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Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly July 2019

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Desserts Menu and Prices 2019

Cascos De Guayaba Con Queso Crema$5.50guava shells served with cream cheese.
Crema Catalana$5.50creme brûlée.
Fruta Bomba Con Queso Crema$5.50papaya served with cream cheese.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Soups Menu and Prices 2019

Sopa De Pollo$6.00 - $4.00chicken soup.
Sopa De Plátano$8.00 - $5.00sweet plantain soup.
Frijoles Negros$6.00 - $4.00black beans soup.
Crema De Malanga$5.00malanga cream.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Sodas $2.25 Menu and Prices 2019

Pink Lemonade. 
Diet Coke 
Fanta Orange 

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Miercoles Menu and Prices 2019

Chicharos$4.00split pea soup.
Chicharos$6.00split pea soup.
Fricase De Puerco$9.00pork fricase.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2019

Caribbean Club$9.00traditional club sandwich with mayo, ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato and bacon.
Ensalada De Pollo$6.00chicken salad sandwich, served on either white or wheat. entrees: all entrees are served with your choice of two side dishes.
Midnight$6.00pulled pork, serrano ham, and melted swiss cheese served in sweet bread with our sweet mustard aioli.
Ensalada De Atún$6.00tuna salad sandwich, served on either white or wheat.
Pan Con Bistec$8.00thinly sliced steak sandwich topped with grilled onions and shoe string potatoes.
Sandwich De Pollo$7.00grilled chicken breast sandwich served on cuban bread with shredded lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.
Cubano$9.00pulled pork, serrano ham, and melted swiss cheese served in warm cuban bread with our sweet mustard aioli.
Frita Sliders$9.00mini cuban burgers made from ground pork and chorizo.
Pan Con Lechón$7.00roasted pulled pork sandwich served with our secret mojo sauce in cuban bread.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Appetizers & Bar Food Menu and Prices 2019

Mariquitas$3.25fried green plantains.
Calamari Frito$9.00fried calamari served with traditional marinara sauce.
Deditos De Queso$6.00mozzarella sticks.
Cocktail De Camarones$9.00cocktail shrimp.
Croquetas De Jamón Y Pollo$6.00hand made ham croquettes served with a tomato jam.
Masas De Puerco$8.00fried pork chunks.
Caribbean Sampler$15.00sabor caribeño: masas de puerco, chicharrón de pollo, mariquitas con mojo y croquetas.
Chicharrón De Pollo$8.00fried chicken chunks.
Camarones Empanizados$10.00breaded shrimp fried to perfection served with our house sauce.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Martes Menu and Prices 2019

Tamal En Cazuela$6.00cornmeal.
Carne Con Papas$10.00pork chunks and beef stews.
Tamal En Cazuela$4.00cornmeal

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Beef Menu and Prices 2019

Bistec Milanesa$15.00thinly sliced breaded steak with ham and melted swiss cheese.
Vaca Frita$12.00slowly braised beef that has been shredded and sautéed with mojo and onions.
Churrasco$18.00grilled skirt steak served with our own in-house chimichurri sauce.
Bistec Empanizado$14.00thinly sliced steak that has been breaded and fried.
Palomilla$13.00thinly sliced steak topped with grilled onions.
Ropa Vieja$12.00shredded beef.
Picadillo A La Criolla$9.00sautéed ground beef with spanish herbs, onions and peppers.
Fillet Mignon$22.00fillet grilled to desired temperature served with a mushroom demi.
NY Strip$18.00ny steak grilled to perfection and desired internal temperature.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Jugos Naturales $3.25 Menu and Prices 2019

Mango mango
Naranja orange
Piña pineapple

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Fish & Seafood Menu and Prices 2019

Rueda De Pescado$15.00slice of fish.
Camarones Al Ajillo$15.00sautéed in butter and garlic sauce, or breaded and fried.
Langosta Thermidore$27.00stuffed lobster shell topped with a cheese crust.
Pescado Al Grill$13.00grilled fish.
Enchilado De Camarones$15.00sautéed shrimp with a spanish creole sauce that pares perfect with white rice.
Zarzuela De Mariscos$24.00hearty broth seasoned with saffron and filled with seafood galore.
Pargo Entero Frito$16.00whole fried snapper served with mango chutney.
Camarones Empanizados$12.00breaded shrimp.
Pescado Francés$15.00snapper français.
Filete De Pescado$14.00fillet of fish of the day prepared either seared or fried.
Canoa Caribeña$49.00seared lobster and shrimp covered in a spanish creole sauce.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Sides $ 3 Each Menu and Prices 2019

Maduros fried sweet plantain.
Arroz Blanco white rice.
Congri black rice that has been infused with black beans and spices.
Yuca Con Mojo boiled yuca with mojo.
Frijoles Negros black beans soup.
Pure De Papas mashed potatoes.
Tostones fried green plantain.
Yuca Frita fried yuca.
Boniato Frito sweet potato fries.
Espinaca Salteada sautéed spinach.
Papas Fritas french fries.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Jueves Menu and Prices 2019

Bacalao A La Viscaina$10.00cod in creole sauce.
Garbanzos$6.00chick pea stew.
Garbanzos$4.00chick pea stew.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Cafe Menu and Prices 2019

Café Con Leche$2.00café americano

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Pork Menu and Prices 2019

Masas De Puerco$12.00deep fried pork chunks served with our mojo sauce.
Milanesa$13.00thinly sliced breaded pork steak with ham and melted swiss cheese.
Empanizado$12.00breaded pork steak fried to perfection garnished with cilantro and parsley.
Chuletas De Puerco$11.00sautéed pork chop topped with our mojo onions.
Lechón Asado$12.00slow roasted pork that has been marinated in a sour orang overnight.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Chicken Menu and Prices 2019

Chicharrón De Pollo$9.00fried chicken chunks.
Milanesa De Pollo$14.00breaded chicken with ham and melted swiss cheese.
Fricasé De Pollo$9.00braised chicken in a spanish creole sauce that is perfect with white rice.
Pollo A La Plancha$11.00sautéed chicken breast smothered in mojo onions.
Pollo Frito$10.00grandmothers fried chicken quarters.
Pollo Francés$13.00chicken breast that has been lightly floured and sautéed in a lemon, butter and caper sauce.
Bistec De Pollo Empanizado$12.00thin chicken breast that has been breaded and fried.
Pollo Caribeño$14.00herb crusted roasted chicken served with your choice of sides.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Salads Menu and Prices 2019

Caesar$5.00with shrimp add
Caribbean Salad$7.00mixed greens salad topped with cherry tomato, onion, cucumber, calamata olives and feta cheese with greek vinaigrette
Ensalada De Atún$7.00tuna salad served in radicchio.
Ensalada De Pollo$7.00chicken salad served on a bed of shredded lettuce.
Classic Cuban Salad$5.00lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion.
Caesar$2.00caesar salad, with chicken add
Caesar$4.00with steak add

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Rice Dishes Menu and Prices 2019

Paella Valenciana$26.00yellow rice that has been slow cooked with assorted seafood and chicken.
Arroz Con Pollo$16.00yellow rice that has been slow cooked with chicken, onions, peppers and spanish spices.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Batidos $3.50 Menu and Prices 2019


Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Lunes Menu and Prices 2019

Ajiaco$4.00caribbean stew.
Rabo Encendido$13.00oxtail.
Ajiaco$6.00caribbean stew.

Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge Viernes Menu and Prices 2019

Frijoles Colorados$6.00red beans soup.
Frijoles Colorados$4.00red beans soup.
Laconcito De Cordero$13.00lamb shank.

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