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Asian Chef Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly January 2023

Asian Chef Baby Shrimp Menu and Prices 2023

Sm $5.95 / Lg $10.55. W. White Or Brown Rice.
83. Baby Shrimp w. egg plant
84. Baby Shrimp w. mixed vegetables
81. Baby Shrimp w. snow peas
89. Baby Shrimp w. cashew nuts
87. Baby Shrimp w. string bean
80. Baby Shrimp w. broccoli
88. Baby Shrimp* w. peanuts
82. Baby Shrimp w. lobster sauce
86. Baby Shrimp* w. garlic sauce
85. Baby Shrimp w. black bean sauce

Asian Chef Dishes Menu and Prices 2023

9. Shredded Beef In Garlic Sauce* 
26. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork 
5. Shrimp & Chicken Combination 
2. Shredded Chicken In Garlic Sauce* 
1. Chicken with broccoli
15. Baby Shrimp* with peanut
18. Lo Mein pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef
12. Hot & Spicy Szechuan Beef* 
19. Chow Fun pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef
24. Moo Shu pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef
7. Sesame Chicken 
11. Pepper Steak 
28. Broccoli Or String Beans In Garlic Sauce* 
10. Hunan Beef* 
29. Bean Curd pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef
13. Baby Shrimp with broccoli
6. General Tso's Chicken* 
16. Baby Shrimp* with garlic sauce
14. Baby Shrimp with string bean or eggplant
17. Chow Mein pork, chicken, shrimp or beef
22. Shredded Pork In Garlic Sauce* 
27. Mixed Chines Vegetables 
23. Double Sauteed Pork* 
21. Roast Pork with chinese vegetables
4. Chicken with string bean or egg plant
3. Hunan Chicken* 
25. Egg Foo Young pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef
20. Mei Fun pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef
30. Bean Curd Szechuan Style* w. minced pork
8. Beef with broccoli

Asian Chef Chow Mein Menu and Prices 2023

Sm / Lg. W. White Or Brown Rice & Crisp Noodles.
44. Vegetable$6.95 - $3.95
45. House Special$9.25 - $5.15
43. Shrimp Or Beef$4.75 - $8.55
42. Roast Pork Or Chicken$4.55 - $7.95

Asian Chef Sweet & Sour Menu and Prices 2023

Sm / Lg. W. White Or Brown Rice.
64. Sweet & Sour Chicken$5.75 - $9.85
65. Sweet & Sour Jumbo Shrimp$11.95 - $6.95
63. Sweet & Sour Pork$5.50 - $9.35

Asian Chef American Dishes Menu and Prices 2023

A4. Breaded Fried Jumbo Shrimp (6)$6.55shrimp or beef fried rice.
A2. Fried Fish (2) (Flounder)$6.25w. pork fried rice or w. french fries or chicken fried rice.
A3. Chicken Nuggets (10)$5.95shrimp or beef fried rice.
A2. Fried Fish (2) (Flounder)$6.55shrimp or beef fried rice.
A1. Fried Chicken Wing (4)$4.25plain
A3. Chicken Nuggets (10)$4.95w. pork fried rice or w. french fries or chicken fried rice.
A2. Fried Fish (2) (Flounder)$4.55plain
A4. Breaded Fried Jumbo Shrimp (6)$5.65w. pork fried rice or w. french fries or chicken fried rice.
A1. Fried Chicken Wing (4)$6.75shrimp or beef fried rice.
A1. Fried Chicken Wing (4)$5.75w. pork fried rice or w. french fries or chicken fried rice.
A4. Breaded Fried Jumbo Shrimp (6)$4.35plain
A3. Chicken Nuggets (10)$3.95plain

Asian Chef Roast Pork Menu and Prices 2023

Sm $5.45 / Lg $9.75. W. White Or Brown Rice.
90. Roast Pork w. broccoli
94. Roast Pork w. bean sprout
91. Roast Pork w. mixed vegetables
95. Shredded Pork* w. garlic sauce
97. Shredded Pork w. black bean sauce
93. Roast Pork w. mushroom
96. Shredded Pork w. eggplant
92. Roast Pork w. snow peas
98. Shredded Pork w. scallion

