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Al Horno Lean Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly September 2021

Al Horno Lean Extra Sauces And Dressings $1 Menu and Prices 2021

Cilantro Lime 
Pico De Gallo 
Sour Cream 
Lemon Chia Seed Dressing 
Corn Pico 
Chipotle Sauce 
Strawberry Vinaigrette 
Balsamic Vinaigrette 
Wild Buffalo Sauce 
Fire Hot Sauce 
Al Horno Sauce 
Caesar Mexicano Dressing 
Red Salsa 
Jalapeno Ranch Dressing 
Mango Vinaigrette 
Tomatillo Sauce salsa verde.

Al Horno Lean Plates Menu and Prices 2021

46. Muscle Repair$12.00chicken, steak, cactus, pico de gallo, pinto mash, quinoa and al horno sauce.
49. No-Carb Tilapia$13.00wild tilapia steak, sauteed kale, salsa and avocado.
45. Agility$12.00grass-fed steak, guacamole, onions, peppers, black beans, brown rice and chipotle sauce.
43. Endurance$12.00chicken, brown rice, pico de gallo, black beans, avocado and al horno sauce.
47. Chicken Mole$11.00chicken, black beans, corn salsa, brown rice and hearty mole sauce.
52. Fajita$11.00two whole wheat fajitas served with onions, peppers, brown rice and black beans.
50. Champion$10.00chicken, cauliflower, low-fat cheddar, black beans, corn and brown rice.
51. Enchilada$10.00whole wheat enchiladas served with brown rice and pinto mash.
48. Barbacoa Queso$12.00beef barbacoa, black beans, pico de gallo, avocado and low-fat cheddar.
44. Strength$10.00chicken, low-fat pepper jack, jalapenos, pinto mash and brown rice served with al horno sauce.

Al Horno Lean Side Orders Menu and Prices 2021

67. Quinoa$3.50
Salsa With Chips$4.50real blue corn or multigrain.
80. Corn Con Queso$5.00
73. Dos Corn Tortilla$1.50
76. Chicken$5.00
69. Black Beans$4.00
78. Tilapia$7.00
75. Avocado$4.00
74. Grilled Cactus Salad$5.00
71. Sauteed Kale$5.00
77. Steak$6.00
66. Brown Rice$3.50
64. Guacamole With Chips$4.50
72. Dos Wheat Tortilla$1.50
79. Beet Salad$5.00
68. Pinto Mash$4.00
70. Baked Sweet Potato Fries$5.50

Al Horno Lean Body-Build Your Own Menu and Prices 2021

Build Your Own Burrito$1.00topping choices: lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo, corn pico, sour cream, scallions, cactus, kale, jalapenos, onions, peppers or quinoa.
Build Your Own Salad$0.50salad toppings: tomato, black beans, corn pico, pico de gallo, jalapenos, scallion, walnuts, almonds, cranberries, quinoa, avocado, cactus, beets, onions, peppers, strawberries, mango, coconut, pear,
Build Your Own Salad$2.00salad protein choice: tilapia
Build Your Own Salad$8.00
Build Your Own Burrito$2.00burrito protein choices: tilapia
Build Your Own Burrito burrito protein choices: chicken, steak, barbacoa, turkey chili, tofu or falafel.
Build Your Own Burrito$2.00add additional protein: chicken, steak, barbacoa, turkey chili, tofu, falafel or tilapia.
Build Your Own Burrito sauce choices: chipotle, buffalo, tomatillo or al horno.
Build Your Own Salad$1.00greens choices: mixed greens
Build Your Own Salad salad protein choice: chicken, steak, barbacoa, turkey chili or turkey bacon.
Build Your Own Burrito$1.00cheese choices: low-fat pepper jack or cheddar.
Build Your Own Burrito burrito filling choices: brown rice, quinoa or mixed greens.
Build Your Own Burrito bean choices: black beans or pinto beans.
Build Your Own Salad greens choices: romaine, spinach, mesclun or kale.
Build Your Own Burrito$9.00
Build Your Own Salad salad dressing choices: al horno house, cilantro lime, jalapeno ranch, mango vinaigrette, strawberry vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, lemon chia seed, creamy chipotle, wild buffalo or caesar mexica
Build Your Own Burrito$2.00burrito extras: add avocado or add guacamole.

