El Arepazo 2 Menu Price 2021 - Check El Arepazo 2 Restaurent Menu

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We included El Arepazo 2 breakfast menu price, El Arepazo 2 meal menu price, El Arepazo 2 catering menu price given below in the chart which you can consider before going to restaurant or order online.

You can check the El Arepazo 2 official site, check latest and current menu price and compare it with our menu price cause restaurant can change their price anytime so sometime it may be little variations in price which is listed here and actual.

El Arepazo 2 Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly March 2021

El Arepazo 2 Cachapas Menu and Prices 2021

Yellow Sweet Corn Pancakes
Rubia$7.24shredded chicken, guyanese or mano cheese
Americana$7.24ham, guyanese or mano cheese
Llanera$6.49shredded cheese
Guayanesa$6.49guyanese cheese
Pelona$7.24shredded beef, guyanese or mano cheese
Tocuyana$7.24pork, guyanese or mano cheese

El Arepazo 2 Drinks Menu and Prices 2021

Venezuelan Fress Kolita & Fress Kolita Zero 
Venezuelan Chicha rice drink with condensed milk & cinnamon
Cafe Con Leche colada, marron, guayoyo
Hispanic Sodas materva, materva diet, jupina, jupina diet, postobon, colombiana
Venezuelan Papelon Con Limon corn sugar with lemon juice
Beer & Wine 
Venezuelan Malta Polar 

El Arepazo 2 Empanadas $3.27 Menu and Prices 2021

Fried Venezuelan Pastry
Carne Mechada shredded beef
Queso cheese
Pollo Mechado shredded chicken

El Arepazo 2 Ensaladas Menu and Prices 2021

Salads Sauces: Vegetarian Guacamole, Garlic Sauce, Hot Sauce
Reina Pepiada$7.99venezuelan chicken & avocado rice, lettuce, shoestring potatoes, sauce of choice
Carne Mechada$7.99shredded chicken, lettuce, shoestring potatoes, sauce of choice
Llanera$7.99gouda or guayanes or mano cheese, lettuce, shoestring potatoes, sauce of choice
Pernil$7.99pork, lettuce, shoestring potatoes, sauce, of choice
Pollo Mechado$7.99shredded chicken lettuce, shoestring potatoes, sauce of choice
Atun$6.99tuna, lettuce, shoestring potatoes, sauce of choice

El Arepazo 2 Tequenos Menu and Prices 2021

Fried Dough Rolls
Queso Mini$3.19cheese mini
Parrilla De Carne$11.99beef bbq
Perro Caliente$3.50hot dog
Pepito De Carne$8.49beef sandwich
Perro Caliente Con Todo$4.99hot dog fully loaded
Parrilla Mixta$11.99beef & chicken bbq
Hamburguesa "La Sifrina"$6.99ham burger
Pepito Mixto$8.49beef & chicken sandwich
Queso Con Guayaba$1.59guava & cream cheese
Salchi-Papas$3.99sausage and french fries
Parrilla De Pollo$10.99chicken bbq
Hamburguesa "La Guerrera"$8.99wheat hamburger
Pepito De Pollo$7.49chicken sandwich

El Arepazo 2 Sopas Menu and Prices 2021

Chicken$3.99 - $4.99
Beef$5.99 - $4.99
Vegetarian$2.99 - $3.99

El Arepazo 2 Desserts Menu and Prices 2021

Arroz Con Leche traditional rice pudding
Tres Leches 
Cuatro Leches 
Marquesa De Chocolate 

El Arepazo 2 Arepas Menu and Prices 2021

Stuffed Corn Bread Patties
Asado Negro$0.57add cheese
Ensalada De Gallina$5.42venezuelan chicken salad
Caraotas Negras$4.49chick beans
Pollo Mechado$0.57add cheese
Carne Mechada$5.42shredded beef
Queso De Mano$4.67venezuelan queso tacos
Ensalada De Gallina$0.57add cheese
Queso Guayanes$4.67venezuelan queso tacos
Carne Mechada$0.57add cheese
Queso Amarillo Gouda$4.49shredded gouda cheese
Reina Pepiada$5.42venezuelan chicken & avocado rice
Pernil$0.57add cheese
Asado Negro$5.42roasted beef
Perico$4.49scrambled egg with vegetables
Reina Pepiada$0.57add cheese
Queso Blanco Rayado$4.49venezuelan style cheese
Pollo Mechado$5.42shredded chicken

El Arepazo 2 Venezuelan Dishes $9.99 Menu and Prices 2021

Add Arepa $0.99 Sides: Rice, Black Beans, Plantains, Soup, Lettuce.
Pabellon Criollo shredded beef, rice, plantains, black beans
Pollo Mechado shredded chicken, choose 2 sides
Desayuno Criollo breakfast dish. shredded beef, scrambled eggs with vegetables, black beans
Asado Negro sweet beef, choose 2 sides
Pernil pork, choose 2 sides
Lasaha venezuelan style bologna, choose 2 sides

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