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Beer 360 Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly January 2023

Beer 360 Specialty Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2023

Top Sirloin$9.00top sirloin slow cooked in a brick furnace, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato on a french bread served with golden gate bridge fries
Chicken Breast$7.00grilled chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, grilled pineapple on a french bread served with the louvre museum fries
Pork Loin$8.00marinated pork loin baked, mozzarella cheese, grilled pineapple on a french bread served with the louvre museum fries

Beer 360 Beverages Menu and Prices 2023

Sparkling Water$4.00
American Coffee$3.00
Ginger Ale$3.00
Cafe Late$4.00
Hot Chocolate$4.00
Cranberry Juice$4.00
Hot Tea$4.00
Orange Juice$4.00
Coca Cola$3.00
Bottle Water$4.00
Double Espresso$4.00
Unsweetened Ice Tea$3.00
Diet Coke$3.00

Beer 360 Domestic Drafts Menu and Prices 2023

Founders Porter$7.00michigan, porter
Brooklyn Brown$7.00new york, brown ale
Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat$7.00california, fruit
Bell's Two Hearted$8.00michigan, ipa
Funky Buddha Floridian$7.00florida, hefeweizen
Stone Arrogant Bastard$8.00california, ale
Left Hand Wake Up Dead Nitro$8.00colorado, stout
Dogfish Head Raison D'etre$10.00delaware, unique
Samuel Adams Seasonal$7.00mass
Magic Hat #9$7.00vermont, pale ale
Samuel Adams Boston Lager Vienna$7.00mass. lager
Funky Buddha Hop Gun$8.00florida, ipa
Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown$7.00california ale
Sierar Nevada Seasonal$7.00california
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter$7.00colorado, porter
Wynwood Pop's$7.00florida, porter
Sea Dog Blueberry$7.00maine, wheat ale
Rogue Dead Guy Ale$11.00oregon, maibock
Abita Purple Haze$7.00louisiana, wheat
Victory Golden Monkey$8.00pennsylvania, triple
New Belgium Fat Tire Amber$8.00colorado, red ale
Due South Caramel Cream Ale$7.00florida, ale
Shiner Bock Texas Bock$6.00texas, bock
Kona Longboard$6.00hawaii, plae lager
Narragansett$6.00rhode island, lager
Inlet Monk In The Trunk$8.00florida, belgian amber
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA$7.00california, ipa
Harpoon UFO White$7.00mass, hefeweizen
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple$7.00cincinnati, cider
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA$8.00florida, ipa

Beer 360 Entrees Menu and Prices 2023

Maracana Stadium$14.00large skewer of fillet mignon with onions, green pepper and tomato served with homemade potatonnaise and white rice
Chicken Acropolis$12.00grilled chicken breast served white rice and vegetables
Galeto Sistine Chapel$15.00chicken slaw cooked in a brick furnace white rice, fried polenta and arugula salad
Pescado St. Basil's Cathedral$16.00choice of salmon or mahi-mahi served with broccoli rice and sauteed vegetables
Beef Ribs Mount Rushmore$19.00beef ribs slow cooked in a brick furnace served with homemade potatonnaise and green mix salad
Filet Mignon Christ Redeemer$19.00filet mignon slow cooked in a brick furnace, mashed potatoes, broccoli rice and asparagus
Honolulu$15.00pan seared shrimp, white rice, mashed potatoes, pineapple glazed sauce with cashews
Top Sirloin Gaucho Highlands$15.00top sirloin slow cooked in a brick furnace, potatonnaise, broccoli rice, served with farofa and vinaigrette
Pork Ribs Wind Mills$13.00pork ribs slow cooked in a brick furnace black beans, sauteed yucca and white rice

