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Divine Thai Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly October 2019

Divine Thai Noodle Soup Menu and Prices 2019

Chicken Noodle Soup$9.95Steamed noodle and chicken in clear broth
Divine Noodle Soup$9.95Steamed rice noodle served with fish ball, chicken, shrimp and vegetables in warm clear broth
Boat Noodle$9.95Steamed noodle and your choice of meat in warm, dark soy, herbal broth
Veggie and Tofu Noodle$9.95Steamed rice noodle with veggies & tofu
Spicy Seafood Noodle$10.95Steamed rice noodle with shrimp, scallop, calamari, mussel served with hot and sour broth, vegetables and crushed

Divine Thai From the Grill Menu and Prices 2019

Moo Yang (Bbq Pork)$10.95Sliced marinated pork chop served with homemade dipping sauce
Gai Yang (Bbq Chicken)$10.95Half charbroiled chicken marinated in thai spices served with homemade sweet and sour sauce

Divine Thai Appetizers Menu and Prices 2019

Chicken Satay$7.95Grilled marinated chicken served with cucumber and peanut sauce
Shyly Shrimp$6.95Marinated shrimps hiding inside rice paper and crispy fried served with sweet and sour sauce
Crispy Tofu$6.95Deep fried tofu served with sweet sauce and crushed peanut
Ka Nom Jeep (Thai Dumpling)$6.95Thai dumplings stuffed with shrimp, ground chicken, bamboo shoot and water chestnuts
Crispy Egg Rolls$3.95Golden fried rolls stuffed with vegetables and chicken (vegetarian available)
Golden Triangle$7.95Curry-flavored mash potato wrapped inside crispy wonton skin
Appetizer Sampler$10.95Two of crispy eggrolls, shyly shrimps, satay, dumplings and golden triangle served with sweet and sour sauce, peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Divine Thai Seafood Specialties Menu and Prices 2019

Steamed Mussel$11.95Steamed mussels in clay pot with authentic spices
Steamed Mussel$11.95Steamed mussels in clay pot with authentic spices
Pla Rad Prik (Chili Fish)$15.95Deep fried fish filet topped with thai spicy chili sauce and fresh basil
Seafood Spicy Basil$15.95Shrimp, calamari, mussel, scallop sautéed in brown sauce with chili, onion and fresh basil
Choo Chee Salmon or Prawn$15.95Your choice of salmon or prawn grilled and top with sweet thai curry
Charlie's Cat Fish$15.95Crispy fried cat fish fillet topped with pepper corn, rhizomes, basil in special homemade sauce
Sweet and Sour Fish$12.95Deep fried fish fillet in batter topped with veggies in sweet and sour sauce
Sweet Thai Salmon$15.95Grilled salmon steak top with sweet sauce and vegetables

Divine Thai Sides Menu and Prices 2019

Sticky Rice$2.00
Green Salad with Peanut Dressing$3.95
Multi-Grains Brown Rice$2.00
Peanut Sauce$1.00 - $2.00
Steamed Vegetables$3.95
Cucumber Salad$3.95
Steamed Rice$1.00 - $3.50

Divine Thai Spicy Entree Menu and Prices 2019

Served with your choice of: beef, chicken, pork, vegetarian meat or mixed veggies and tofu (shrimp $12.95, Mixed seafood $15.95))
Pad King Sod (Ginger)$10.95Sliced young ginger sautéed in homemade sauce with onion, mushroom and pepper
Param (Spinach in Peanut Sauce)$10.95Steamed spinach and cabbage topped with peanut sauce and your choice of meat
Prik King (Spicy Green Bean)$10.95Sliced green bean sautéed with thai chili paste
Pad Himmaparn (Cashew Nuts)$10.95Spicy chili paste sautéed with roasted cashew nuts, onion, water chestnuts and bell pepper
Pad Kra Paw (Spicy Basil)$10.95Spicy thai dish sautéed in garlic sauce and fresh basil with your choice of meat
Pad Priew Warn (Sweet and Sour)$10.95Deep fried meat in batter topped with tropical vegetables in sweet and sour sauce
Pad Makuer (Spicy Eggplant)$10.95Eggplant sautéed in spicy light brown sauce with basil leaves, onion and bell pepper
Pad Kra Tiem (Garlic & Pepper)$10.95Garlic and hot pepper stir-fried with your choice of meat and vegetables

Divine Thai Salad Menu and Prices 2019

Larb Gai$8.95Chopped chicken salad tossed with mint leaves, onion, crushed toasted rice and spicy lime sauce
Lemon Grass Salad$9.95Ground chicken, shrimp, sliced lemon grass, onion, chili tossed in spicy lime dressing and cashew nuts
Yum Nuer (Beef Salad)$9.95Charbroiled beef, cucumber, tomato, and touch of chili oil and lime served with mixed greens
Yum Talay (Seafood Salad)$15.95Steamed prawn, mussel, calamari and fish tossed with spicy lime juice, served on top of mixed green salad
Nam Sod$8.95Minced pork mixed with peanut, young ginger, onion and spicy limejuice
Calamari Salad$10.95Grilled calamari tossed with chili-lime dressing and mint leaves served on green
Som Tum (Papaya Salad)$8.95Shredded papaya salad, green beans, tomato, peanuts served with grilled shrimps
Naked Shrimp$10.95Grilled shrimp salad tossed with chili paste, onion and lemon grass served with iceberg lettuce
Thai Garden Salad$8.95Mixed green salad topped with fried tofu, hard broiled egg and peanut dressing
Silver Noodle Salad$9.95Silver noodle salad tossed with chicken, shrimp, onion and cilantro in chili lime sauce
Num Tok$9.95Urban style barbeque beef with a touch of crushed toasted rice served with mixed greens, chili and lime
Chicken Salad$8.95Grilled seasoned chicken breast on top of mixed greens and peanut dressing

