrimp
Mariscada Especial$22.00special mixed seafood
Camarofongo$14.00mashed green plantains stuffed with shrimp
Cola De Langosta Rellena De Mariscos$35.00lobster tail stuffed with seafood
Cola De Langosta Al Ajillo$28.00lobster tail in garlic sauce
Ensalada De Camarones A La Mayonesa$12.00shrimp salad mayonnaise style
Camarones Empanizados$12.00breaded shrimp
12 Almejas En Asopado$12.0012 clams in soupy rice
12 Almejas Y Camarones En Asopado$22.0012 clams and shrimp soupy rice
Ceviche De Camarones$12.00shrimp ceviche
Camarones Al Ajillo$12.00shrimp in garlic sauce
Asopado De Camarones Calamares Y Almejas$20.00shrimp, calamari and clam soupy rice

El Nuevo Bonao Cerdo - Pork Menu and Prices 2022

Chuleta En Salsa$8.00pork chop in sauce
Carne De Cerdo Frita (Masita)$8.00fried pork meat
Chuleta Empanizada$8.00breaded pork chop
Pernil$7.00roast pork
Chuleta Frita$7.00fried pork chop
Chicharrones De Cerdo$8.00fried pork skin

El Nuevo Bonao Especiales De La Casa - House Specialties Menu and Prices 2022

Paella Valenciana Para Una Persona (Mar Y Tierra)$15.00para mas persons-for two or more people
Guinea En Fricasse O En Salsa$10.00guinea hen in fricasse or in sauce
Paella #1 A La Marinera Para 1 Persona$17.00para mas persons- for two or more people
Paella Valenciana Para Una Persona (Mar Y Tierra)$17.00paella surf & turf for q person
Arroz Con Cola De Langosta$28.00rice with lobster tail
Ensalada De Pulpo$12.00octopus salad
Chivo En Fricasse O En Salsa$7.00goat in fricasse or in sauce
Paella #1 A La Marinera Para 1 Persona$20.00parella el nuevo bonao style for 1 person
Asopado Las 7 Potencias #1$20.007 powers soupy rice (paella style)
Arroz Con Calamares$11.00rice with calamari
Arroz Con Camarones$12.00rice with shrimp
Asopado Las 7 Potencias #1$15.00para mas persons-for two or more people

El Nuevo Bonao Batidos Y Jugos Naturales - Shakes & Natural Juices Menu and Prices 2022

Morir Sonando$3.00orange juice mixed with milk
Jugo Puro De Avena$3.00oatmeal juice
Avena Caliente$1.00warm oatmeal
Jugo De Naranja$3.00orange juice
Zanahoria Y Torreja$3.00carrot with grapefruit
Jugo De Toronja$3.00grapefruit juice
Zanahoria Y Naranja$3.50carrot and orange juice
Zanahoria$3.50carrot juice

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