Al Horno Lean Soups Menu and Prices 2021

36. Multigrain Tortilla And Cheese 
34. Black Bean 
35. Spicy Chicken Jalapeno 
33. White Corn Posole 

Al Horno Lean Mexican Juice Bar Menu and Prices 2021

Kale-Aid kale, carrot, apple, watermelon and strawberries.
Burn Baby Burn carrot, apple, cucumber, lime and jalapeno.
Totally Rad radish, cucumber, watermelon and strawberries.
Mexican Muscle cucumber, pear, kiwi, avocado, celery and flax.
Just Chillin carrot, papaya and pineapple.
Natural Energy carrot, beet, apple, lemon and ginger.
Create Your Own Juice 
Sweet Greens kale, spinach, cucumber, pear, kiwi and lime.
Super Greens kale, spinach, green apple, celery, cucumber and lemon.
Forever Young cucumber, pineapple, spinach and aloe vera.
Libido Loco carrot, beat, ginger, lemon, pineapple and ginseng.
Create Your Own Juice$0.50juice ingredients: carrot, cucumber, beet celery, green apple, pear, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, kale, spinach, kiwi, lemon, lime, cilantro, jalapeno, radish, romaine.
Mexican Remedy carrots, green apple, turmeric, lemon, cucumber and cayenne.

Al Horno Lean Beverages Menu and Prices 2021

Fiji Water$2.95
Perrier Sparkling Water$2.95
Horchata$3.65 - $2.95
Poland Spring Water$2.45 - $1.25
Mexican Filtered Coffee$1.95 - $2.65
Green Tea$1.65
Vitamin Water Zero$2.25xxx, orange, fruit punch or zero.
Jamaica$3.65 - $2.95
Smart Water$2.95
Iced Green Tea$3.65 - $2.95
Iced Coffee$2.95 - $3.65

Al Horno Lean Smoothies And Shakes Menu and Prices 2021

Marathon Shake filtered mexican coffee, cinnamon, banana, agave and whey protein.
Cancun Kale Smoothie kale, spinach, mango, banana, peach and agave.
Date Shake dates, honey, banana, cinnamon and almond milk.
Create Your Own Smoothie base choices: almond milk or coconut water.
Create Your Own Smoothie$1.00add extras: protein
Create Your Own Smoothie$0.50add extras: agave or honey.
Create Your Own Shake ingredient choices: strawberries, blueberries, mango, papaya, banana, dates, pineapple, peach, kiwi, lime, lemon, spinach or kale.
Rapid Recovery Shake strawberries, banana, flax seed oil, whey protein and almond milk.
Create Your Own Shake$0.50add extras: agave or honey.
Chiseled Chia Shake blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, whey protein and almond milk.
Acapulco Acai Smoothie sambozon acai, strawberries, kiwi and mango.
Cross Fit Shake peach, mango, agave, whey protein and almond milk.
Create Your Own Shake$1.00add extras: protein
Create Your Own Smoothie ingredient choices: strawberries, blueberries, mango, papaya, banana, dates, pineapple, peach, kiwi, lime, lemon, spinach or kale.
Create Your Own Shake base choices: almond milk or coconut water.
Power Papaya Smoothie papaya, mango and strawberries.
Coco San Lucas Smoothie coconut, pineapple, banana and papaya.
Playa Pitaya Smoothie dragon fruit, banana, blueberries, strawberries and agave.
Watermelon Smoothie watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, lemon and honey.
Skinny Margarita Smoothie strawberries, lime, peach and a hint of sea salt.

Al Horno Lean Vegetarian Burritos Menu and Prices 2021

14. Baked Falafel$10.00baked falafel, black beans, roasted corn pico, avocado, brown rice and chipotle sauce.
12. Kale$9.00sauteed kale, black beans, roasted corn pico, jalapenos, low-fat pepper jack, al horno sauce and brown rice.
13. Cauliflower$8.50steamed cauliflower, pinto mash, low-fat cheddar, hot sauce, low-fat sour cream and brown rice.
15. Mexican Tofu$9.00mexican seasoned tofu, black beans, pico de gallo, lettuce and brown rice.

Al Horno Lean Energy Tacos Menu and Prices 2021

17. Grass-Fed Steak$4.50
22. Cactus$3.75
20. Tex Turkey With Cheddar$4.00
23. Tofu$4.00
19. Turkey Chorizo$4.50
21. Lean Beef Barbacoa$4.50
18. Fish$5.00
16. Chicken$3.75

Al Horno Lean Tortas Menu and Prices 2021

24. Chicken$7.00
27. Turkey Chorizo$8.00
26. Lean Beef Barbacoa$8.00
28. Cactus$7.00
25. Grass-Fed Steak$8.50

Al Horno Lean Desserts Menu and Prices 2021

62. Rice Pudding With Cinnamon And Dates$3.00
Reduced Fat Cheesecake$5.00
60. Fresh Tropical Fruit$5.00
59. Baked Wheat Churros$4.00wheat churros with brown sugar and side of agave.
63. Reduced Fat Flan$3.00

Al Horno Lean Quesadillas $8 Menu and Prices 2021

30. Fajita special flavored onions and peppers with low-fat pepper jack.
29. Traditional low-fat cheese blend, black beans and jalapenos.
32. Mega Green kale, spinach, cactus, jalapenos and low-fat cheese blend.
31. Pinata roasted corn pico, black beans and jalapenos.

