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About Abby's Legendary Pizza: Serving the Pacific Northwest pizza for more than 50 years, Abby's is proud of their 100% real cheese and freshly rolled dough. They also provide local craft beers and gluten-free foods. Best ingredients but reasonable price, their legendary pizza will definitely satisfy your stomach!

Abby's Legendary Pizza Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly March 2021

Abby's Legendary Pizza Legendary Lunch Specials Menu and Prices 2021

11am to 2pm, Monday _ Friday
Any 7'' pizza on the menu plus 20 oz. soft drink$7.25

Abby's Legendary Pizza Create Your own Pizza Menu and Prices 2021

Choose between our traditional thin crust, gluten-free thin crust, and our savory deep dish pizza crust.
Create Your own Pizza 16"
Create Your own Pizza 13"
Create Your own Pizza 10"
Create Your own Pizza 7"

Abby's Legendary Pizza Vegetarian Pizzas Menu and Prices 2021

Vegetarian's Garden GF$13.6010"
Vegetarian's Garden GF$21.6513"
Greek Vegetarian GF$7.957"
Greek Vegetarian GF$28.8016"
Vegetarian's Garden GF$7.357"
Greek Vegetarian GF$23.5013"
Vegetarian's Garden GF$26.7016"
Greek Vegetarian GF$14.6510"

Abby's Legendary Pizza Legendary Chicken Menu and Prices 2021

(*not available at all locations) Spiced chicken broasted to seal in flavors. Served with warm Idaho spuds. Our famous white sauce is a favorite with both.
Legendary Chicken$18.508 Pcs
Legendary Chicken$7.502 Pcs
Legendary Chicken$11.254Pcs
Legendary Chicken$26.7516 Pcs

Abby's Legendary Pizza Pizza Favorites Menu and Prices 2021

Hometown Hero GF$7.357"
Ultimate Meat Pizza GF$7.957"
Hometown Hero GF$26.7016"
Abby's Special GF$14.6510"
Big Hawaiian GF$24.6016"
Ultimate Meat Pizza GF$28.8016"
Hometown Hero GF$13.6010"
The Poor Boy Special GF$13.6010"
Pepperoni GF$11.5010"
The Poor Boy Special GF$21.6513"
The Poor Boy Special GF$26.7016"
Skinny's Special GF$19.8013"
Abby's Special GF$7.957"
Big Hawaiian GF$6.757"
Ultimate Meat Pizza GF$14.6510"
Pepperoni GF$6.157"
Pepperoni GF$22.5016"
Big Hawaiian GF$12.5510"
Abby's Special GF$28.8016"
The Poor Boy Special GF$7.357"
Skinny's Special GF$12.5510"
Big Hawaiian GF$19.8013"
Pepperoni GF$17.9513"
Skinny's Special GF$6.757"
Abby's Special GF$23.5013"
Ultimate Meat Pizza GF$23.5013"
Skinny's Special GF$24.6016"
Hometown Hero GF$21.6513"

Abby's Legendary Pizza Southwestern Pizzas Menu and Prices 2021

Hula-Chick GF$21.6513"
Lone Star BBQ Chicken Pizza GF$14.6510"
Hula-Chick GF$26.7016"
Fajita Chicken Pizza$14.6510"
Lone Star BBQ Chicken Pizza GF$7.957"
Original BBQ Chicken Pizza GF$13.6010"
Lone Star BBQ Chicken Pizza GF$23.5013"
Taco Especiale$7.957"
Original BBQ Chicken Pizza GF$26.7016"
Taco Especiale$28.8016"
Fajita Chicken Pizza$23.5013"
Lone Star BBQ Chicken Pizza GF$28.8016"
Fajita Chicken Pizza$7.957"
Taco Especiale$14.6510"
Hula-Chick GF$13.6010"
Hula-Chick GF$7.357"
Fajita Chicken Pizza$28.8016"
Original BBQ Chicken Pizza GF$21.6513"
Taco Especiale$23.5013"
Original BBQ Chicken Pizza GF$7.357"

Abby's Legendary Pizza Hot Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2021

Cuban Sandwich$7.50
Abby's Italian Classic$7.50
Turkey & Bacon$7.50
Toasted Veggie$7.50

Abby's Legendary Pizza White Sauce Pizzas Menu and Prices 2021

The Sicilian GF$7.957"
Roasted Garlic-Chicken Pizza GF$23.5013"
The Sicilian GF$28.8016"
Roasted Garlic-Chicken Pizza GF$28.8016"
The Sicilian GF$23.5013"
The Sicilian GF$14.6510"
Roasted Garlic-Chicken Pizza GF$14.6510"
Roasted Garlic-Chicken Pizza GF$7.957"

Abby's Legendary Pizza Salads and Starters Menu and Prices 2021

Salad Bar$7.10All You Can Eat
Garlic Parmesan Bread Sticks$2.50Small Order
Wings$11.50Double Order
Salad Bar$4.85Single Trip
Spuds$4.95Small Order
Chopped Salad$5.95
Spinach Salad$6.25
Spuds$7.10Large Order
Wings$6.75Single Order
Garlic Parmesan Bread Sticks$4.25Large Order
Greek Salad$6.25
House Salad$4.95

Abby's Legendary Pizza Beverages Menu and Prices 2021

Selections vary by location.
Soft Drinks$2.2520 oz.
Soft Drinks 2 L
Soft Drinks$1.2012 oz.

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