Beer 360 Specialty Appetizers Menu and Prices 2023

The Big Ben$7.00sausage with herbs, fried yucca and caramelized onions
Paulista Avenue$8.00empanadas with choice of picancha or shrimp
New Grange$8.00chicken spiral sausage, served with homemade potatonnaise
The Taj Mahal$9.00chicken wings, calabrese sausage, and fried yucca
Colosseum Of Rome$7.00top sirloin stew topped with a layer of mashed yucca
Hollywood$7.00chicken drumsticks rolled with sesame seeds and parmesan cheese
Golden Gate Bridge$6.00french fries potatoes served with calabrese sausage and parmesan cheese
Rio Tejo$9.00homemade cod cakes
Mount Eden$7.00stuffed tomato, ricotta cheese, turkey meat, baked with olive oil and parmesan cheese
Ulura$8.00 - $5.00breaded onions rings deep fried served with chipotle mayonnaise
Table Mountain$9.00breaded calamari deep fried served with sweet chili sauce
Copacabana Beach$5.00chicken
Kilimanjaro$7.00calabresa sausage, caramelized onions, served with garlic bread
San Sebastian$10.00spanish sausage, italian sausage served with yucca and fries
The Louvre Museum$5.00french fries
Bavaria$8.00large traditional sausage, grilled and served with onions and garlic bread
Colosseum Of Rome$8.00shrimp stew topped with a layer of mashed potato * au gratin with parmesan cheese
Lguazu Falls$5.00provolone cheese served on a hot skillet and garlic bread
Luxor Temple$10.00bread cones stuffed with traditional sausage topped with gorgonzola cream
Forbidden City$10.00spicy sausage, beans vinaigrette served with fried yucca
Copacabana Beach *grilled within onions, green pepper and tomato
Sagrada Familia$12.00colombian sausage, calabrese sausage, provolone sausage, herbs sausage and spicy sausage served with homemade mustard sauce and fried yucca
Copacabana Beach$6.00skewers of filet mignon
Copacabana Beach$7.00shrimp
Ouro Preto$8.00slices of top sirloin slow cooked in a brick furnace with onions and garlic bread
Ribs Alamo$6.00smoked pork ribs, sausage with herbs served with fried yucca
Pyramid Of The Moon$9.00tortillas chips, shredded picanha, black beans, cheddar cheese, jack cheese, salsa, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, roasted jalapenos and black olives
Tower Of Pisa$6.00skewers of grilled spicy sausage with onions, served with black olives
Machu Picchu$10.00ceviche with fresh salmon, corvina, scallops, calamari, onions, tomato and green bell peppers
Loch Ness$8.00top sirloin, apricot chicken sausage served with garlic bread

Beer 360 Side Dishes Menu and Prices 2023

Picanha$5.00three sides
Picanha$6.00four sides
White Rice 
Fried Polenta 
Black Beans 
Picanha$1.22slow cooked top sirloin
Picanha$4.00two sides
Broccoli Rice 
Fried Yucca 
Boiled Yucca 
Egg Farofa 

