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Arepas Crepes Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly May 2022

Arepas Crepes Arepas Menu and Prices 2022

Corn Cake
22. Arepa Con Pollo Desmechado$7.50corn cake with shredded chicken, guacamole, and pink sauce
20. Arepa Mixta$8.00corn cake mix: shredded beef, fried pork skin, shrimp, shredded chicken, guacamole and pink sauce
24. Arepa Con Callo$6.50corn cake with beef tripe
26. Arepa Con Huevo Jamon, Y Queso$6.00corn cake with eggs, ham and cheese
23. Arepa Con Pollo Desmechado$7.50corn cake with shredded chicken, guacamole, and pink sauce
25. Arepa Con Carne Molida$7.50corn cake with ground meat, guacamole
21. Arepa Con Carne Desmechada$7.50corn cake with shredded meat, guacamole, and pink sauce

Arepas Crepes Bakery Menu and Prices 2022

Pan De Bono 
Pan De Queso 
Arepa De Choclo Y Bunelo 

Arepas Crepes Especial De La Casa Menu and Prices 2022

House Special
50. Arroz Con Pollo (Mixto)$9.50rice and chicken (mix): salad and sweet plantains
38. Bandeja Paisa$14.50rice, beans, sweet plantains, avocado, corn cake, eggs, grilled meat and fried pork skin
47. Churrasco De Pollo$11.75grilled chicken with rice, salad and french fries
53. Sobrebarriga (Crolla O Asada)$13.95flank steak (creole or roast): rice & salad
51. Picada$23.75mixed platter: fried pork skin, sausage, ribs, beef, chicken, fried plantains and corn cake
41. Pechuga De Pollo Apanada$13.25breaded chicken breast: with rice, beans, french fries and salad
42. Entrana$19.50skirt steak: salad, baked potato, rice, beans
40. Cazuelita Paisa$9.00paisa casserole
45. Lomo De Cerdo$12.25pork meat: rice, beans, sweet plantains, corn cake and salad
46. Carne Asada$12.25grilled meat: rice, beans, sweet plantains, corn cake and salad
49. Bandeja Con Pollo Al Horno$9.50baked chicken tray with rice, salad, french fries, chicken and chicken soup
43 Bistec Encebollado$12.50steak in onions with rice, beans, salad, corn cake and sweet plantains
44. Carne Asada Y Arepa Con Queso$10.75grilled meat with corn cake and cheese
52. Churrasco$19.95shell steak with rice, salad, french fries.
39. Bandeja Paisa No.2$15.50rice, beans, sweet plantains, avocado, corn cake, eggs, ground meat, fried pork skin and sausage
48. Mojarra Frita$17.50fried mojarra with salad, rice, and fried plantains

Arepas Crepes Especial Del Dia $7.50 Menu and Prices 2022

Daily Special
Sabado saturday: hen soup with rice, salad, stewed hen
Martes tuesday: lentil soup with rice, salad, grilled pork chop
Jueves thursday: tripe soup with rice, salad, avocado
Domingo sunday: oxtail soup with rice, salad, stewed oxtail
Lunes monday: plantain soup with rice, salad, beef stew and sweet plantains
Viernes friday: fish soup with rice, salad, fried fish
Miercoles wednesday: meatball soup with rice, salad, stewed meatballs

Arepas Crepes Antojitos Menu and Prices 2022

14. Hamburguesa Colombiana$8.00colombian hamburger with salad, or french fries
18. Alitas De Pollo$7.00chicken wings with spicy or regular with french fries
12. Torta De Carne Con Arepa$14.00meat with corn cake
15. Hamburguesa Regular$5.00regular hamburger
8. Chicharron Con Arepa$4.00fried pork skin with corn cake
9. Chorizo Con Arepa$3.50colombian sausage with corn cake
11. Papa Rellena$6.00stuffed potato
13. Salchipapa$6.00french fries, sausage, quail eggs
19. Chuzo De Cerdo O Pollo$5.50pork or chicken shish kebab with salad and corn cake
16. Perro Caliente Colombiano$6.00colombian hot dog
17. Perro Caliente Regular$3.00regular hot dog
10. Empanada$1.50beef & chicken patties

Arepas Crepes Desayuno Menu and Prices 2022

6. Huevos Pericos Con Arepa Y Queso$5.50scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes, onions, corn cake with cheese
2. Calentado Colombiano No.2$8.50colombian breakfast no.2 with beans with rice, eggs any style and corn cake with cheese
3. Omelet Con Jamon O Queso$6.75with ham and cheese, orange juice or coffee
7. Desayuno Americano$6.95american breakfast with eggs and bacon, or sausage and potatoes, orange juice or coffee
5. Huevos En Caserola Con Arepa Y Queso$4.75eggs in casserole, corn cake with cheese
1. Calentado Colombiano$9.50colombian breakfast with grilled meat, eggs any style, beans with rice, corn cake with cheese
4. Omelet Vegetariano$6.75with mushrooms, orange juice or coffee

Arepas Crepes Crepes $6.50 Menu and Prices 2022

29. Crepes De Fresa, Arandanons Y Ice Cream strawberry, blueberries and ice cream crepes
27. Crepes De Nutella Banano Y Coco nutela, banana and coconut crepe
31. Crepes De Jamon Y Queso ham and cheese crepe
30. Crepes De Queso Mozzarella, Basil, Y Tomate mozzarella cheese, basil, and tomato crepe
32. Crepes De Huevo, Jamon Y Queso egg, ham and cheese crepe
28. Crepes De Guayaba Y Queso guava and cheese crepes
33. Crepes De Mora, Dulce De Leche, Queso Y Leche Con Densada blackberry, caramel, cheese and condensed milk crepe

Arepas Crepes Tostones Menu and Prices 2022

36. Toston Con Chicharron$7.00fried plantains with fried fried pork skin and guacamole
35. Toston Con Carne Molida$7.00fried plantains with shredded meat and guacamole
37. Toston Con Pollo$6.50fried plantains with shredded chicken and guacamole
34. Toston Mixto$8.00fried plantain platter with shredded meat, shredded chicken, fried pork skin, shrimp, and guacamole

Arepas Crepes Jugos Naturales Menu and Prices 2022

Natural Juices
En Leche$3.50with milk. cafe, chocolate & te
Jugos Organicos organic juices
En Agua$3.00water

Arepas Crepes Ordenes Extras Menu and Prices 2022

Side Orders
55. Orden De Tostones$3.50order of fried plantains
58. Frijoles (Pequino)$3.00beans (small)
59. Frijoles (Grande)$5.00beans (large)
61. Arroz (Grande)$3.95rice large
56. Orden De Maduros$3.50order of sweet plantains
64. Papas Cocinada$3.00boiled potatoes
54. Papas Fritas$3.00french fries
60. Arroz (Pequino)$2.75rice (small)
57. Arepa Con Queso$3.95corn cake with cheese
62. Ensalada De Aguacate$5.95avocado salad
65. Orden De Aguacate$3.75order of avocados
63. Ensalada Mixta (Pequeno)$3.00mixed salad (small)

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