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El Gauchito Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly August 2020

El Gauchito Especialidades De Nuestra Parrilla - Especiales From Our Grill Menu and Prices 2020

Entrafia$13.95 - $6.50skirt steak
Parillada- 1 Persona: 1 Tira De Asado, Vacio, Chorizo Morcilla Y Molleja$13.95parillada 1person: short ribs, flank steak, sausage or blood sausage & beef neck sweet bread
Bife De Chorizo$15.95 - $10.45top loin steak ny steak (8 oz, 16 oz)
Molleja$3.50 - $7.95sweet bread (sandwich, plate al plato)
Pechuga De Pollo$10.99 - $5.99chicken breast (sandwich, plate al plato)
Morcilla$2.95 - $7.95blood sausage (sandwich, plate al plato)
Vacio$5.95 - $8.25flank steak
Milanesas$6.95 - $10.45breaded steak (sandwich, plate al plato)
Bife Ancho$16.99 - $9.45rib eye (8 oz, 16 oz)
Bife De Lomo$15.95 - $10.95filet mignon (8 oz, 16 oz)
Chorizo$2.95 - $7.95sausage (sandwich, plate al plato)
Colita De Cuadril$12.45tri tip (16 oz)
Asado De Tira$12.95short rib (16 oz al plato)
Parillada - 2 Personas: 2 Tiras De Asado, Vado, Chorizo, Morcilla Y Molleja$25.99parrillada for 2 persons: short ribs, flank steak, sausage, blood sausage & beef neck sweet bread

El Gauchito Cervezas Menu and Prices 2020

11. Bud Lite 
2. Quilmes 
11. Budweiser 
4. Heineken 
10. Miller Lite 
5. Beck's 
6. Presidente 
1. Peroni italiana
7. Corona 
9. Miller Genuine Draft 
3. Grolsch 
8. Corona Light 

El Gauchito Especiales De La Casa - Exclusive Gourmet Pizzas Menu and Prices 2020

Pequena - Mediana - Grande / Small - Medium - Large.
6. "Napolitana" Tomato On Rodajas, Rogano, Ajo Y Mozzarella$11.99 - $13.99"napolitana" sliced tomatoes, oregano, garlic and mozzarella
2. Pizza Con Jamon, Morron, Cebolla Y Aceitunas$11.99 - $8.49ham, sweet, red pepper, onion and olives
3. Pizza Con Anchoas$8.49 - $14.49pizza with anchovies
4. Pizza Con Queso Roquefort$11.99 - $8.49pizza with roquefort cheese
5. Pizza Hawaiana$14.99 - $8.49pizza with pineapple
1. "Los Gauchitos Jamon, Palmitos, Huevos, Tomate Queso, Hongos Y Mozzarella Conun Toque De Salad G$14.99 - $8.49los gauchitos ham, hearts of palm, eggs, tomato cheese, mushroom, mozzarella, & a touch of golf sauce

El Gauchito Pastas Caseras - Homemade Pastas Menu and Prices 2020

Canelones (Variedad De Gustos A Escoger)$11.99caneloni with a variety of fillings to choose from
Fettucini$9.99fettucini: alfredo or with meat sauce
Ravioles: Carne, Pollo, Espinaca Y Jamon$12.99homemade ravioli stuffed with meat, chicken, spinach with ham
Noquis$7.99 - $9.95gnocchi

El Gauchito Pizzas - Ingredientes Menu and Prices 2020

Mozzarella 1/2 Pequena - Pequena - Mediana - Grande / Mozzarella 1/2 Small $2.25, Small $4.50, Medium $8.49, Large $11.99 topping: ham, capicola, cantimpalo, onions, sweet red pepper, olives, heart of palms, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, eggs.