Beer 360 Domestic Bottles Menu and Prices 2023

Hatuey Cuba$6.00florida, apa
Twister Pine Ghost Face Killah$11.00colorado, spicy
Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal$8.00california stout
Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Maine Wheat$7.00maine, wheat ale
Victory Dirtwolf$9.00pennsylvania, dbl ipa
Red Brick Laughing Skull Amber$7.00georgia, red ale
Anderson Valley Boont Amber$8.00california, red ale
Dogfish Tweason'ale$10.00delaware, fruit vegetable
Left Hand 400lb Monkey$7.00colorado, ipa
Blue Point Rastafa Rye New York Unique$18.00new york, unique
Victory Prima Pils$7.00pennsylvania, pilsner
Orange Blossom Pilsner Florida Pilsner$7.00florida, pilsner
Magic Hat Circus Boy$7.00vermont, hefeweizen
Smuttynose$7.00new hamp, apa
New Belgium Trippel$7.00colorado, triple
Oskar Blues Gubna (Can)$13.00colorado, double ipa
Lagunitas IPA$7.00california, ipa
Terrapin Tree Hugger$7.00gerorgia, altbier
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog$7.00new hamp, ale
Abita Amber$7.00louisiana, red lager
Michelob Ultra$5.00missouri, light lager
Lazy Mangnolia Jefferson$7.00mississippi, stout
Bud Light$5.00missouri, pale lager
Stone Oaked$10.00california, ale
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra$7.00california, ipa
Oskar Blues Old Club (Can)$7.00colorado, scotch ale
Brooklyn IPA$7.00new york, ipa
Hamboldt$7.00california, ipa
Cigar City Maduro Oatmeal$7.00florida, brown ale
Napa Smith Organic IPA$9.00california, ipa
Dogish Head Palo Santo Marron$14.00delaware, brown ale
Anchor Liberty$7.00california, ale
Anderson Valley ESB$8.00california esb
Great Divide Hercules Imperial$13.00colorado, double ipa
Dogfish Sixty One$10.00delaware, ipa
Left Hand Stranger$7.00colorado, pale ale
Brooklyn Local Two$26.00new york, strong ale
Lagunitas Censored Amber$7.00california, red ale
Southern Tier Live$7.00new york, apa
Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Alea (Can)$7.00colorado, pale ale
Inlet Monk IPA$7.00florida, ipa
Ommegang Three Philosophers$14.00new york, quad
Full Sail Amber$7.00oregon, red ale
Boulder Hazed And Infused Dry Hopped$7.00colordo, pale ale
Ommegang Witte New$11.00new york, white wheat`
Magic Hat Hipa$7.00vermont, ipa
Laft Hand Sawtooth Ale Nitro$8.00colorado, esb
Humboldt Brown$7.00california, hemp ale
St. Louis Framboise$17.00missouri, lambci
Left Hand Polestar$7.00colorado, pilsner
Terrapin Rye$7.00georgia, pale ale
Lagunitas Hop Stoopid$13.00california, ipa
North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial$9.00california, stout
Rolling Rock Extra Ale$5.00missouri, lager
Ommegang Rare Vos Belgian Ale$11.00new york belgian ambr
Oskar Blues Deviant Dales (Can)$13.00colorado, apa
Boulder Sweaty Betty Blonde$7.00colorado, wheat
Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot$11.00pennsylvania, barleywine
Anchor Big Leaf Maple$7.00california red ale
Left Hand Sawtooth Ale$7.00colorado, esb
Cigar City Invasion$7.00florida apple ale
Batch 19 Pre- Prohibition$7.00colorado, lager
Left Hand Milk$7.00colorado, stout
Sierra Nevada$7.00california, porter
Terrapin Recreation Ale$7.00georgia, ale
Avery IPA$8.00colorado, ipa
Budweiser$5.00missouri, pale lager
Cigar City Florida Cracker$7.00florida, white ale
Lazy Magnolia Deep South$7.00mississippi, pale ale
Founders All Day$7.00michigan, ipa
Rogue American Amber$10.00oregon, red ale
Dogfish Head 60 Minute$8.00delaware, ipa
Shipyard Monkey Fist$7.00maine, ipa
Lagunitas Downtown Pale Ale$7.00california, pale ale
Southern Tier Phin & Matts$7.00new york, apa
Ommegang Hennepin$11.00new york, saison
Southern Tier 2x$7.00new york, apa
Stone Ruination IPA$10.00california, ipa
Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan$7.00mississippi, english brown ale
Oskar Blues Mamas Little Yella Pils (Can)$7.00colorado, pilsner
Bell's Expedition$12.00michigan, stour
Stone Levitation Ale$9.00california, ale
Due South Catergory 3$7.00florida, ipa
Sea Dog Apricot$7.00maine, wheat ale
Dogfish Burton Baton$14.00delaware, double ipa
Shipyard Pumpkinhead$7.00maine, ale
Dogfish Head Indian Brown$8.00delaware, brown ale
Rogue John John Hazelnut Brown Nectar$9.00oregon, brown ale
Full Sail IPA$7.00oregon, ipa
Blue Point Toasted$7.00new york, vienna lager
Rogue Juniper Infused Pale Ale$9.00oregon, pale ale
Great Divide Denver Pale Ale (DPA)$7.00colorado, pale ale
Ommegang Abbey Style$11.00new york, dubbel
Avery White Rascal$8.00colorado, white wheat
Dogfish Midas Touch Golden Elixir$13.00delaware herbed spiced
Stone Self Righteous$10.00california, ale
Southern Tier$7.00new york, ipa
Rogue St. Rogue Red$10.00oregon, red ale
Shipyard Export Ale$7.00maine, blonde
Founders Centennial$7.00michigan, ipa
Ballast Point Big Eye$8.00california, ipa
Red Brick Hoplanta$7.00georgia, ipa
Sea Dog Riverdrive Hazelnut$7.00maine, porter
Founders Pale Ale$7.00michigan, pale ale
Lost Coast & Ball Stout$7.00california stout
New Belgium Accumulation Winter Ale$7.00colorado, ipa
Terrapin Hopsecutioner$7.00georgia, ipa
Blue Moon Belgian Style$6.00colorado, belgian white
Southern Tier 2x Milk$7.00new york, stout
Oskar Blues G Knight (Can)$13.00colorado, strong ale
Dogfish Head 90 Minute$12.00delaware, double ipa
Samuel Adams Black$7.00mass, lager
St. Louis Peche$17.00missouri, lambic
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale$7.00california, pale ale
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale$7.00california, ale
Twisted Pine Billy's Chilies$9.00colorado, unique
Harpoon IPA$7.00mass, ipa
Red Nectar Amber$7.00california, red ale
Oskar Blues Ten Fidy (Can)$13.00colorado, russian stout
Cigar City Hotter Than Helles$7.00florida, helles lager
North Coast Pranqster$9.00california, belgian gldn
Left Hand Black Jack$7.00colorado, porter
Full Sail Pale Ale$7.00oregon, pale ale
Anchor Steam$7.00california, common
Brooklyn Local Lager$7.00new york, vienna lager
Brooklyn Local One$26.00new york, belgian golden
Breckenridge Avalanche American Amber$7.00colorado, red ale
Yuengling Traditional Amber$5.00pennsylvania, red lager
Abita Turbodog$7.00louisiana brown ale
Bell's Oberon$7.00michigan, wheat
Founders Dirty Bastard$7.00michigan, scotch ale
Shiner Black Texas$7.00texas, schwarzbier
Dogfish Namaste$8.00delaware, belgian white
Florida Beer Swamp Ape$10.00florida double ipa
Bison Organic Chocolate$7.00california, stout
Bison Organic Hop Cuvee$7.00california,apa
Abita Andygator$7.00louisiana, helles bock
Victory Storm King$8.00pennsylvania, stout