Asian Chef Tofu Menu and Prices 2023

Sm / Lg. Bean Curd. W. White Or Brown Rice.
159. Bean Curd Szechuan Style*$7.95 - $4.55w. minced pork
156. Jumbo Shrimp$6.95 - $12.25w. bean curd
153. Fried To-Fu$6.95w. broccoli
155. Chicken$9.95 - $5.85w. bean curd
158. Beef$6.25 - $11.25w. bean curd
157. Baby Shrimp$5.95 - $10.55w. bean curd
154. Fried To-Fu$6.95w. mixed vegetables

Asian Chef Scallop Menu and Prices 2023

Sm $6.95 / Lg $12.25. W. White Or Brown Rice.
139. Scallop w. string beans
136. Scallop w. broccoli
142. Scallop* w. garlic sauce
140. Scallop w. eggplant
141. Scallop w. black bean sc
137. Scallop w. mixed vegs
138. Scallop w. snow peas

Asian Chef Additional Items Menu and Prices 2023

2. Brown Rice$3.25 - $1.75
4. Almond Cookies$0.75
3. French Fries$2.95 - $1.75
6. Fried Noodles$0.45
5. Fortune Cookies$0.45
1. White Rice$2.95 - $1.45
7. House Duck Sauce$1.50 - $3.00
8. Soda$1.25 - $2.75

Asian Chef Luncheon Specials $5.50 Menu and Prices 2023

From 11am-3pm. Mon-Sun. All Served W. Pork Fried Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice, White Or Brown Rice And Wonton Soup, Egg Chop Soup,
10. Curry Chicken* 
21. To-Fu with chicken
18. Boneless Ribs 
11. Baby Shrimp* with garlic sauce.
20. Double Sauteed Pork* 
17. Chicken with black bean sauce
19. Mixed Chinese Vegetables 
2. Shredded Beef Or Chicken Szechuan Style* 
31. Shrimp And Chicken Combination 
24. Sesame Chicken 
1. Pepper Steak with onion
6. Chow Mein pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef.
9. Hunan Chicken Or Beef* 
27. Baby Shrimp w. black bean sauce
22. To-Fu Szechuan Style* w/ minced pork
3. Beef with broccoli
25. Beef* with garlic sauce.
30. Roast Pork w. broccoli
36. Fried Chicken Wings (4) 
37. Chicken Nuggets (10) 
32. Pork Or Chicken Egg Foo Young 
29. Chicken w. pepper & onion.
33. Chow Fun pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef
23. General Tso's Chicken* 
16. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork 
8. Chicken with broccoli
4. Shredded Pork Or Chicken In Garlic Sauce* 
28. Baby Shrimp* w. hot chili sauce
26. Moo Goo Gai Pan 
35. Singapore Mei Fun* 
15. Chicken with mixed vegetables
14. Baby Shrimp with mixed vegetables
13. Baby Shrimp with lobster sauce.
5. Roast Pork with chinese vegetables
7. Lo Mein pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef.
12. Baby Shrimp with broccoli
34. Mei Fun pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef.

Asian Chef Vegetable Menu and Prices 2023

Sm $4.35 / Lg $7.25. W. White Or Brown Rice.
164. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce* 
162. Sauteed String Bean Or Broccoli 
165. Sauteed Zucchini 
161. Broccoli & Eggplant In Garlic Sauce* 
163. String Bean & Broccoli In Garlic Sauce* 
166. Bean Sprout w. ginger & scallion
167. Sauteed Mushroom w. broccoli & string bean.
160. Mixed Vegetables Platter 

Asian Chef Lo Mein Menu and Prices 2023

Sm / Lg.
50. Roast Pork Or Chicken$7.95 - $4.55
51. Fresh Shrimp$5.25 - $8.95
53. House Special$5.45 - $9.65
55. Plain$5.95 - $3.65
52. Beef$5.25 - $8.95
54. Vegetable$4.35 - $6.95

