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Back to USSR Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly April 2023

Back to USSR Garnishes 6.50 Menu and Prices 2023

Buckwheat Kasha 
Boiled Young Potatoes 
Wild Rice 
Grilled Vegetables 
Mashed Potatoes 

Back to USSR Jam $2.75 Menu and Prices 2023

Cornelian Cherry 

Back to USSR Fish Entrees Menu and Prices 2023

Abyrvalg$12.75fish cutlets made of mirror carp with mashed potatoes in horseradish sauce.
Well, What Do You Say About Sakhalin?$17.50fresh salmon steak with pomegranate sauce and wild rice.
From Black Sea$15.75pan-fried flounder with crispy skin in sour cream and garlic sauce. served with home style mashed potatoes and vegetables.
Red Snapper "Red Flag"$18.50fried in a skillet with a crispy crust. served with mashed potatoes and fresh tomatoes. after a trip to mexico, lev trotsky terribly fond of this fish.
Lenin's Outpost$22.50grilled sturgeon in pomegranate sauce. served with wild rice or mashed potatoes, the signature dish from the first-division lunch room at the ministry of fish trading of ussr.
Foreign Tourist$17.75grilled mediterranean bass, sprinkled with lemon. served with buckwheat and marinated mushrooms.
St. Peter Ambassadors$18.75favorite fish of soviet ambassador to the united states (1962-1986) anatly fyodorovich dobrynin. a dish from lunch room menu in the ussr embassy in washington, dc.
Thursday - Fish Day$16.50trout baked with mushrooms, young potatoes in green herbs sauce.

Back to USSR Soft Drinks Menu and Prices 2023

Coke$2.50diet coke, sprite, ice tea
Russian Soda$3.00
Russian Bread Dink Evas$2.50
Spring Water$2.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$4.00

Back to USSR Meat And Poultry Entrees Menu and Prices 2023

Prisoner Of The Caucasus$12.75skewers of chicken with pickled onions. (garnish? - whichever you want, "daragoy").
Mimino$14.75skewers of lamb with pickled onions. (garnish? - whichever you want, "daragoy").
Beef Stroganoff$14.75tender pieces of high grade beef braised in extra heavy cream sauce. signature dish of the restaurant for ussr writers onion. served with buckwheat jumble or mashed potatoes.
Daragoy!$13.75skewers of pork neck with pickled onions. (garnish? - whichever you want, "daragoy").
Home Hearth$16.95braised short ribs on the bone made with very fresh beef. this was the signature dish of the dining car from of the moscow-leningrad vip train. served with beans and mustard.
I Want Larisa Ivanovna!$28.50saddle of lamb in a pomegranate sauce. served with grilled vegetables and wild rice.
But We Care Not!$12.50chicken cutlets with tartar sauce. served with buckwheat and mushrooms jumble.
Veal Tenderness$17.50juicy veal, stewed with dried plums and potato flapjacks with sour cream.
Chicken Stroganoff$13.75made from succulent chicken breast. it has been said that this was the way nadejda konstartinovna served chicken for vladimir ilyich. served with buckwheat jumble or mashed potatoes.
Rib Eye Steak$29.50this is the preferred type of steak ordered nikita khrushchev during his visit to the u.s. in 1959.
Back To USSR$15.75impeccable chicken kiev and fried potato chips. a signature dish of the restaurant.
Employee Of The Month$14.50juicy pork steak, served with grilled vegetables and mustard sauce.
Let's Go$14.50ground beefsteak, cut from the thick part of the sirloin. served with mashed potatoes. this dish was frequented by yuri gagarin in the lunch room of star town.
There Is No Sex In The USSR!$15.75georgian style chicken tapak with garlic and herbs infusion prepared based on a signature recipe from moscow's metropol restaurant. served with fried potatoes.

Back to USSR Cocktails $8.50 Menu and Prices 2023

Graduation vodka / cranberry vodka / orange juice / cranberry juice.
Pinocchio lemon vodka / lime / triple sec / cranberry vodka.
Perestroika honey vodka / cream liqueur / amaretto.
For Motherland! apple vodka / apple juice / grenadine syrup.
Gagarin (A.K.A, First Man In Space) cherry vodka / triple sec / orange juice.
Fellowship Of The Nations (A.K.A. People's Unity) pepper infusion / lemon juice / tomato juice / salt.
Back Of USSR garlic vodka / tomato juice.
Kremlin Fir (A.K.A. Kremlin New Year's) orange vodka / grand marnier / sweet and sour mix / cranberry juice / lime juice / a drop of grenadine syrup.
WTF?! horseradish vodka / vermouth.
Troop Leader (A.K.A. Pioneer Leader) raspberry vodka / grenadine / orange juice / orange wedge.

