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Cafe Riazor Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly July 2020

Cafe Riazor Daily Specials Menu and Prices 2020

Cocido (domingo)$12.00hearty stew (sunday) consisting of steamed beef, pork, chickpeas, spanish sausage, and cabbage
Callos (Sabado)$12.75spanish tripe stew (saturday) tripe stewed in a light brown sauce with chickpeas and spanish sausage
Carne Guisada (jueves)$13.50beef stew (thursday) traditional stewed beef with potatoes, peas, and carrots; garnished with spanish peppers and served with rice

Cafe Riazor Lunch Specials Menu and Prices 2020

L1 through L14 are served with house salad with oil/vinegar dressing and choice of side dish: a) white rice; b) yellow rice; c) boiled potato; d) french fries
L3. Camarones Al Ajillo - Shrimp In Garlic Sauce$9.25sauteed with garlic and olive oil
L11. Ternera a La Gallega - Veal Galician Style$9.75lightly battered and sauteed in parsley, lemon, and wine sauce
L12. Ternera a La Limon - Veal with Lemon$9.75sauteed in a wine and lemon sauce
L2. Cazuela De Mariscos - Seafood Platter$8.50clams, mussels, and shrimps in a tangy red sauce
L13. Ternera a La Plancha - Broiled Veal$9.50sauteed with olive oil
L6. Costilla Riazor - Pork Chop Riazor$8.25sauteed in white wine, spanish red pimientos, and mushroom sauce
L4. Camarones En Salsa Verde - Shrimp In Green Sauce$9.25poached in a thick parsley based sauce
L14. Ternera Riazor - Veal Riazor$9.75sauteed in a wine, spanish red pimientos, and mushroom sauce
L1. Bistec - Shell Steak$11.75broiled with garlic and olive oil
L5. Camarones Riazor - Shrimp Riazor$9.25sauteed in a tangy garlic red sauce
L10. Pollo Riazor - Chicken Riazor (30 Time)$7.751/4 chicken broiled in brown mustard and wine sauce
L8. Lomito Riazor - Pork Cutlet Riazor$8.75lightly battered and sauteed with parsley, wine, and lemon sauce
L9. Milanesa - Veal Cutlet$8.25breaded and fried
L7. Filete De Pescado - Filet of Fish$9.00lightly battered and sauteed with wine and lemon sauce

Cafe Riazor Soups Menu and Prices 2020

Small $4.75 / Large $5.75
Sopa De Pescado - fish soup fish, vegetables, and rice in a tomato based broth
Caldo Gallego - galician soup collard greens, potatoes, white beans, sausage, and pork in a light broth
Sopa De Pollo - chicken soup chicken, vegetables, and rice in a tomato based broth

Cafe Riazor Salads Menu and Prices 2020

Salads Are served with Oil & Vinegar Dressing
Tomate Y Cebolla En Rabanadas$4.75sliced tomatoes & onions
Lechuga Y Tomate$4.00lettuce & tomato
Ensalada Mixta$4.50mixed green

Cafe Riazor Meats and Poultry Entrees Menu and Prices 2020

Milanesa De Caballo$18.00breaded veal cutlet topped with two fried eggs
Ternera Riazor$18.75veal cutlets sauteed in a brown wine sauce with mushrooms and spanish peppers
Filet Mignon$26.00filet mignon broiled with red wine, olive oil, and garlic
Chuletas$17.75pork chops sauteed with tomatoes and onions in a white wine sauce
Bistec$20.00shell steak broiled with garlic and olive oil
Ternera a La Limon$17.50veal cutlets in a brown wine and lemon sauce
Pollo Riazor$18.50half chicken broiled in a tangy mustard and white wine brown sauce
Pernil Asado Con Ensalada De Patata$17.00slices of marinated roast pork
Ternera A La Plancha$17.00veal cutlets sauteed in olive oil
Pollo Al Ajillo$18.25half chicken sauteed in a garlic and wine sauce
Parmigiana De Ternera$18.00breaded veal cutlet topped with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella
Costiletta De Ternera a La Plancha$24.75broiled veal chop with garlic, olive oil, and wine
Mar Y Tierra$37.00filet mignon and steamed lobster tail
Ternera Envuelta$18.75veal cutlets dipped in egg parsley batter with a lemon and wine sauce
Arroz Con Pollo$18.50yellow saffron rice with chicken, spanish sausage, and olives
Pollo Asado$18.00half chicken broiled with mild spices
Ternera a La Gallega$17.75veal cutlets dipped in an egg parsley batter, and sauteed with a lemon and wine sauce
Costiletta De Ternera Riazor$24.75broiled veal chop with garlic, olive oil, and wine, garnished with carrots, peas, onions, potatoes, and spanish peppers

