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Centeno's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly March 2023

Centeno's Mariscos Menu and Prices 2023

58. Rock Fish$16.00served with rice, beans, salad cheese, lemon slices, avocado, avocado & 2 tortillas
57. Alitas De Pollo Con Arroz$9.00chicken wings with rice & soy sauce
54. Linguini Mushroom Pasta$12.00with alfredo sauce
51. Ceviche Mixto$12.00mix ceviche: shrimp, squid, scallops mixed with lemon juice, cilantro, celery, jalapeno, tomato, tilapia & red onions
50. Coctel De Camarones$10.00shrimp cocktail mixed with tomato sauce, cilantro, jalapeno & red onions
55. Grilled Chicken Fettuccine$13.00with choice of alfredo sauce or red sauce
63. Filete De Salmon$16.00salmon with homemade sauce on top served with rice, avocado slices, salad & 2 tortillas
59. Majorra Frita$12.00served with rice, beans, house salad, avocado slices, and 2 tortillas
53. Seafood Pasta$15.00linguini pasta with mussels, shrimp, scallops & squid; served with bread
52. Mejillones$10.0012 mussels in cherry wine sauce topped with marinara sauce, chopped parsley, garlic & ginger
62. Langosta Rellena$27.00stuffed lobster with crab meat served with homefries & vegetables
56. Camarones A La Plancha$15.00grilled shrimp served with rice, beans, salad, cheese, avocado slices & 2 tortillas
61. Filete De Tilapia Relleno Con Carne De Cangrejo$14.00tilapia filet filled with crab meat; served with rice, salad, avocado slices & 2 tortillas
60. Red Snapper$16.00served with rice, beans, salad, cheese, lemon slices, avocado & 2 tortillas

Centeno's Licuados Menu and Prices 2023

Pina$4.00pineapple, melon

Centeno's Bebidas Menu and Prices 2023

Sodas$2.00coke, sprite, diet coke, ginger ale, orange and grape
Horchata$2.00tamarindo, maranon
Cranberry Juice$2.00orange juice, pineapple juice
Perrier Water$4.00
Botella De Agua$2.00bottle of water

Centeno's Cervezas Menu and Prices 2023

Bacardi Silver 
Amstel Light 
Miller Lite 

Centeno's Aperitivos Menu and Prices 2023

16. Nacho Libre$12.00with chicken & beef
12. Quesadillas$7.00queso / cheese
7. Calamares Fritos$10.00fried calamari served with marinara sauce
15. Tacos - Camarones$13.00tongue tacos served with rice & beans. shrimp
9. Tamales De Elote$2.50corn tamales with sour cream
12. Quesadillas$10.00res / beef
12. Quesadillas served with salad & sour
15. Tacos - Lengua O Steak O Pollo$11.00tongue tacos served with rice & beans. tongue or steak or chicken.
8. Tamales De Pollo$2.50chicken tamales
12. Quesadillas$12.00mixta / mix
12. Quesadillas$11.00camarones / shrimp
10. Yuca Con Chicharron$8.00fried cassava with fried pork, marinated cabbage & red sauce
17. Chef Salad$10.00with cheese, turkey, ham, mushroom, cucumber, lettuce, tomato & dressing
6. Alas De Pollo$8.00 - $15.00chicken wings served with celery, carrots and ranch dressing
16. Nacho Regular$8.00with refried beans. served with sour cream, avocado, pico de gallo, refried beans & jalapenos
14. Grilled Chicken Sub$7.50comes with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise. served with french fries & ketchup.
11. Pupusas$2.00loroco: loroco flower with cheese. revuelta: pork with cheese. frijoles: beans with cheese. queso: cheese.
17. House Salad$5.00
12. Quesadillas$9.00pollo / chicken
14. Steak & Cheese$7.50comes with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise. served with french fries & ketchup.
13. Picadera Mixta$25.00shrimp, beef, chicken, pupusas, yucca & jalapenos

Centeno's Sopas Menu and Prices 2023

Soups. All Come With 2 Tortillas.
18. Sopa De Gallina$11.00hen soup with vegetables
21. Sopa De Mondongo$11.00beef tripe soup with vegetables
22. Sopa De Mariscos$15.00seafood soup with fish, mussels, scallops & shrimp
19. Sopa De Res$11.00beef soup with vegetables
20. Sopa De Bolo$14.00grilled chicken, 4 shrimp, 2 eggs and vegetables