Back to USSR Coffee Menu and Prices 2023


Back to USSR Juices Menu and Prices 2023

Compote made with fresh fruits

Back to USSR Cold Starters Menu and Prices 2023

Evreyakiye Shtuchki$9.50delicate chopped herring, prepared with finely chopped apples and eggs, framed by green onion.
Peace, Labor, May$7.50fish appetizer consisting of sparts with lemon, saucy with cucumbers and red caviar on top of an egg.
USSR Minister Of Culture Furtseva's "Special Order No.5"$15.75"festive", assorted fish - made with sturgeon, salmon, escolar and red caviar, may be served with butter and lemon.
Moscow Nights$9.50pickled delicacies - crispy cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled garlic and sour cabbage.
Banquet's Sequel$7.50home made eggplant caviar with garlic croutons.
Mirovoy Zakuson$9.50silver herring with boiled potatoes and sweet onions.
Spy's Gaffe$8.75grilled tongue served with horseradish or mustard.
Untranslatable Folklore$8.50slices of homemade lard with mustard and onions, traditional ukrainian specialty made of pork fat.
USSR Defense Minister Ustinov "Special Order No.1"$12.75with homemade meat appetizers including tongue, cold roasted pork and veal roll-ups. served with horseradish and mustard.
On The Chicken Farm$8.25tender chicken liver pate. served with crispy breadcrumbs and butter.

Back to USSR Desserts Menu and Prices 2023

Honey Cake$6.00recipe was brought from melitopol by owner's great-great-grandmother basia genrikhovna kvasman, when she fled from the red army to the u.s. in 1917.
Favorite Pastry Of Your Childhood$5.50ask your waiter.
Napolean$6.00baked based on an original recipe of henri froment-meurice's wife, a french ambassador in the ussr (1979-1981).
Vacation In Crimea$15.50assorted from fruits.
Ice Cream With Fresh Berries Chocolate Crumbs.$5.50
Pastry "Potato"$5.50from the lunch room menu of "artek" pioneers camp.

Back to USSR Hot Starters Menu and Prices 2023

Songsters$8.50potato flapjacks with mushrooms and sour cream.
Vareniki$6.75with potatoes
Communal Tenement$14.50add chanterelle mushrooms.
Julienne$9.25with roasted button mushrooms.
Vareniki$6.75with cherries
Vareniki vegetable & sweet dumplings.
Communal Tenement$9.50home fried potatoes with onions, greens, fragrant sprinkles.
Solar Oirque$12.30crepes with mildly salted homemade salmon.
Pelmeni$7.90meat dumplings. chicken or veal. served with the choice of: sour cream, butter, vinegar, or mayonnaise.
Vegetable Ratatouille$8.90baked with mozzarella cheese.
Luncheon For Politburo Members$9.75a calf's liver with baked apples on a toast, based on a kremlin lunch room recipe.
80's Olympics$8.50fritters with red caviar and butter.
Vareniki$6.50with farmers cheese

Back to USSR Soups Menu and Prices 2023

I Want Kharcho!$7.00soup with tender lamb and wild rice, cooked based on the classical georgian recipe.
"Team USSR" Barilla$7.50a dish of stewed cabbage enriched with meat delicacies and spices with olives and lemon.
Gold Fish$9.00fish chowder made with salmon and sturgeon, upon request may be seasoned with celery and parsley.
"Ukrainian" Borsch$7.00signature dish of the restaurant for foreign tourists of hotel "ukraine", sweet and cream, may be served with russian black bread with garlic crust.
Bird Of Paradise$7.00chicken broth with homemade noodles, chicken, and with layered puff pastry.

Back to USSR Salads Menu and Prices 2023

Irony Of Destiny$7.75olivier salad with bologna, a classic of soviet cuisine.
Nikita Sergeyevich Venairgrette$7.50homemade beetroot salad - prepared based or an original recipe of tovaristch khrushchev's wife, including: beets, beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, sauerkraut, pickles, and scented oil.
"Kolhoz - Lenin's Path" Salad$9.25a farmers-mixed salad of fresh vegetables, including lettuce leaves, and mixed greens, may be served with olive oil and crimean onions.
Stolichniy Special$10.50from special menu of ussr council of ministers lunch room, prepared with homemade lightly salted salmon.
Just You Wait$9.75russian "olivier" salad - with tender rabbit meat.
USSR Narkomrybprom$14.50delicate crab salad, bell pepper, fresh cucumber, original dressing.
"Deficit" Salad$14.50with seared salmon, caviar dressing, pine nuts and salad leaves.
Golden Calf$9.00made from hearts fried in fragrant oil, fresh tomatoes, boiled egg, onions and salad leaves.
"Country House" Salad$9.75prepared based on a recipe of galina leonidovna brezhneva including young cabbage, radish, crunchy cucumbers with boiled egg and garlic croutons. choice of dressings include: golden butter, thick sou
"Lenin's Tabernacle" Salad$9.50prepared with slices of veal tongue with fresh vegetables under basil sauce marinated armillaria mushrooms.

Back to USSR Tea Menu and Prices 2023

Freshly Brewed Tea In The Teapot$9.00

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