Cafe Riazor Vegetarian Entrees Menu and Prices 2020

Arroz Vegetariano$13.75vegetarian paella with assorted vegetables

Cafe Riazor Seafood Entrees Menu and Prices 2020

Pargo a La Parilla$18.75whole red snapper broiled with lemon wedges in a garlic & wine sauce
Pescado a La Romana (Merluza)$18.75hake steak battered and fried
Calamares a La Romana$18.75fried squid served with tomato mayonnaise sauce
Pescado En Salsa Verde (Merluza O Salmon)$18.00hake or salmon steaks poached in a thick parsley sauce
Calamares a La Cazuela$18.50squid sauteed in a tangy tomato, garlic, olive oil, and wine sauce
Lubina a La Parilla$18.50whole striped bass broiled with lemon wedges in a garlic & wine sauce
Camarones En Salsa Verde$17.75shrimp poached in a thick parsley sauce
Bacalao$18.00cod stewed with potatoes, paprika, garlic & olive oil
Mariscada Riazor$19.75seafood platter of mussels, clams, shrimp, and lobster piece in tangy tomato sauce
Paella Negra$24.75rice with squid ink with mussels, clams, shrimp, lobster, and squid
Camarones Riazor$17.75shrimp sauteed in a tangy tomato, garlic, and wine sauce
Langosta$30.75whole lobster steamed, then broiled with wine and garlic. served with melted butter and garnished with mussels, clams, & shrimp
Mar Y Tierra$37.00surf and turf steamed lobster tail and filet mignon
Paella De La Casa$22.75yellow saffron rice with chicken, sausage, mussels, clams, shrimp, and lobster piece
Filete De Pescado a La Gallega (tilapia)$18.75tilapia filet lightly battered and sauteed with lemon and white wine sauce
Paella Marinera$23.75yellow saffron rice with mussels, clams, shrimp, squid, and lobster piece
Mariscada En Salsa Verde$19.75seafood platter of mussels, clams, shrimp, and lobster piece in a thick parsley sauce

Cafe Riazor Tapas Menu and Prices 2020

Pimientos De Piquilla Rellenos$9.50lightly fried spanish piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna and topped with a red sauce
Pulpo a La Gallega$10.75octopus in olive oil & paprika
13. Mejillones Al Ajillo$8.75mussels in garlic & olive oil
Jamon Serrano Y Queso Manchego$10.00country ham and manchego cheese
Langostinos a La Plancha$9.75large tangy sauteed shrimp in the shell
Croquetas De Bacalao, Pollo, O Jamon(4)$7.00codfish, chicken, or ham croquettes (4 pieces)
Tortilla Espanola$7.00thick potato, egg, & onion omelette
Camarones Al Ajillo$8.75shrimp sauteed in garlic & olive oil
Aceitunas Adobadas$5.00pickled spanish olives
Chorizo$8.75spanish sausage sauteed in red wine
Frijoles Gratinados$6.75black beans with grated cheese
Champinones Rellenos$8.75mushrooms stuffed with seasoned bread crumbs
Vieiras Al Estilo Vigo$8.75scallops lightly baked with cheese and tomato sauce
Patatas Bravas$7.75chunky fried potatoes in a tangy tomato sauce
Boquerones En Vinagre$8.75fresh anchovies in a vinaigrette
Esparragos Blancos De Navarra Con Mayonesa$8.50white asparagus from spain with mayonnaise
Pan Con Tomate Y Ajo$6.75french bread with tomato & garlic
Chorizo Asado$8.75grilled spanish sausage
Champinones Al Ajillo$7.75mushrooms sauteed in garlic
Calamares Al Ajo$8.75squid broiled with garlic
Sestita De Tomate$7.75stuffed tomato with spanish style tuna salad
Callos a La Gallega$7.50tripe, sausage, and chickpea stew

Cafe Riazor Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2020

Meats on all sandwiches are sauteed with wine and garlic and served on french bread with lettuce and tomato
S3. Chorizo$7.50spanish sausage
Chorizo$12.00spanish sausage
S1. Bistec$7.75steak
S2. Ternera$7.75veal

Cafe Riazor Side Dishes Menu and Prices 2020

Patatas Hervidas$3.50boiled potatoes
Arroz Amarillo$3.25yellow rice
Vegetales$4.00steamed vegetables
Arroz Blanco$3.00white rice
Patatas Fritas$4.00french fries

Cafe Riazor Appetizers Menu and Prices 2020

Tortilla Espanola$7.00thick potato, egg, & onion omelette
Boquerones En Vinagre$8.75fresh anchovies and onions seasoned with a vinaigrette dressing
Pulpo$10.75cold octopus salad marinated with olive oil, paprika, onions, & red pepper
Entremes Caliente$10.75hot appetizer breaded seafood combo with mussels, clams, & shrimp
Almejas Crudas$8.501/2 dozen raw clams on the half shell
Coctel De Camarones$8.75steamed shrimp served with cocktail sauce
Almejas Riazor$8.751/2 dozen clams in a light tomato sauce
Mejillones$9.75mussels in a tangy light red sauce
Pulpo a La Gallega$10.75warm octopus seasoned with spanish paprika & olive oil
Chorizo$8.75spanish sausage sauteed in red wine & garlic
Camarones Al Ajillo$8.75shrimp sauteed in garlic & olive oil
Almejas Cocidas$8.751/2 dozen steamed clams in garlic & olive oil

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