El Gauchito Bebidas Menu and Prices 2020

Jugos - Juices$1.25

El Gauchito Entradas- Entrees Menu and Prices 2020

Tomate Con Palmitos$5.95tomatoes with heart of palm
Jamon Crudo Con Ensalada Rusa$9.45prosciutto with russian salad
Mejillones (Provenzal, Salsa Verde O Con Ajo Y Tomate)$8.95mussels (provencal, salsa verde, garlic & tomatoes)
Palmitos Con Salsa Golf$5.95heart of palm with golf sauce
Lengua a La Vinagreta$8.95beef tongue in vinegrette sauce
Provoleta a La Parilla$8.95 - $4.95provolone cheese grilled 1feta 1slice/2fetas 2 slices
Matambre Con Ensalada Rusa$8.95matambre with russian salad
Plato De Flambes$8.45italian cold cut platter
Berenjena En Escabeche$6.99eggplant in vinegrette sauce
Con Jamon Crudo$10.95with prosciutto
Mozzarella De Bufala Con Tomate$10.99 - $5.95aceite de olive y oregano bufala, mozzarella with tomatoes, olive oil, oregano

El Gauchito House Wines Menu and Prices 2020

Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon And Chardonnay, Rosado: White Zinfandel - Sangria tambien tenemos una amplia lista de vinos importados we also carry a variety of selected fine wines
Carafe$13.99(1 liter)
Carafe$7.99(1/2 liter)

El Gauchito Especial "Chivito" Los Ganchitos - Special " Chivito" Los Gauchitos Menu and Prices 2020

Empanadas De Came, Pollo O Pascualina$2.25meat, chicken or spinach pies
Sandwiches Caliente$5.45hot sandwich; thin slice of french bread baked and stuffed with ham and cheese e
Lomo, Jamon, Mozzarella$7.45huevo, lechuga, tomate y pancetta en un deliciocos pan catalan filet mignon, ham, mozzarella, egg, lettuce, tomato and bacon on delicious homemade bread
Ensalada, Ensalada Rusa O Papitas Hervidas Con Huevo Duro Y Perejil$3.25salad, russian salad or tiny potatoes with boiled egg and parsley
Sandwiches Caliente$6.25con mozzarella
Papas Fritas$4.50papas fritas provenzal "gde"
Papas Frita$2.65french fries
Ensalada Especial De La Casa$6.99special house salad
Lomo, Jamon, Mozzarella$18.45 - $10.95al plato
Ensalada Especial De La Casa$10.99grande

El Gauchito Postres - Desserts Menu and Prices 2020

Panqueques De Manzana$4.99apple pancakes
Cheese Cake$3.99cheese cake
Torta De Chocolate$4.25loving chocolate cake
Flan Con Dulce De Leche$3.95flan with dulce de leche
Panqueques Con Dulce De Leche$4.25pancake with dulce de leche
Mil Hojas Con Dulce De Leche$3.95napoleon with dulce de leche
Especial De Casa "Postre Chaja"$4.99house special "postre chaja"
Martin Fierro (Queso Havarti Con D. Membrillo)$4.50"martin fierro"(havarti cheese with quince jam)

El Gauchito Pizzas Rellenas - Stuffed Pizzas Menu and Prices 2020

11. Pizza A Caballo (Pizza Con Faina)$8.50 - $14.99pizza with faina (baked chick pea flour)
14. Figaza - Cebolla Sazonada Y Aceite De Oliva$12.99 - $6.99figaza - seasoned onion with olive oil
9. Jamon, Queso, Huevos Y Tomate$14.99 - $8.50ham, cheese, eggs and tomatoes
7. Espinaca Y Ricotta$8.50 - $11.99spinach and ricotta cheese
8. Chorizo, Cebolla Y Hongos$11.99 - $8.50sausage, onion and mushrooms
12. Faina$3.99 - $6.99faina (baked chick pea flour)
10. Palmitos Con Jamon Y Mozzarella$11.99 - $14.99hearts of palm with ham and mozzarella
13. Fugazzeta: Cebolla Sazonada Y Mozzarella$6.99 - $9.99fugazetta: seasoned onion and mozzarella

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