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About Checkers:

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants is one of the largest chains of double drive-thru restaurants in America. The company was founded in 1985. They serve various burgers including seared and seasoned, tender and juicy chicken burgers and crispy, flaky fish burgers. Other favorites include hot dogs, wings and various desserts and so on.






    Checkers Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly June 2021

    Checkers Kids Meals Menu and Prices 2021

    Hot Dog$3.19
    Chicken Bites$3.49

    Checkers Single Values Menu and Prices 2021

    Crispy Fish Sandwich$1.99
    Chili Cheeseburger$1.99
    Snack Milkshake$1.59
    Chicken Bites Box$2.00
    Bacon All American Cheeseburger$1.59
    Chili Cheese Dog$1.99
    Value Drink$1.1916 oz.
    Lil' BBQ Roadhouse Burger$1.15
    Value Fries$1.49
    All American Cheeseburger$1.00
    Classic Cone$1.00
    Grilled Hot Dog$1.00
    Dasani Water$1.00

    Checkers Desserts Menu and Prices 2021

    Loaded Strawberry Funnel Cake$2.29
    Cinnamon Apple Pie$1.00
    Classic Funnel Cake$1.49

    Checkers More for Less Menu Menu and Prices 2021

    Chili Dog2 for $3.00
    Crispy Fish Sandwich2 for $3.00
    Mushroom Swissburger2 for $3.00
    Spicy Chicken Deluxe2 for $4.00
    Big Chicken Deluxe2 for $5.00
    Cheese Double2 for $4.00
    Deep Sea Double2 for $5.00
    Bacon Double Rallyburger with Cheese (Limited Time)2 for $5.00
    Medium Drink2 for $3.0032 oz.
    Big Chicken Sandwich2 for $4.00
    Big Chicken Club (Limited Time)2 for $5.00
    Spicy Chicken Double2 for $5.00
    Bacon Rallyburger with Cheese2 for $4.00
    Fry Lover's Burger2 for $3.00
    Spicy Chicken Sandwich2 for $3.00
    Double Rallyburger with Cheese2 for $5.00

    Checkers Classic Wings Menu and Prices 2021

    Available in Medium Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Asian Kick, Angry Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan
    Party$18.4920 Pc.
    Box$5.695 Pc.
    Party$29.9940 Pc.
    Box$9.4910 Pc.
    Ranch or Blue Cheese$0.49
    Combo$11.9910 Pc.
    Combo$7.995 Pc.

    Checkers Ice Cold Drinks Menu and Prices 2021


    Checkers Meals Menu and Prices 2021

    Combo Includes Fries and Drink
    Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Medium Combo$5.29
    Bacon Cheese Champ - Large Combo$6.99
    Bacon Cheese Champ$3.99
    Big Buford$4.59
    Chili Dog - Large Combo$5.59
    Bacon Cheese Champ - Small Combo$6.19
    Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Large Combo$5.79
    Big Chicken Sandwich$2.99
    Big Chicken Sandwich - Large Combo$6.49
    Baconzilla! - Small Combo$6.99
    Double Rally Burger with Cheese - Large Combo$6.69
    Classic Wings - Small Combo$7.995 Pc.
    Chicken Strips$3.294 Pc.
    Deep Sea Double$3.69
    Big Buford - Medium Combo$7.19
    Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Small Combo$4.79
    Double Rally Burger with Cheese - Small Combo$5.69
    Double Rally Burger with Cheese$2.79
    Chicken Strips - Large Combo$6.294 Pc.
    Half-Pound Chicken Bites - Medium Combo$6.29
    Chili Dog - Medium Combo$5.19
    Bacon Roadhouse - Small Combo$6.49
    Cheese Champ - Small Combo$5.49
    Deep Sea Double - Medium Combo$6.19
    Classic Wings - Medium Combo$8.495 Pc.
    Classic Wings - Large Combo$8.995 Pc.
    Double Rally Burger with Cheese - Medium Combo$6.19
    Bacon Cheese Champ - Medium Combo$6.59
    Baconzilla! - Large Combo$7.99
    Half-Pound Chicken Bites$3.29
    Chili Dog$1.49
    Rallyburger with Cheese - Large Combo$5.99
    Cheese Champ - Large Combo$6.49
    Cheese Champ - Medium Combo$5.99
    Baconzilla! - Medium Combo$7.49
    Rallyburger with Cheese$1.89
    Rallyburger with Cheese - Medium Combo$5.49
    Spicy Chicken Sandwich$2.19
    Deep Sea Double - Small Combo$5.69
    Deep Sea Double - Large Combo$6.69
    Rallyburger with Cheese - Small Combo$4.99
    Big Buford - Small Combo$6.69
    Chicken Strips - Medium Combo$5.794 Pc.
    Classic Wings$5.695 Pc.
    Cheese Champ$3.39
    Chili Dog - Small Combo$4.59
    Big Buford - Large Combo$7.59
    Big Chicken Sandwich - Medium Combo$5.99
    Half-Pound Chicken Bites - Large Combo$6.79
    Bacon Roadhouse - Medium Combo$6.99
    Bacon Roadhouse$4.19
    Big Chicken Sandwich - Small Combo$5.49
    Bacon Roadhouse - Large Combo$7.49
    Half-Pound Chicken Bites - Small Combo$5.79
    Chicken Strips - Small Combo$5.294 Pc.

    Checkers Famous Seasoned Fries Menu and Prices 2021

    Cheese Chili Cheese Fries$3.29
    Grilled Cheese Strips or Monsterrella Stix$2.996 Pc.
    Fully Loaded Fries$3.29
    Grilled Cheese Strips or Monsterrella Stix$1.994 Pc.
    Garlic Parm Fries & Stix (Limited Time)$2.99
    Fries$4.29Fry Lover's XL
    Baconzilla! Fries$3.29

    Checkers Cold Creations Menu and Prices 2021

    Sundae Stacker Nilla Banana (Limited Time)$1.99
    Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)$2.99Small
    Deep Dish Sundae (Strawberry Cheesecake or Oreo)$3.99
    Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)$1.59Snack
    Loaded Milkshake Nilla Banana (Limited Time)$2.78
    Waffle Cone (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl)$1.49
    Classic Cone or Cup (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl)$1.00
    Sundae Stacker (Strawberry Cheesecake or Oreo Raspberry)$1.99
    Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)$3.78Small
    Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)$3.99Large
    Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)$3.39Medium
    Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)$4.18Medium
    Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)$4.78Large

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