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Ceviche Inca Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly May 2022

Ceviche Inca Carne Y Pollo Menu and Prices 2022

Lomo Saltado saute tenderloin served with rice and french fries.
Seco De Cordero white beans, rice and lamb marinated in cilantro sauce.
Bistec A Lo Pobre steak served with eggs, french fries, fried bananas with white rice.
Bistec Apanado breaded steak.
Tallarin Verde Con Bistec pesto spaghetti with steak.
Tallarin Saltado De Carne saute spaghetti with beef chunks, onions and tomatoes.
Pollo Saltado saute spaghetti with chicken chunks, onions and tomatoes.
Tacu Tacu Con Lomo fried mix of white beans and white rice with tenderloin steak (sauteed).
Churrasco A Lo Pobre tenderloin steak served with eggs, french fries, fried bananas with white rice.
Milanesa De Pollo fried breaded chicken breast.
Aji De Gallina shredded chicken in chili sauce and parmesan cheese.
Bistec De Palomilla palomilla steak.
Cau Cau veal intestines in an herbal seasoning with badek potatoes.
Arroz Chaufa Con Carne O Pollo chinese style fried rice with beef or chicken.
Tallarin Verde Con Churrasco pesto sauce spaghetti with grilled beef tenderloin.
Tacu Tacu Con Churrasco fried mix of white beans and white rice with beef tenderloin.
Seco De Res white beans, rice and beef marinated in cilantro sauce.
Filet Miñon 

Ceviche Inca Entrantes Menu and Prices 2022

Choclo Peruano Con Queso peruvian corn.
Anticuchos/Brochetas barbecued chunks of beef heart grilled in vegetable charcoal, marinated in spic vinegar sauce, served with corn kernels.
Chicharron De Pescado fried fish bits served with onion sauce.
Aguacate Gratinado Con Pulpa Y Cangrejo grated avocado with crab pulp.
Conchitas A La Parmesan grilled scallop with butter & parmesan cheese.
Ocopa backed potatoes covered in a peanut huacatay sauce.
Papa A La Huancaina backed potatoes covered with mild cottage cheese sauce.
Yuca A La Huancaina backed cassava slices covered with mild cottage cheese sauce.
Chicharron De Pollo fried chicken bits served with fries
Cocktail De Camarones shrimp cocktail with golf sauce.
Tequeños cheese fingers
Pulpo Al Olivo octopus in olive.
Causa Rellena De Pollo O Atun mashed potatoes filed with chicken o tuna
Choros A La Chalaca mussels with onions and tomatoes marinated in lemon juice.
Almejas A La Chalaca clams with onions an tomatoes marinated in lemon juice.
Chicharron De Calamar fried squid bits served with onion sauce.
Tamal De Pollo O Cerdo chicken or pork tamal.
Chicharron De Camarones fried shrimps served with casaba.
Aguacate Gratinado Con Camarones grated avocado with shrimps.
Conchitas Con Camarones Gratinados scallops with grated shrimps.

Ceviche Inca Bebidas Menu and Prices 2022

Chica Morada jarra / pitcher.
Maracuya passion fruit - jarra / pitcher.
Inka Kola 
Kola Inglesa 
Chicha Morada vaso / glass.
Cerveza Domestica domestif beer.
Maracuya passion fruit - vaso / glass.
Soda Regular 

Ceviche Inca A La Parrilla Menu and Prices 2022

Pechuga De Pollo grilled chicken breast.
Parrillada De Mariscos seafood on the grill, marinated in spicy vinegar sauce.
Carne A La Parrilla & Pulpo A La Parrilla grilled octopus served with salad and potatoes.
Plancha Marina fish fillet on the grill mixed with seafood, red pepper, parsley and olive oil.
Parrillada Inca 
Churrasco sizzling tenderloin steak.

Ceviche Inca Ensaladas Menu and Prices 2022

Ensalada De La Casa house salad.
Ensalada Regular regular salad.
Ensalada De Pollo Caesar chicken caesar salad.
Ensalada De Camarones A La Vinagreta shrimps salad with vinaigrette.
Ensalada De Aguacate avocado salad.
Ensalada De Mariscos A La Vinagreta seafood salad with vinaigrette.

