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Do your friends or family members showed up at your place suddenly and you want to order food at a minimum price and even tasty, then you can check the latest Butterfish menu price list and order the food accordingly. You can even access Butterfish's secret menu price here.

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Here you can see Butterfish's latest menu price updated list. If you need to know the Butterfish menu price list before going to the restaurant or ordering any food online, you can easily view and check out the Butterfish menu price list here of your favorite food items.

It is necessary for you to know about the latest price of food like burger, salad, soup, chicken, beverages, and many more.

Here in this portal, we are providing all restaurant latest menu price with updates like you can check below Butterfish menu prices list 2021.

We included Butterfish breakfast menu price, Butterfish meal menu price, Butterfish catering menu price given below in the chart which you can consider before going to restaurant or order online.

However. You need to check the Butterfish official site for the menu as well to get an accurate price.

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Butterfish Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly June 2021

Butterfish Omakase Menu and Prices 2021

BF Chef Hitoshi$65.00
BFF Chef Hitoshi$95.00

Butterfish Special Rolls Menu and Prices 2021

Salmon Lover Roll$22.00salmon and avocado inside, with seared salmon, sweet sauce and spicy mayonnaise on top.
Yellowtail Lover Roll$24.00yellowtail and cucumber inside, with seared yellowtail, sweet sauce and scallion on top.
Sukiyaki Beef Roll$24.00sliced kobe beef cooked with teriyaki sauce, napa cabbage, yamagobo and avocado on top.
Tuna Lover Roll$24.00spicy tuna and scallion inside, with seared tuna, sweet garlic sauce and spicy mayonnaise on top.
Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll$18.00spicy tuna, scallion, sweet sauce and tempura bits.
Roasted Duck Roll$23.00mango teriyaki sauce, enoki mushrooms and mango on top.
Rainbow Roll$23.00fishcake, avocado and cucumber inside, with tuna, yellowtail, salmon and white fish on top.
Crunchy California Roll$18.00fishcake, avocado, cucumber, sweet sauce and tempura bits.
BBQ Chicken Roll$18.00string beans, chipotle bbq sauce, cucumber, tomato and crunch on top.

Butterfish Entrees From The Hibachi Grill Menu and Prices 2021

The House Of Joseph T-Bone$54.00
Petit Mignon$45.00
American Wagyu Skirt Steak$39.00

Butterfish Maki Rolls Or Hand Rolls Menu and Prices 2021

Cucumber$6.00 - $10.00
Salmon$7.00 - $12.00
Yellowtail$7.00 - $12.00
Tuna$8.00 - $13.00
Avocado$10.00 - $6.00
Asparagus$6.00 - $10.00

Butterfish Inside Out Rolls Or Hand Rolls Menu and Prices 2021

Tuna Avocado$8.00 - $14.00
Vegetable$7.00 - $11.00
Spicy Yellowtail$8.00 - $14.00
Spicy Tuna$8.00 - $14.00
Salmon Avocado$7.00 - $13.00
Avocado Cucumber$12.00inside out roll
Avocado Cucumber$7.00hand roll
Spicy Salmon$8.00 - $14.00
Yellowtail Scallion$7.00 - $13.00

Butterfish Entrees From The Kitchen Menu and Prices 2021

Wild Salmon Poele$30.00summer vegetables and citrus miso mustard sauce.
Gyu Kakuni$44.0012 hour sake braised short ribs, mashed potatoes and mushrooms.
Meat Combo$40.00one piece of each of chef's signature sushi.
Yuzu Miso Cod$32.00
Grilled Bronzini$38.00frisee, sweet peas and sudachi caper sauce.
Organic Chicken Saute$32.00yuzu jalapeno, soy sauce and olive oil.

Butterfish Soup And Salad Menu and Prices 2021

White Miso Soup$6.00
Grilled Chicken Salad$18.00with romaine and bbq jalapeno dressing.
Ramen Soup$12.00noodles, beef and egg.
Organic Greens$12.00mesclun, tomato, cucumber and ginger dressing.
Seared Sashimi Salad$24.00tuna, salmon, yellowtail, mesclun and sesame ponzu sauce.

Butterfish Sushi Or Sashimi Per Piece Menu and Prices 2021

Wild Yellow Fin Tuna$6.00
Scottish Salmon$5.00
Salmon Roe$6.00
Ocean Trout$5.00
Sea Bass$5.00
Yellowtail Belly$6.00
Salmon Belly$6.00

Butterfish Appetizers Menu and Prices 2021

Kobe Spring Rolls$20.00sweet and sour sauce.
Tuna Tartare$16.00sliced onion, avocado, olive oil and soy sauce.
Chicken Tatsuta$18.00deep fried chicken.
Hitoshi New Style Tuna$17.00ponzu sauce and scallions.
Edamame$8.00steamed with sea salt.
Kobe Rib Briand$36.00on hot himalayan salt.
Sushi Appetizer$25.00tuna, yellowtail, salmon and spicy tuna.
Four Mushroom Saute$15.00enoki, shimeji, shiitake and oyster mushrooms.
Shishito Peppers$13.00sea salt.
Grilled Summer Vegetables$15.00garlic olive oil.
Salmon Toro Carpaccio$22.00scallion, daikon sprout, olive oil and ponzu sauce.

Butterfish Entrees From The Sushi Bar Menu and Prices 2021

BF Combo$50.00sashimi: two tuna, two salmon and two yellowtail. nigiri: one tuna, one yellowtail, one salmon, one sea bass, one red snapper and one spicy tuna cut roll
BF Yellowtail Dream$35.00three sashimi, four nigiri and one yellowtail scallion roll.
BF Sashimi$45.00three tuna, three salmon, three yellowtail, two red snapper and two sea bass.
BF Salmon World$32.00three sashimi, four nigiri and one salmon avocado roll.
BF Nigiri$45.00two tuna, two salmon, two yellowtail, one red snapper, one sea bass, one seared salmon and one spicy tuna hand roll.

Butterfish Chef's Signature Sushi Menu and Prices 2021

Seared Veal Loin$6.00
Fully Cooked Lamb Loin$5.00
Strawberry Jalapeno Brasola$6.00
Curry Fennel Prosciutto$6.00
Seared Lean Filet$5.00
Seared Beef Toro$7.00
Free-Range Cooked Chicken Tender$5.00
Seared Golden Duck$6.00

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