Asian Chef Combination Platters Menu and Prices 2023

W. Pork Fried Rice & Pork Egg Roll.
C13. Shrimp Or Beef Lo Mein$7.55
C5. Shrimp*$8.55with garlic sauce
C7. Pepper Steak$8.25with onion
C12. Roast Pork Or Chicken Lo Mein$7.25
C19. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork$7.55
C1. Chicken Or Pork Chow Mein$6.95
C22. Sesame Chicken$8.25
C2. Shrimp Or Beef Chow Mein$7.45
C16. Chicken*$7.75with garlic sauce
C3. Shrimp$8.55with lobster sauce
C17. Hunan Chicken*$7.75
C11. BBQ Spare Ribs Or Boneless Ribs$8.55
C14. Chicken$7.75with broccoli
C20. Roast Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Or Beef Egg Foo Young$7.55
C8. Hunan Beef*$8.25
C15. Moo Goo Gai Pan$7.75
C9. Shredded Beef In Garlic Sauce*$8.25
C4. Shrimp$8.55with broccoli
C18. Shredded Chicken Or Pork In Garlic Sauce*$7.75
C6. Beef$8.25with broccoli
C21. General Tso's Chicken*$8.25
C10. Roast Pork$7.55w. chinese vegetables

Asian Chef Chef's Specialties Menu and Prices 2023

18. Lake Tung Ting Shrimp$12.95
19. Butterfly Shrimp$11.95w. bacon.
9. Walnut Shrimp$12.95
15. Sesame Chicken$10.75
20. Mongolian Beef*$12.55
1. Happy Family$13.95
2. Triple Delight$12.55
17. Sesame Shrimp$12.95
16. Sesame Beef$11.95
22. General Tso's Tofu*$8.25
7. Pineapple Chicken$10.25
25. Special Delight W. Scallion$12.55
4. Szechuan Double Taste*$11.95
26. Seafood Pan Fried Noodles$13.95
23. Sesame Tofu$8.25
12. General Tso's Shrimp*$12.95
11. General Tso's Chicken*$10.75
5. House Eggplant*$11.95
14. Chicken*$10.75with orange flavor
28. New Tze Shrimp$12.95
10. Boneless Chicken With Vegetables$9.95
27. Chicken Or Beef Pan Fried Noodles$10.95
8. Shrimp & Scallops In Lobster Sauce$12.95
6. Dragon Meats Phoenix$12.95
3. Seafood Combination$13.95
24. General Tso's Delight*$12.55
13. Beef*$11.95with orange flavor
21. Scallop & Beef W. Stir Fried Vegs$13.55

Asian Chef Fried Rice Menu and Prices 2023

Sm / Lg.
34. Chicken$7.25 - $3.95
39. Vegetable$6.55 - $3.55
37. Young Chow$5.35 - $8.95with white rice
35. Fresh Shrimp$8.95 - $4.95
33. Roast Pork$6.95 - $3.85
36. Beef$8.95 - $4.95
40. Plain$4.45 - $2.35
38. House Special$8.95 - $5.35
41. Vegetable Brown$3.95 - $6.95

Asian Chef Chicken Menu and Prices 2023

Sm $5.85 / Lg $9.85. White Breast Meat. W. White Or Brown Rice.
112. Chicken* w. garlic sauce
103. Chicken w. black bean sauce
110. Shredded Chicken In Garlic Sauce* 
107. Chicken w. cashew nuts
99. Moo Goo Gai Pan 
105. Curry Chicken* 
109. Chicken w. eggplant
111. Chicken w. mushrooms
114. Hunan Chicken* 
108. Kung Po Chicken* w. peanuts
102. Chicken w. mixed vegetables
104. Chicken w. string bean
106. Chicken w. bean sprout
101. Chicken w. snow peas
113. Plain Sliced Chicken$6.65 - $11.25
115. Chicken* w. sha - cha sauce
100. Chicken w. broccoli

Asian Chef Soup Menu and Prices 2023

Sm / Lg.
26. Hot & Sour Soup*$2.15 - $3.75
S6. Chicken w. vegetable soup
31. Shrimp Yat Gat Mein$5.25
27. Velvet Chicken Corn Soup$2.15 - $3.75
23. Wonton Egg Drop Soup$1.95 - $3.65
S5. Egg Drop Soup 
S2. Vegetable Soup w. bean curd
29. Seafood Soup$6.95with vegetables
20. Wonton Soup$3.25 - $1.75
22. Egg Drop Soup$1.55 - $2.95
21. Chicken Or Vegetable Wonton Soup$1.65 - $3.25
25. Vegetable$1.95 - $3.65with bean curd
S4. Chicken Corn Soup 
S1. Wonton Soup 
32. Vegetable Noodle Soup$3.95
S3. Hot & Sour Soup 
24. Chicken Noodle / Rice Soup$1.65 - $3.25
28. House Special Soup$5.95chicken, shrimp, pork
30. Roast Pork Or Chicken Yat Gat Mein$4.95