Divine Thai Thai Curry Menu and Prices 2019

Pick your curry then pick your choice of meat or vegetarian style. Choice of meat: beef, chicken, pork, mock duck, mock chicken or mixed veggies and tofu (shrimp $12.95 And seafood $15.95)
Panang Curry$10.95Spicy panang curry with a touch of pea-carrot in coconut milk and basil
Salmon Curry$15.95Grilled salmon fillet topped with your favorite curry sauce: green, red or panang curry
Kang Keaw Warn (Green Curry)$10.95Thai green curry with eggplants, zucchini, bamboo, green bean and sweet basil in coconut milk
Pineapple Curry$10.95Sliced pineapple in a special curry sauce mixed with tomato and sweet basil
Red Sea Curry$15.95Shrimp, squid, scallop, mussel, fish fillets steamed in red curry sauce, bamboo shoot, eggplant and fresh basil
Mussaman Curry$10.95Thai mild curry aromatic with a tint of turmeric herb along with potato, onion and roasted peanuts
Kang Dang (Red Curry)$10.95Thai original, spicy red curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, eggplant and basil
Pumpkin Curry$10.95Fresh sliced kabocha pumpkin steamed with red curry sauce, fresh basil, bell pepper and your choice of meat
Kang Karee (Yellow Curry)$10.95Mild yellow curry with potato, carrot and onion and your choice of meat

Divine Thai Desserts Menu and Prices 2019

Fbi (Fried Banana Ice-Cream)$5.95Crispy fried banana topped with coconut or green tea ice cream
Mango with Sticky Rice$6.95Seasonal only
Jackfruit with Sticky Rice$5.95
Thai Rice Tamale (Banana or Taro)$3.95Steamed rice tamale and black bean wrapped inside banana leaf with your choice of banana or taro filling
Coconut or Green Tea Ice-Cream$2.95

Divine Thai Fried Rice Menu and Prices 2019

Dheva Fried Rice$10.95 - $12.95Fried rice with onion, pea, carrot, tomato and egg with your choice of meat: chicken, beef, pork or tofu
Spicy Fried Rice$10.95 - $12.95Country-style spicy fried rice: onion, thai chili and basil with your choice of meat: chicken, beef, pork or tofu
Pineapple Fried Rice$11.95Pineapple fried rice with shrimps, chicken, onion, carrot, raisins and cashew nuts

Divine Thai Vegetable Lover Menu and Prices 2019

Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce$9.95
Spicy Mixed Vegetables$9.95
Broccoli Delight$9.95Sauteed broccoli and carrot in light garlic sauce
Pad J$9.95Eggplant and string beans stir-fried with bell pepper and fresh basil in chili-garlic sauce
Spinach & Tofu in Garlic Sauce$9.95
Green Bean Delight$9.95Sauteed green bean and carrot in light brown sauce

Divine Thai Kids Menu Menu and Prices 2019

Chicken Noodle Bowl$3.95Chicken and steamed noodle
Chicken Bowl$3.95Steamed sliced chicken breast and broccoli on top of jasmine rice and sweet sauce sauce
Chicken Noodle Soup$3.95
Scramble Bowl$4.95Scrambled eggs over jasmine rice with soy

Divine Thai Pan Fried Noodle Menu and Prices 2019

Served with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, vegetarian meat or mixed veggies and tofu (shrimp $12.95, Seafood $15.95)
Pad See Eew$10.95Pan-fried flat noodle with black gourmet sauce, broccoli and egg with your choice of meat
Gulf of Siam$15.95Prawn, scallop, calamari and mussel lightly sautéed with flat noodle in spicy garlic and basil sauce
Pad Kee Mow$10.95Pan-fried flat noodle with basil, chili and onion with your choice of meat: chicken, beef, pork or tofu
Pad Woon Zen$10.95Pad friend silver noodle with mixed vegetables and your choice of meat
Thai Chicken Noodle$10.95Pan-fried flat noodle with chicken, egg and bean sprout served on top iceberg lettuce
Pad Thai$10.95Traditional pan-fried noodle with chicken, shrimp, egg, bean sprout, onion and crushed peanut

Divine Thai Soup Menu and Prices 2019

Available in vegetarian style
Vegetable & Tofu Soup$5.95 - $9.95Fresh tofu, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, celery, mushroom and zucchini in clear broth
Tom Kah Gai$5.95 - $12.95Spicy coconut and lemon grass soup with chicken, straw mushroom, galangal and cilantro
Tom Yum Shrimp or Fish$6.95 - $12.95Thai style hot and sour, lemon grass soup with shrimp or fish fillet straw mushroom and authentic spices
Silver Noodle Soup$5.95 - $9.95Silver noodle soup with ground chicken, soft tofu, napa cabbage, mushroom and green onion
Po Tak$7.95 - $15.95Hot and sour seafood soup with combination of prawn, calamari, mussel, scallop and fish fillet
Tom Yum Chicken$5.95 - $9.95Thai style hot and sour, lemon grass soup with chicken, straw mushroom, onion and authentic spices

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