Beer 360 Soups Menu and Prices 2023

Soup Of The Day$5.00chef's creation with daily fresh vinaigrette
Caldo Verde$4.00collards green stew with potatoes and traditional sausage
Black Beans$5.00black beans, stew with traditional sausage and shredded beef

Beer 360 Desserts Menu and Prices 2023

Caramel Pecan Cake$7.00rich chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, layer of caramel with pecans
Banana Spring Rolls$6.00fresh bananas, chocolate deep fried served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce
Chocolate Madness Cake$7.00rich chocolate cake, chocolate truffle, brownie chunks with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge
Papaya Cream$5.00papaya fruit, vanilla ice cream and cassis liquor
Ice Cream$4.00choice of vanilla or chocolate

Beer 360 Imported Bottles Menu and Prices 2023

Murphy's Irish Stout (Can)$8.00ireland, stout
Aventinus Wheat$15.00germany, weizenbock
Modelo Especial$6.00mexico, pale lager
Tucher Kristal Weizen$9.00germany, kristalweisen
Unibroue Blanche De Chambly$11.00canada, white wheat
Birra Moretti$6.00italy, pale lager
Bitburger Premium$6.00germany, pilsner
Guinness Draught (Can)$9.00ireland, dark stout
Efes Dark$8.00turkey, dark
Estrella Daura Gluten Free$7.00spain, pilsner
Leffe Blonde Belgium$7.00belgian, blonde
O'hara's Red Ireland Amber$9.00ireland, pale ale
Beck's Non Alcohol$6.00germany, pale lager
Smithwick's Amber$6.00ireland, red ale
Tecate$6.00mexico, pale lager
Well's Sticky Toffee Pudding$10.00england, brown ale
Sapporo Reserve$6.00japan, pale lager
Brasserie Des Rocs Triple Imperial$13.00belgian, strong dark ale
Lucky Buddha$7.00australia, euro pale lager
Unibroue Don De Dieu$12.00canada, belgian amber
Taj Mahal$7.00india, pale lager
Heineken$6.00netherlands, pale lager
Bass Ale$6.00england, pale ale
Innis & Gunn Rum Cask$10.00u.k., scotch ale
Unibroue Trois Pistoles$12.00canada, strong dark ale
Wychwood Hobgoblin$8.00england, brown ale
St. Bernardus Wit$12.00belgian, white wheat
Rodembach Classic$10.00belgian, red ale
Weihenstephaner Kristall Weizen$12.00germany, kristalweisen
Newcastle$6.00england, brown ale
Lefevbre Blanche De Bruxelles$10.00belgian, witbeer
Rekoderlig Strawberry Lime Cider$15.00sweden, cider
Aguila Pale Lager$6.00colombia, pale lager
Tiger Beer$6.00singapore, lager
Mahou Cinco Estrellas$6.00spain, pale lager
Presidente$6.00dominican, pilsner
Weihenstephaner Korbinian$12.00germany, doppelbock
Rekoderlig Pear Cider$15.00sweden, cider
Efes Pilsner$8.00turkey, pilsner
Asahi Super Dry$7.00japan, pale lager
Paulaner Salvator$7.00germany, marzen
Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen$9.00germany, hefeweizen
Chimay Cinq Cents$15.00belgian tripel
Wexford Irish (Can)$9.00ireland, cream ale
Cristal$6.00peru, pale lager
Goldstar Dark$7.00israel, dark lager
La Trappe Quadrupel$15.00netherlands, quad
Stella Artois$6.00belgian, pale lager
Famosa$6.00guatemala, lager
Samuel Smith Organic Cider$11.00england cider
Erdinger Hefe-Weizen$7.00germany, hefeweizen
Grimbergen Dubbel Abbey Ale$9.00belgian, dubbel
Petrus Oud Bruin$11.00belgian, flemish red
Belzebuth France$12.00belgian, pale ale
Kona Koko Brown$7.00hawaii, brown ale
Kalik Gold$6.00bahamas, strong lager
Samuel Smith Nut Brown$11.00england, brown ale
Weihenstephaner Dark$12.00gemany, dunkelweisen
Young's Double Chocolate$10.00england, stout
Paulaner Oktoberfest$7.00germany, marzen
Duchesse De Bourgogne$15.00belgian, flemish red
Timmermans Strawberry$15.00belgian, lambic
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen$7.00germany, hefeweizen
Chimay Grande Reserve$17.00belgian, quad
Rekoderlig Wild Berries Cider$15.00sweden, cider
Fuller's London Pride$8.00england, pale ale
Radeberger Pilsner$6.00germany, pilsner
Fuller's ESB$8.00england, esb
Czechvar$6.00czech rep, pale lager
Kingfisher$7.00india, pale lager