Asian Chef Appetizers Menu and Prices 2023

11. BBQ Spare Ribs$11.95 - $6.65
14. Fried Wonton$3.25
16. Fried Chicken Wings$4.25
10. Vegetable Dumpling Steamed Or Fried$4.25
18. Fantail Shrimp$3.45
12. BBQ Boneless Ribs$11.95 - $6.65
19. Pu Pu Platter$10.95
4. Crispy Spring Roll$2.75shrimp & pork
1. Roast Pork Egg Roll$1.35
5. Scallion Pancakes$3.75
9. Chicken Dumpling Steamed Or Fried$4.35
13. Sliced Roast Pork$5.55 - $9.75
6. BBQ Beef On Stick$4.55
7. Shrimp Toast$3.85
8. Pork Dumpling Steamed Or Fried$4.25
2. Shrimp Egg Roll$1.45
17. Cold Sesame Noodles*$3.95
15. Cheese Wonton$2.95
3. Vegetable Roll$1.35

Asian Chef Beef Menu and Prices 2023

Sm $6.25 / Lg $10.95. W. White Or Brown Rice.
127. Curry Beef* 
126. Beef w. pepper & tomatoes
116. Pepper Steak w. onion
131. Beef* w. sha - cha sauce
118. Beef w. snow peas
123. Beef w. string bean
117. Beef w. broccoli
128. Beef w. bean sprout
132. Plain Sliced Beef$12.55 - $8.25
122. Beef* w. broccoli in garlic sauce
124. Beef w. mushrooms
129. Shredded Beef Szechuan Style* 
119. Beef w. black bean sauce
120. Beef w. mixed vegetables
121. Shredded Beef* w. garlic sauce
130. Hunan Beef* 
125. Beef w. eggplant

Asian Chef Egg Foo Young Menu and Prices 2023

Per Order. W. White Or Brown Rice.
46. Roast Pork Or Chicken$6.55
49. House Special$7.55
47. Shrimp Or Beef$6.95
48. Vegetable$5.55

Asian Chef Chow Fun Or Mei Fun Menu and Prices 2023

Per Order
58. Chicken$6.75
61. House Special$8.25
59. Fresh Shrimp$7.55
60. Beef$7.55
57. Roast Pork$6.55
56. Vegetable$6.35
62. Singapore*$8.25

Asian Chef Moo Shu Menu and Prices 2023

Per Order. W. White Or Brown Rice & 4 Pancakes.
134. Moo Shu Shrimp Or Beef$8.95
133. Moo Shu Pork Or Chicken$7.95
135. Moo Shu Vegetables$6.95

Asian Chef Jumbo Shrimp Menu and Prices 2023

Sm $6.95 / Lg $12.25. W. White Or Brown Rice.
69. Shrimp w. mixed vegetables
66. Shrimp w. lobster sauce
72. Curry Shrimp* 
77. Shrimp* w. garlic sauce
76. Hunan Shrimp* 
70. Shrimp w. snow peas
75. Shrimp* w. broccoli in garlic sauce
71. Shrimp w. mushroom
67. Shrimp w. broccoli
74. Shrimp w. string bean
78. Shrimp* w. hot chili sauce
68. Shrimp w. black bean sauce
79. Lobster Sauce$3.25 - $4.95no shrimp
73. Shrimp w. eggplant

Asian Chef On The Lighter Side Menu and Prices 2023

Sm / Lg. Steamed W. No Oil, No Sauce On The Side. W. White Or Brown Rice.
147. Baby Shrimp$5.95 - $10.55w. mixed vegetables
146. Beef$6.25 - $10.95w. mixed vegetables
151. Steamed Sliced Chicken$6.65 - $11.25
145. Chicken$9.95 - $5.85w. mixed vegetables
144. Steamed Mixed Vegetables$7.25 - $4.25
143. Steamed Bean Curd$7.25 - $4.25w. mixed vegs
152. Steamed Sliced Beef$8.25 - $12.55
148. Jumbo Shrimp$12.25 - $6.95w. mixed vegetables
149. Scallop$6.95 - $12.25w. mixed vegetables

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