Ceviche Inca Ceviches Menu and Prices 2022

Vuelve A La Vida back to life.
Ceviche De Camarones marinated shrimp
Ceviche De Mariscos marinated seafood.
Ceviche De Pescado Y Camaron shrimp and fish marinated mix.
Ceviche Inca 
Ceviche De Pescado small chunks of marinated fish.
Piqueo Ceviche 
Ceviche De Conchas Negras black shells marinated.
Ceviche Mixto fish, shrimp, octopus and squid marinated mix.
Tiradito Criollo finely sliced fish marinated mix.
Ceviche De Corvina 
Leche De Tigre tiger´s milk juice.

Ceviche Inca Postres Menu and Prices 2022

Crema Volteada 
Dulce Cuatro Leches 
Dulce Tres Leches 
Helado Lucumo 
Torta De Chocolate 
Suspiros Limeños 

Ceviche Inca Sopas Menu and Prices 2022

Chicano fish consomme.
Sopa De Pollo chicken soup.
Parihuela De Mariscos seafood soup (fish, shrimp, crab, mussels and octopus).
Aguadito De Pescado fish with rice in cilantro base.
Sopa A La Criolla creole soup with beef, milk, noodles and pinch of chili.
Chupe De Camarones shrimp gombo.
Sopa De Choros mussels soup.
Chupe De Pescado fish gombo.
Aguadito De Mariscos seafood and rice soup.
Parihuela De Mariscos Con Conchas Negras seafood soup with black shells.
Aguadito De Pollo chicken rice soup.
Sopa A La Minuta meat soup with spaghetti.

Ceviche Inca Acompañantes Menu and Prices 2022

Frijoles Negros black beans.
Frijoles Blancos white beans.
Vegetales Hervidos 
Ensalada salad
Platano Maduro plantains
Yuca Frita fried cassava.
Papas Fritas french fries.
Pure De Papa 
Arroz white rice.
Choclo Peruano peruvian corn.

Ceviche Inca Mariscos Menu and Prices 2022

Sudado De Pescado poached fish fillet.
Filete A Lo Macho macho style fried fish fillet.
Mariscos Saltados sauteed seafood.
Tallarin Saltado De Mariscos spaghetti with seafood sauce.
Filete De Pescado Con Camarones En Salsa De Aji Amarillo fried fish filet with shrimps in yellow chili cream.
Pargo Sudado Con Mariscos poached snapper with seafood.
Picante De Pulpo octopus in hot sauce served with rice.
Tallarin Con Camarones En Salsa De Rocoto spaghetti with shrimps in rocoto cream.
Filete En Salsa De Mariscos fish fillet in seafood sauce.
Filete De Pescado A La Plancha grilled fish fillet.
Tallarin Saltados De Camarones spaghetti with sauteed shrimp.
Filete De Pescado Con Camarones En Salsa Rocoto fried fish filet with shrimps in rocoto sauce.
Camaron Al Ajillo shrimp in garlic sauce.
Filete De Pescado Con Camarones En Salsa Florentina fried fish filet with shrimps in florentine sauce.
Jalea Mixta mixed deep fried seafood.
Cau Cau De Mariscos seafood in herbal seasoning with baked potato served with rice.
Picante De Mariscos seafood in bot sauce served with rice.
Pargo (Pescado Entero) red snapper (whole fish).
Arroz Chaufa De Mariscos fried ice (chinese style) with seafood.
Jalea Mixta Familiar family size deep fried seafood.
Camarones Al Ajo garlic shrimp.
Jalea Presidente 
Arroz Con Mariscos rice with seasoned seafood.
Pargo Sudado Con Camarones poached snapper with shrimps.
Filete De Pescado Con Camarones En Salsa Pulpa De Cangrejo fried fish filet with shrimps in clam pulp sauce.
Picante De Camarones shrimp in hot sauce served with rice.
Tallarin Con Camarones En Crema De Aji Amarillo spaghetti with shrimps in yellow chili cream.
Filete De Pescado Encebollado fish fillet with onions.
Filete En Salsa De Camarones fillet in shrimp sauce.
Filete De Pescado A La Broiled broiled fish fillet.
Filete De Pescado Frito fried fish fillet.
Tacu Tacu En Salsa De Mariscos fried mix of white beans and rice in seafood sauce.
Corvina Frita fried corvina.

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