Centeno's Pizzas Menu and Prices 2023

Sm / Lg.
34. Mozzarella Pizza$10.95 - $15.95with green peppers, pepperoni, basil leaves & onions
24. Primavera$10.95 - $15.95tomato sauce, mushrooms, red onions, green pepper, basil & mozzarella
30. Explosiva$11.95 - $15.95tomato sauce, spinach, roasted garlic, bacon, jalapeno pepper & mozzarella
33. Puttanesca$11.95 - $16.95tomato sauce, green pepper, anchovy, black olives, oregano & mozzarella
37. Pizza De Marisco$15.95 - $19.95seafood pizza: salmon, squid, scallops, yellow peppers, jalapeno & cheese
26. Godess$11.95 - $16.95ricotta cheese, fresh tomato, basil, portobello, pine nuts & mozzarella
29. C$11.95 - $16.95spicy salami, zucchini, sliced fresh tomates, jalapeno pepper, fontina & mozzarella
32. Blanca$10.95 - $14.95ricotta cheese, sliced fresh tomato, basil, green pepper & mozzarella
35. Pizza Vegetarian$14.95 - $9.95vegetarian pizza with squash, zucchini, green peppers, basil leaves & cheese
31. Venezia$11.95 - $15.95tomato sauce, capers, zucchini, mushrooms, goat cheese & red onion
27. Centeno's$12.95 - $18.95tomato sauce, grilled chicken, portobello, zucchini, fresh basil, fontina & mozzarella
25. Margarita$10.95 - $15.95tomato sauce, fresh garlic, basil, mushroom & fresh mozzarella
36. Pizza De Salchicha Y Vegetales$10.95 - $15.95sausage & veggies pizza
23. Pepperoni$11.95 - $16.95tomato sauce, pepperoni, fresh diced tomatoes, basil, red onion & mozzarella
28. La Diabla$10.95 - $15.95tomato sauce, jalapeno pepper, green pepper, red onion, sausage, mozzarella

Centeno's Postres $4 Menu and Prices 2023

69. Cheesecake 
70. Tiramisu 

Centeno's Ninos Menu and Prices 2023

65. Pepperoni Pizza$8.00
67. Chicken Tenders$6.00with french fries
64. Cheese Quesadilla$6.00with french fries
68. Hamburguesa Con Queso$7.00cheeseburger with french fries
66. Cheese Pizza$7.00shredded mozzarella

Centeno's Carnes Menu and Prices 2023

Steaks. All Come With 2 Tortillas. Served With Homemade Fries & Veggies.
45. Costilla Asada Con Chorizo$16.00grilled ribs with chorizo sausage; served with rice, beans, cheese, avocado slices & salad
42. Bistec Al Caballo$15.00steak, sunny side up egg with tomato sauce on top & fried plantains; served with salad, rice, beans, cheese & avocado slices
41. T-Bone Steak Con Camarones$20.00with shrimp
49. Costilla Asada$15.00grilled ribs served with homemade fries, veggies, beans, cheese & 2 tortillas
46. N.Y. Steak$17.00n.y. steak with mushrooms; served with home-made fries, rice & vegetables
43. Carne Asada$12.00grilled steak served with salad, beans, rice, cheese & avocado slices
48. Costillas De Oveja$30.00lamb ribs served on a bed of rice, homemade fries, veggies & 2 tortillas
47. Chuleta De Res Con Hongos$15.00beef chop with mushrooms; served with rice & veggies
44. New York Steak Special$19.00ny steak, sunny side up eggs & fried plantains; served with beans, salad, avocado slices & cheese
41. T-Bone Steak Sin Camarones$17.00without shrimp

Centeno's Extra Toppings Menu and Prices 2023

At Additional Cost.
Cheeses$2.00 - $2.75ricotta, mozzarella, goat, fontina
Meats$2.00 - $2.75pepperoni, bacon, salami, grilled chicken, prosciutto, sausage, ground beef, anchovy
Vegetables$2.00 - $2.50portobello, black olives, zucchini, pesto, spinach, mushrooms, capers, basil, red onion, roasted garlic, sweet pepper, eggplant, jalapeno, green and red pepper
Seafood$2.75 - $3.50smoked salmon, scallops, squids

Centeno's Pollo Menu and Prices 2023

39. Brochettes - Mariscos$17.00seafood
38. Pollo A La Plancha$12.00grilled chicken breast served with rice & beans
39. Brochettes - Pollo O Carne$13.00served with salad & rice. chicken or steak

Centeno's Desayunos Menu and Prices 2023

Breakfast. All Comes With 2 Tortillas.
3. Plato Tipico$11.00with chicken or beef. scrambled eggs with tomato, onion & green peppers accompanied with fried plantains, sour cream, beans, salvadorean cheese & avocado slices
1. Cuajada Frita$10.00fried curd cheese with tomato & green peppers; served with rice, beans & sliced avocado
4. Pinchos Desayunos$12.00chicken & vegetables brochette accompanied with curd cheese, rice & beans
5. Desayuno Ranchero$10.00scrambled eggs with tomato, onion & green pepper, accompanied with chorizo, fried pork, salvadorean cheese, rice & beans
2. Huevos Rancheros$9.00sunny side up eggs with tomato sauce on top; accompanied with fried plantain, rice, beans, sour cream, cheese & avocado slices

Centeno's Fajitas Menu and Prices 2023

With Onions, Green Pepper & Tomato; Served With Rice, Refried Beans, Avocado, Sour Cream, Pico De Gallo & Tortillas.
Fajitas De Pollo$13.00chicken
Fajita Mixtas$16.00mix fajita: shrimp, steak & chicken
Fajita De Camaron$14.00shrimp
Fajitas De Carne$13.00beef
Fajitas De Pollo Y Carne$14.00chicken & beef

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