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Argentinian Deli Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly January 2020

Argentinian Deli Delicatessen Menu and Prices 2020

Aliajor De Maicena Y Dulce De Leche$2.50argentino
Mil Hojas Cake$1.75
Cheese Cake$3.25ricota / slice
Spinach Pie$2.75pascualina
Aliajor De Dulce De Leche$1.90peruano
Pastafrola$2.75guava cake / slice
Pionono Dulce Leche$2.50slice

Argentinian Deli Breakfast Menu and Prices 2020

1 Butter Croissant$5.50ham, cheese tomato & lettuce & coffee
3 Cafe / Leche$5.00sweet pastries & coffee
2 Cafe C/ Leche$5.00empanadas & coffee
2 Eggs$6.49any style & ham, fries, bread, coffee
2 De Milga & Coffee$5.00toasted ham & cheese sandwiches

Argentinian Deli From The Grill Menu and Prices 2020

#16. 10oz "House Churrasco"$13.30
#14. 10oz Vacio Steak$11.90flap meat
#15. 10oz Skirt Steak$12.50entrana
14oz Skirt Steak$14.50entrana

Argentinian Deli Sandwiches Combo Description Menu and Prices 2020

Note: Every Menu Comes With 2 Sides
2. Skirt Steak Sandwich fresh ( never frozen) argentine cut of black angus meat, very juicy and tender. full toppings / grilled by order in a warm argentine baguette. this sandwich comes with our famous " chimichurri&q
3. Argentine Empanadas 6 different kinds of homemade gourmet empanadas. original family recipes. beef : ground meat, onions, red pepper, green pepper, boiled eggs, raisin, olives, condiments. chicken and vegetables : chick
4. Beef Or Chicken Breaded (milanesa. sirloin steak sliced between 1/4 and 3/8 ", seasoned with parsley, garlic, flours and eggs. bread crumbs, deep fried cooked.
5. Sides french fries, italian salad, potatoes salad( ensalada rusa ), 1 empanada , caesar salad and a drink
1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich fresh boneless chicken breast seasoned with homemade marinade ( garlic, parsley, lemon, green onion, red pepper). full toppings / grilled by order in a warm argentine baguette.

Argentinian Deli Milk Shakes & Smoothies $3.75 Menu and Prices 2020


Argentinian Deli All Day Special 3 Empanadas $6 Menu and Prices 2020

Beef Frita 
3 Cheese & Roasted Onion 
Chicken & Vegetables 
Ham & Cheese 
Sweet Corn 
Caprese mozzarella, tomato & basil
'Just' Cheese 
Spinach & 3 Cheese 

Argentinian Deli Parrillada Menu and Prices 2020

#17. Parrillada Personal$17.50various grilled meats. flap meat, skirt steak, short ribs, sausage, sweetbread & 1 side. (vacio, entrana, costillitas, chorizo o morcilla, mollejas.
#18. Parrillada For Two$31.00various grilled meats for two. flap meat, skirt steak, short ribs, sausages, sweetbread & 2 sides. vacio, entrana, costilitas, chorizo, morcilla, parrillera y mollejas

Argentinian Deli Specials $6.99 Menu and Prices 2020

2 Sides
Beef Or Chicken Breaded 
3 Empanadas 
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Or Chicken Caesar Salad 
Skirt Steak Sandwich 

Argentinian Deli Appetizers Menu and Prices 2020

#24. Mozzarella Sticks$4.50sweetbreads
#20. Morcilla$2.75blood sausage on the place
#26. Mashed Potatoes$3.00pure de papas
#22. Provoleta$4.50melted aged provolone with condiments
#27. Vegetables Soup$3.50
#23. Mollejasa La Provencal$5.99sweetbreads
#21 Salchicha Parrillera$2.75
#19. Chorizo$2.75argentinean sausage on the plate
#25. Fried Sweet Potatoes$3.00batatas intas

Argentinian Deli Cold Beverages Menu and Prices 2020

Orange Juice$3.00
Coke$1.00sprite / inca cola cans / bottle of water
San Pellegrino$1.25orange, lemon, grapefruit / guarana, etc
Soft Drinks Bottles$1.75coke / vitamins water / jarritos
Fountain Soda Beverages$1.69 - $1.99

Argentinian Deli Desserts $3.75 Menu and Prices 2020

Queso Y Dulce batata o membrillo
Flan homemade with dulce de leche or whipped cream
Panqueque De Dule De Leche crep

Argentinian Deli Empanadas Menu and Prices 2020

Empanadas X Dozen (You Get 14) $22.30. All Day Special 3 Empanadas & Drink $6.
Caprese$1.90mozzarella, tomatoe, basil
Spinach & Cheese$1.90
Sweet Empanada$2.25guava membrillo / dulce de batata
Just Cheese$1.90
Chicken & Veggie$1.90
Ham & Cheese$1.90
Beef Gourmet$1.90beef suave / beef frita
Sweet Corn$1.90
3 Cheese & Roasted Onion$1.90

Argentinian Deli Sides Menu and Prices 2020

Caesar Salad 
3. Italian Salad 
One Empanada 
1. French Fries 
Soft Drink 
Potatoes Salad 
2. Potatoes Salad 
4. Caesar Salad 
French Fries 
5. Empanada 
6. Coke/sprite/water 
Italian Salad 

Argentinian Deli Coffee & Tea Menu and Prices 2020

Espresso Con Panna$2.00flat white
Espresso$1.75espresso macchiato / red eye
Hot Tea$2.00hot chocolate, matecocido
Coffee Latte$2.50cafe con leche / latte macchiato / cafe breve
Coffee Au Lait American Coffee$2.00

Argentinian Deli Hot Sandwiches "Combo" Menu and Prices 2020

Sm (6") $6.99 / Med (8") $8.49 / Lg (Foot Long) $9.99. 1 Side & Drink. Every Sandwich Comes With Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato And Chimchumi Every Steak Sandwich Is Made From Fresh Meat, Never Frozen Every Combo Comes With 1 Side And One Soft Drink
#4. 1/2 Lb "Angus" Cheese Burger Or Choripan same as small sandwich
#3. Grilled Chicken with herbs, sandwich
#5. Stuffed Veal Cold Cut matambre or any cold meat
#1. Skirt Steak sandwiches
#2. Beef Or Chicken Breaded milanesa. sandwich

Argentinian Deli Food Menu and Prices 2020

#6. Steak$11.99with rice and beans, 2 eggs and tomatoes & soft drink
#7. Steak$9.99 - $8.49thin slices with french fries & side/drink
#13. Lomito / Chivito$11.99steak with 2 eggs, salad, fries & soft drink
#8. Milanesa$9.90beef/chicken breaded & side & soft drink
#9. Milanesa Neopolitan$12.99ham, cheese, tomatoes & side & drink
#11. Grilled Chicken$8.99marinated with herbs & side & drink
#12. Matambre$7.99stuffed veal cold cut with potatoes salad
#10. Milanesa A Caballo$11.99with 2 eggs, italian salad & side & drink

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