Tsingtao Premium$6.00china, pale lager
Dos Equis XX Amber$6.00mexico, vienna lager
St. Bernardus Prior 8$12.00belgian, dubbel
Spaten Premium$7.00germany, pale lager
Affigem Blonde$9.00belgian, blonde
Grolsch$6.00netherlands, pale lager
Medalla Light$6.00puerto rico, light lager
Palm Ale Belgium Amber, Red Al$7.00belgian, red ale
Estrella Damm$7.00spain, pale lager
Ayinger Brau-Weisse$11.00germany, hafeweizen
Labatt Blue$6.00canada, pale lager
Kwark Belgium$13.00belgian, belgian amber
Hollandia$6.00netherlands, pilsner
Schneider Weissen Edel Weisse$15.00germany, hefeweizen
Bavaria$6.00netherlands, pilsner
Mchouffe Belgium$11.00belgium, strong dark ale
Gouden Carolus Tripel$13.00belgian, tripel
Unibroue Maudite$12.00canada, belgian amber
St. Pauli Girl$6.00germany, pale lager
Hofbrau Original$7.00germany, pale lager
Kostritzer$7.00germany, pilsner
Innis & Gunn Original$10.00u.k. scotch ale
Saison Dupont Vieille Provision$15.00belgian, saison
Schneider Weissen$14.00germany, hefeweizen
Samuel Smith Organic$11.00england, ipa
Blhaven Scottish$9.00scotland, ale
Yanjing$6.00china, pale lager
Thirty-Three Export Vietnam Pilsner$6.00scotland, lager
Samuel Smith Taddy$11.00england, porter
San Miguel Premium$7.00philippines, pale lager
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout$11.00england, stout
Samuel Smith Old Brewery Pale Ale$11.00england, pale ale
Beck's$6.00germany, pale lager
Warsteiner Dunkel$6.00germany, dark lager
O'hara's Irish$9.00ireland, pale ale
O'hara's Stout Ireland$9.00ireland, stout
Old Engine Oil$12.00scotland, porter
Estaminet Premium$7.00belgian, euro pale lager
Witterkerke$7.00belgian, white wheat
Pilsner Urquell$7.00czech rep, pilsner
Schneider-Brooklyner Hopfen-Weisse$16.00germany, weizenbock
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde$12.00canada, triple
Ayinger Celebrator$13.00germany, doppelbock
Hoegaarden Wheat$7.00belgian, white
Guinness Black Lager$6.00ireland, dark lager
Augustiner Maximator$9.00germany, doppelbock
Harp Lager$6.00ireland, pale lager
Spaten Optimator$7.00germany, doppelbock
Petrus Blond$11.00belgian, blonde
Konig Pilsener$7.00germany, pilsner
Palma Louca$7.00brazil, pilsner
Peroni Italy Pale Lager$6.00italy, pale lager
Brasserie Des Rocs$28.00belgian, grand cru
Kirin Ichiban$6.00japan, pale lager
Zywiec$7.00poland, pale lager
Weihenstephaner Vitus$12.00germany, weizenbock
Dos Equis XX Lager Mexico$6.00mexico, pale lager
Molson Canadian$6.00canada, pale lager
Weihenstephaner Original$8.00germany, pale lager
Augustyiner Brau Edelstoff$9.00germany, pale lager
Tucher Dunkel Hefe Weizen$9.00germany, dunkelweisen
Prestige$6.00haiti, pale lager
Birra Moretti Larossa$6.00italy, doppelbock
Lindemans Peche$15.00(peach), belgian, lambic
Tona$6.00nicaragua, lager
Warsteiner Premium$6.00germany, pilsner
Spaten Dunkel$7.00germany, dark lager
Boddington's Pub Ale (Can)$8.00england, bitter
Lindemans Pomme$15.00(green apple). belgian, lambic
Staropramen$6.00czech rep, pale lager
Krombacher Weizen$6.00germany, hefeweizen
Foster's$6.00australia, pale lager
Lindemans Kriek$15.00belgium, lambic
Delirium Nocturnum$14.00belgian, strong dark ale
Carlsberg$6.00denmark, pale lager
Cusquena$6.00peru, pale lager
Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale$7.00hawaii, pale ale
Imperial$6.00costa rica, pale lager
Hofbrau Dunkel$7.00germany, dark lager
Fuller's London Porter$8.00england, porter
Corona Extra$6.00mexico, pale lager
Chimay Premiere$15.00belgian, dubbel
Duvel Belgium$11.00belgium, golden
Piraat$13.00belgian, triple
Polar$6.00venezuela, pale lager
Quilmes$6.00argentina, pale lager
Tennent's$7.00vietnam, pilsner
Amstel Light$6.00netherlands, light lager
Red Stripe Jamaica$6.00jamaica, pale lager
Itaipava$6.00brasil, pilsner
Singha$6.00thailand, pale lager
Heineken Light$6.00netherlands, light lager