Al Horno Lean Burritos Menu and Prices 2021

7. Fit Fajita$9.00chicken, onions, peppers, avocado, lettuce, hot sauce and brown rice.
6. Low-Carb$8.50chicken, mixed greens, grilled cactus, pinto mash, pico de gallo, roasted corn and al horno sauce.
5. Chipotle Steak$9.50grass-fed steak, guacamole, black beans, brown rice and chipotle sauce.
9. Double Protein$11.00chicken, steak, black beans, pico de gallo, low-fat pepper jack, guacamole, quinoa and hot sauce.
4. Turkey Chorizo$9.00turkey chorizo, black beans, pico de gallo, low-fat pepper jack, brown rice and al horno sauce.
2. Wild Buffalo$8.50chicken, pinto mash, roasted corn pico, low-fat cheddar, brown rice, zero-fat buffalo sauce and low-fat sour cream.
Mexican Tofu$9.00seasoned tofu, black beans, pico de gallo, lettuce and brown rice.
8. Tex Turkey$9.00ground tex turkey, low-fat cheddar, black beans, pico de gallo, scallions, brown rice and low-fat sour cream.
3. Lean Beef Barbacoa$8.50barbacoa, black beans, low-fat cheddar, jalapenos, brown rice and low-fat sour cream.
10. Tone Tilapia$11.00grilled tilapia, avocado, black beans, pico de gallo, low-fat cheddar, brown rice and al horno sauce.
Kale$9.00sauteed kale, black beans, roasted corn pico, jalapenos, low fat pepper jack, al horno sauce and brown rice.
11. Cactus$9.50chicken, cactus, black beans, pico de gallo, low-fat pepper jack, low-fat sour cream and brown rice.
1. Al Horno$8.00chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, low-fat pepper jack, brown rice and al horno sauce.

Al Horno Lean Lean Chef Specials Menu and Prices 2021

Portobello Quesadilla$10.95fresh portobello mushrooms, onion, cilantro and pepper jack on a whole wheat tortilla.
Turkey Al Pastor Tacos$7.50turkey, pineapple, onions, cilantro and radish.
Turkey Al Pastor Burrito$9.95turkey, pineapple, brown rice, black beans, avocado and pico de gallo.
Taco Salad$10.95spicy! fresh romaine topped with turkey chop meat, tortilla chips, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese and avocado. mixed with jalapeno ranch dressing.

Al Horno Lean Chopped And Tossed Salads Menu and Prices 2021

41. Avocado Quinoa$9.00fresh spinach, avocado, qunioa, radish and pico de gallo.
37. Fiesta Grande$8.00romaine lettuce, avocado, roasted corn, black bean and pepper jack.
Caesar Mexicano$8.00romaine lettuce, multi-grain tortilla chips, jalapenos and pepper jack tossed with caesar mexicano dressing.
42. Cactus Kale$9.00fresh kale, cactus, chia seeds, plum tomato, red onion and avocado.
40. Power Pear$8.50mesclun, spinach, pear, walnuts, cranberries and goat cheese.
39. Tropical Fresh$9.00mesclun, strawberry, mango, coconut, almonds and avocado.

Al Horno Lean Special Treats Menu and Prices 2021

85. Chilled Mexican Oatmeal$5.00
83. Baked Vegetarian Tamale$4.00
82. Baked Chicken Tamale$4.50
84. Baked Super Nachos$7.00with real blue corn or multigrain chips.

Al Horno Lean Mexican Breakfast Menu and Prices 2021

57. Chia Cakes$6.50multi-grain chia seed pancakes topped with fresh fruit and served with sugar free syrup.
53. Morning Burrito$8.00egg whites, turkey bacon, low-fat cheddar, avocado, black beans, brown rice and house hot sauce.
55. Huevos Tacos$6.00two egg tacos served on wheat or corn tortilla.
54. Breakfast Quesadilla$8.00egg whites, turkey bacon, low-fat cheddar and jalapenos.
56. Egg Whites Ranchero$8.50plate packed with egg whites, guacamole, pinto mash, salsa, brown rice and two corn tortillas.
58. Mexican Omelette$6.00build your own egg white omelette.

Al Horno Lean Healthy Snacks Menu and Prices 2021

Os-Trim Jerky$4.00
Deep River Kettle Chips$2.75original, zesty jalapeno or sweet maui onion.
Kind Bar$3.75
Beanfields Vegan Chips$3.50nacho or pico de gallo.
Cliff Bar$3.75
Pure Protein Bar$3.75

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