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About A&W Restaurant:

๏ปฟ๏ปฟA&W Restaurant is a fast-food restaurant chain that obtained opening franchises in California. It became famous in the United States for its 'frosty mugs' and is distinguished by its draft root beer and root beer floats. Besides, the typical fast-food menu of hamburgers, French fries, sweets, and hot dogs can all be found there. Root beer is an optimal option for drink lovers, for it's caffeine-free and made with real cane sugar and with a proprietary blend of herbs, bark, spices, and berries.

A&W Restaurant Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly September 2021

Official Websiteawrestaurants.com/
 Papa Burger Sandwich$5.78 
Original Bacon Single Combo$6.89 
 2 Chicken Wraps$4.74 
 Breakfast Wrap Combo$5.57 
 Chicken Wrap$2.59 
Papa Burger Combo$9.20 
Cheese Curds$4.49 
 Sweet Potato Fries$3.76 
1% Chocolate Milk$1.84 
 Chicken Sandwich$5.89 
 Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger$6.72 
 Chicken Sandwich Combo$9.94 
 Coney Cheese Dog Combo$8.18 

A&W Restaurant Kids' Packs Menu

 Bacon Double Cheese Burger Combo$10.32 
Kids Meal with Chicken Stips$4.99 
Orange Twist$2.10 
Double Cheese Burger Combo$7.91 
Orange Juice$2.82 
 Hot Dog$3.55 
 Beyond Meat Burger Combo$10.95 
 Chicken Tender Basket$10.70 

 A&W Restaurant Drinks Menu

Apple Sauce$1.47 
 Fish Sandwich$5.43 

A&W Restaurant Floats and Freezes Menu

A&W Restaurant Classic Treats Menu

Drink Sizes for LAW restaurants Menu

 BBQ Bacon Crunch Burger$6.59 

A&W Restaurant Breakfast Sandwiches Menu

 Bacon Double Cheese Burger Sandwich$6.20 
Pub Battered Cod$5.88 
Root Beer Float$4.21 
 Chicken Tenders Combo$10.03 
Iced Tea$2.14 
 Kids Meal with Cheeseburger$4.99 
Gallon of Rootbeer$7.24 

A&W Restaurant Kids Meals Menu

 3 Chicken Strips$6.64 
Single Cheese Burger Combo$5.89 
 Russet Thick-Cut Fries$3.09 
 Bacon Ranch Crunch Combo$10.79 
 Veggie Deluxe Burger Combo$10.48 
 Loaded Onion Rings$5.76 
 Chicken Wrap Combo$6.55 
Three Pieces Handbreaded Chicken Stips Combo$7.29 

A&W Restaurant Main Menu

 3 Chicken Strips Combo$10.59 
 Hot Apple Turnover$1.49 

A&W Restaurant Combos (A&W) Menu

All combo's comes with a 22 oz. drink and fries.
 Cheese Burger Combo$7.86 
2% Milk$1.84 
Original Bacon Cheese Burger Combo$9.82 
Polar Swirl$3.75 
 2 Chicken Strips Kids' Pack$6.24 
Mountain Dew$2.06 
 BBQ Bacon Crunch Combo$10.79 

A&W Restaurant Burger Combos Menu

Chili Cheese Fries$4.03 
Double Cheese Burger$4.52 
Pub Battered Cod Basket$10.19 
 Breakfast Wrap$3.18 

A&W Restaurant Hometown Favorites

A&W Restaurant A and W Combos Menu

A&W Restaurant Sides Menu

Original Bacon Cheese Burger Sandwich$5.60 
 Papa Burgerยฎ$6.86 
 Veggie Deluxe Burger$6.69 
 BLT Chicken Burger Combo$11.13 

A&W Restaurant Individual Items Menu

Sierra Mist$2.02 
Diet Pepsi$2.06 

A&W Restaurant Shakes Menu

 5 Chicken Strips$9.09 
 Cod Sandwich Combo$10.79 
 Corn Dog Nuggets Combo$9.83 

A&W Restaurant Chicken Combos Menu

Onion Rings$3.90 
 Double Mushroom Melt$6.31 
 2 Chicken Wraps Combo$8.69 
 Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger Combo$10.68 
 Cheese Burger Sandwich$3.82 
Diet Rootbeer$2.15 
 Hamburger Combo$7.64 
 Beyond Meat Burger$6.99 
Apple Juice$2.56 
 Loaded Fries$5.57 
 5 Chicken Strips Combo$13.04 
Papa Burger$7.22 
Original Bacon Double Combo$7.89 
 BLT Chicken Burger$7.17 

Picked For You Menu

 Papa Burgerยฎ Combo$10.51 

A&W Restaurant Beverages Menu

A&W Restaurant Breakfast Combos


A&W Restaurant Menu and Prices 2021

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