Beer 360 Imported Drafts Menu and Prices 2023

Lindemans Framboise$15.00(raspberry), belgian, lambic
Weihenstephaner$8.00germany, hefeweizen
St. Bernardus ABT 12$14.00belgian, quad
Guinness Extra Stout$8.00ireland, stout
Kronenbourg1664$6.00france, pale lager
Well's Banana Bread Beer$10.00england, bitter
Sapporo$6.00japan, pale lager
Duvel Single$11.00belgian, ale
Krombacher$8.00germany, pilsner
Delirium Tremens$12.00belgian, belgian golden

Beer 360 Salads Menu and Prices 2023

Mount Fuji$9.00tuna, arugula, cherry tomato and mozzarella served with extra virgin olive oil and homemade olive pesto
Beer 360 Degree$10.00shrimp, green mixed salad, cherry tomato, red onions, almonds and strawberry served with natural yogurt
The Grand Canyon$7.00watercress, arugula, cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella dn radicchio served with homemade lemon vinaigrette
Trevi Fountain$7.00buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil served with balsamic reduction and mozzarella pesto oil
Amazon Rainforest$8.00arugula, watercress, spinach, iceberg, lettuce, radicchio, apple, walnuts and goat cheese served with natural yogurt
Kremlin$8.00arugula, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, sundried tomato, artichokes hearts and black olives served homemade red onion balsamic vinaigrette

Beer 360 Pasta Menu and Prices 2023

Spaghetti Bolognese$12.00served with homemade ground top sirloin ragu sauce
Mushroom Ravioli$13.00served with homemade alfredo sauce
Tortellini Tricolore$14.00vodka flambe sauce
Seafood Ravioli$15.00vodka flambe sauce
Penne A La Vodka$11.00vodka flambe sauce
Fettuccine Alfredo$14.00made with homemade alfredo sauce

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